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TheRealClementM Dep Minister of COGTA Thembi Nkadimeng tells me on #TheCMShow that Nelson Mandela Bay Metro didn’t build a single RDP house in 5 years because there was a debate among politicians on where to build the houses and disagreements on location. And they lost that money. Host of The Clement Manyathela Show #TheCMShow on @Radio702 9-12 Midday Daily. Television News Anchor on @Newzroom405. IG: ClementManyathela. Tweets are Mine
PhillyCrimeUpd Philadelphia, PA 🚨 ARMED COMMERCIAL ROBBERY 746 South St at South Street Market @PPD03Dist on location of a point of gun robbery. Taken was cash. Suspects were 4 black males wearing all black clothing and surgical masks. 2 had handguns. Last seen west on South St #philly #philadelphia Crime | Policing | Politics
alexdecampi New York City I always thought it was funny that the people the Netflix password rules would likely disadvantage the fastest were… Netflix directors and actors, who could lose access to their Netflix accounts while on location shooting… Netflix content Little creature writing things. Reps: @NepheleTempest at @KnightAgency (lit) / Sean Berard @ Grandview (film / TV). She/her
JesseYules Toronto @Juventud2222 @mccrabb_will What’s interesting is green-screen addict Tim Burton’s WEDNESDAY series is shot almost entirely on location in Romania, and it looks beautiful. Director | Animation and Games. (Aka #JesseEwles )
ParanormalQ2 WV Make sure you follow us here on our official FB: For notification when we go live! Help monitor live feeds and go down deep in to this massive 30 acres of haunted land! Special drawings will be held on location from all of the shares from this promotion! We are on the cutting edge of Paranormal Activity Investigations and other unexplained phenomenon. Made up of a team of psychics to help you!
menakalovesrap Victoria BC @elonmusk Hey @elonmusk waiting to hear back from you, @tesla or #tea let's chat development? Or do you like weed music film space crypto.. on location filming and hope to heat from you soon, from the #tipi #everychildmatters peace Artist Writer - Director Producer Advocate for human rights social change justice ✨🎬✨🦉💨🧘🏽‍♂️
NewsGuyGreg Orlando, FL "ENDS Disney's ability to avoid paying for their wear and tear on location transportation infrastructure." Real interesting. Could Disney be forced to pay more for regional roadways. Look how clogged I4 is because of the heavy traffic going to Disney. What about 535? By Day: Dog Dad 🐶 AvGeek ✈️ Theme Park Tourist 🎢 By Night: Anchor at Spectrum News 13 Orlando 📺 👀 RT ≠ Endorsement (🔥⬆️ IYKYK)
FreeOrDead82 The United States @RealDante12 Agree 💯% with everything except for 1 thing. For future reference...bugs can actually be food and can give you many nutrients that your body needs in order to survive if things become too desperate. Research the bugs first, some may be poisonous depending on location. I believe in the US Constitution & I don't lie or agree with you to make you feel better about yourself or your life cuz you don't like the truth or history.
TheFordFANatic Toronto, ON, Canada Calling all super fans! The @mapleleafs Outdoor Practice is back and we are charged up and ready to go with @fordcanada! We will be live on location as our boys in blue hit the ice! Stop by our HEATED Ford tent to for your chance to score Leafs tickets and other prizes! @FordCanada is the Official Automotive Partner of the @MapleLeafs & has 150 tickets to give away for each Leafs home game!
RussellEgan Brisbane @benofbrisbane1 @mbbagent Regional small rental yields are typically much higher. Prime metropolitan big box commercial is around the 5% mark and work your way back from there based on location, duration, asset size, age of building and tenant profile. 6.29% seems like a low yield but if it works... Aged care provider since 2003. Follower of equities, global macro, FX. Free to choose
STMAsset Daphne, AL There are lots of estimates out there for what caregiving costs American families on average, but it’s variable based on location and level of care. A nursing home typically runs $7,800 a month and assisted living is $4,500. Husband to an Amazing Woman! Father to 2 beautiful girls! Doing what I love for a living!
KlausJurgens UK @TheTurkishLife @KyleWOrton Please make your own research... my own family was hosted in a field hospital in Gaziantep, rescue workers work 24/7, and you complain? Are you on location to help? 'Chaos in the earthquake areas' - what do you expect, devastated people playing board games??? LSE Postgrad MSc. Government; ECONOMYFIRST LIMITED London; + DACH Region, Türkiye; Media Relations; Communications Strategist; RT's no endorsement
BoziTatarevic High Point, NC via Sarajevo The stadium model is worth a try and putting races in cities attracts a whole new crowd. It's fascinating to talk to many of my friends that are in non-racing media who attended the Clash often mostly based on location and accessibility. I run in front of race cars professionally and create motorsport content. IMSA Race Mechanic and Pit Crew Member | Writer | Presenter | Dessert Fan.
ottavinos she/her🏳️‍🌈💍@bayareascooter the rockies in pacific coast? royals and astros in the same division based on location? dude lmao leftist, colorful sneaker lover, tommy la stella defender. i enjoy many teams but mainly ⚾ mets giants jays 🏀 warriors nets suns 🏒 sharks leafs canes
KevinIZonline 12 feet behind you. Always. @John56527188 Ot to bad, getting crap done today so I'm a toilet and train tweeter today. No, that's not a commentary on location or sound quality either ha! 🤣 “Learn to know all, but keep thyself unknown.” - Professor Fartsparkles
KX96 Greater Toronto, ON, Canada Tomorrow meet @KXCarolyn live on location between 11am and 2pm at the all-new @PlanetFitnessCA in Oshawa!💪 Details ➡️ KX Country - Canada's #1 Country!
moesl_roland Salzburg - Sankt Leonhard @pietjehorjus @Klimaatzuster @antonioguterres Depending on location, produces yearly for 200,000 km to 350,000 km electricity for electric car driving. Homeownership cheaper than rental apartment: electricity sales and self-supply. Gründer – Planetary Engineering Group Earth Gründer+CEO AG
palettefm_bot @GwenToks I made it more colorful. 🐣 chief topics: on location, delayed yellow, and purple climax. picture Colorize your photos for free! ✨ 👉 Quote, reply, or tweet an image, & add @palettefm_bot ... 🪄 Delete? DM the tweet. Terms: Submit your ©️ or public domain
Mint_Cannabis United States Pull up to the Gridiron Greats Celebrity Golf Classic hosted by the Super Bowl champ, former NFL player @JimMcMahon - The Mint's gonna be on location and we can't wait to see you there! Arizona's Largest Dispensary! Home of #MintCafe, the first Cannabis-Infused Kitchen throughout the United States.
CovidCanada1 @haziethompson Are you on any of the still coviding Facebook groups? Those have been great for finding similar people. The groups have started trying ‘matchmake’ based on location. There are WhatsApp groups now and some groups plan safe in-person activities. On M as covidCanada (look on zeroes)
ChargePointnet @WesleyWMatthew1 Hello - Please send us a DM with more details on location and we can escalate this issue. The best way to get real-time help is to call our 24/7 Driver Support team at 1-888-758-4389. Thank you! By EV drivers, for EV drivers. Since 2007, we’ve been making electric mobility the easy choice with the best charging experience ⚡️
hotwaldotm Charlottetown weird to see an affluent social advocacy organization scaling pay for *remote* work that requires education based on “location”. Plus 8-10 content pieces/we is a full-time job (!) and anyone that is skilled enough to write for a national org should not be making $15/hr hello? she/they (these views and dumb jokes are mine)
TheManfromNaboo Cantina am Ende des Universums @PhilSzostak @donttrythis Dibs on a meet and greet on location! Unsteter Geisterjäger, Schenkelklopfer, Kampfhubschraubervater eines Zukunftskapitäns und Nichtswissenschaftler.
EugeneRossi87 Worcester MA @mysera26 @Scottobix @ninaturner True it does depend on location. Domestic manufacturing has largely moved to the high tech sector which tends to be situated around metropolitan areas. That and defense contracts which obviously aren’t being made in China. Lowly Machinist. Roller coasters and Shibas. Adventuring where life takes me and grabbing some drinks along the way. Low tolerance for BS
planetksm nsfw rpf/s | 22 • she/him jisvng sends coffee trucks to cheer sevngmn on whenever he's filming on location for other kdramas and sevngmn hates it (loves it) 3rcha x 승민 enjoyer • pfp by my artist @apoesteriori ♡ 2vee 🚂
funkyfunmi London, England @MartinSLewis @itvMLshow Depends on location and demand & supply. #MartinLewis Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn
360_kbs King of Prussia, PA Nicholas and Shanique working together to make sure that the warehouse and the service department run smooth! At KBS we promise our technicians will call you within 1 hour of your call and if needed, we can be on location within 4 hours! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork 360KBS provides postage meters, folder/inserters, shipping solutions, inbound package tracking technology & more.
KitConnorInfo turn on notfs new pic Kit connor by Jemima colour and magic is coming Here's a little throwback to warmer times last spring with magical Kit, natural light with a touch of reflection, I can't wait to get back on location next week! jemimashoots on insta Fan account updates for Emmy ® Winner Kit Connor Heartstopper2 show | news, tweets and more | KITKAT fandom | Kit doesn’t have twitter
tickatkins Parramatta, New South Wales @JaredMezzocchi @herearts Still in its early stages but working on location-based media, chat bots and digital theatre. Some work is featured here:
LISTENLVJY He/Him @resspants The venue my location is at is only 25 dollars but I’m sure it depends on location and how big/expensive it was to book there that one ice!tommy cosplayer || pfp by aspenpetals on Instagram
CDave77 @SamSlickwater And in the Bakken, there's a chance that we defer till next year. But frac isn't the only issue. Drilling day rates are insane right now as well given the prominence of green hard hats on location. And don't even get me started on facilities.
KaeleSlater I really need to go to shareholder meetings because I just seen that @AMCTheatres is pricing seats based on location when they all in the same room? The room isn’t even that big and there are already more expensive theatre experiences. Crazy HU '18
Comprof1 @jcookanthro You might want to look at some census sheets from different parts of country. Found when doing my family’s genealogy that “race” varied depending on location and time period. My husband’s family “race” was southern Italian until 1950 (?). Phd, IMBA, MA TESOL Lecturer Emeritus in Comm, Culture, Edu, & Tech Blogger about knowledge, culture, edu tech, higher edu, and social media. #shepersisted
HoovaGroova A Land Far Away!... @ravingDreamers @gouryella99 It's gonna be bad! But everyone will have different apocalyptic view depending on location... The are Minor and Major pole shifts, This will be Minor. The TRUTH Enlightens Me! ☀️ Be Curious. GenX | Remote Viewing | Truth Seeker
braden_hanks Splatsville @SchoolChoiceNE @SkalicanTony The above example in Finland says nothing about randomly assigning kids to schools via lottery, it’s still based on location and allows all in that community a shared school space that everyone can help fund and be proud of suggest a new cover photo
TheTyee Vancouver Welcome to the Boundary Bay tidal marsh, a vital part of the Fraser River estuary and a recently discovered tool in the fight against climate change. @Michelle_Gamage was on location last week for some of the restoration. Independent BC-based journalism that swims against the current. Paywall-free since 2003. Partner stories at @TyeePresents. Support our work:
_Kow101_ South West, England @Audhumbla5 @TEAMBHxG @HogwartsLegacy It also probably depends on location, different keys for different locations ect. It seems to be mostly EU players with 3rd party keys, with some steam keys and other regions too
AbandonedLizard @mattroembke The fact that it doesn’t rely too much on green screen and shoots all on location, doesn’t censor out gay couples and same-sex kids scenes, and that it explores the idea of gods living amongst humans as they hide among them, kind of like a DC movie. Abandoned multiple times, but keeps coming back. #Disney100
RyanCheeses @okhvii @nrose1000 @KhasinoTTV @noobde @MKBHD ...nevermind, the moon apparently always looks the same and i just never realized. that does bring the validity of the article into question, however. is it an actual image of the moon that's been enhanced, or is it a calculated approximation based on location and time?
SCweather_wx Oak Grove, South Carolina @ashhhhugh Depends on location and a lot of other things Mitch West ~ Weather enthusiast ~ Storm chaser ~ YouTuber ~ F3 Haboob! ~ Passionate Gamecock fan ~ Follow along for updates!
myrnaloyarchive What do I love about corn? Nothing unless it's being eaten by Myrna Loy 💗 Here she is with Walter Connolly and another crew member on location during Libeled Lady, 1936. dedicated to myrna adele williams aka myrna loy • no copyright infringement intended
TheRealALFree1 Wales, United Kingdom Police: Do not speculate on what may have happened, it's understandably harmful and upsetting for family and friends. *cuts to* Granada tonights roving reporter on location with Chief of the team:- "So, what's your gut feeling on what may have happened?"
GavinWinters Waterford, Ireland The contrast between the studio scenes, with their photo backdrops of a quarry, and the location filming of a real quarry seems particularly pronounced here. Also very obvious that Troughton wasn’t on location, but his younger skinnier body-double was. #DoctorWho Lays claim to being Ireland's biggest Doctor Who fan. Mastodon:
red90rover Calgary @lymelegacy @ConsAreCons @drdagly @jvipondmd Nope. They can't. Mask type is based on location and procedure. You do not have a choice. He/Him
welderman84 Alberta, Canada False flag event incoming in the Ukraine TV war. Targeting hospitals, cancer clinic and pharmaceutical storage facility. Locations were evacuated on the weekend and the western media is on location ahead of the “attack” to report. NATO is losing their grip Proud Canadian Pipeliner
ThinixUSA USA HM on Location: Hotel execs make large bets—and big spend—on technology Managed WiFi, Secure PCs, Firewalls, & Edge-Networking IoT Technology for Hotels, SMBs, & Everyone In Between.
NouveauArtPunk Tio'tià:ke/"Montréal" Idk man the fact that this was mostly shot on location, had practical sets built for all the ships, and had Oda's blessing/involvement is making me cautiously optimistic 🏳️‍⚧️ Enby (she/they) 27 white Ⓐ☭ Podcaster/JRPG Expert (@game_punx) Toy nerd + games, films, music, comics & toku. BLM, ACAB, Free 🇵🇸 🔞 ALT: @HiddenArtPunk
MKatUltra32 Waynesburg, OH I've BEEN working on something with @AaronSkyy 424-666-9120 and @Trump for Just waiting on ya'll ON LOCATION in Waynesburg Ohio KATH=//\\=LEEN for more info on Disney inspired wellness center 424-666-9120 Retired Hospice Nurse ❤ Suicide Survivor 2.4.20 ❤
Nines_best_boi @Felisamos2 How do they differentiate between somebody getting bitch smacked into next week and somebody getting absolutely railed? Is there audio monitoring too or does it only rely on location data and acceleration data? She/her, 23, hololive fan, aviatrix, NieR appreciator
IrishEyezAlerts Chester County, PA East Fallowfield - 11:30am - 2/4/2023 200 blk of Oaklyn Rd - Fire Dept. Activity Fire department is on location extinguishing a large pile of wood and debris that is on fire. Oaklyn Rd is currently closed between Beechwood Dr & Oakwood Rd. Incident Notifications from around the Chester County area.