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oxley264 Essex When It's hot you just have to have an ice lolly.. Sean Connery and Jill St John on location. Diamonds Are Forever 1971 🇬🇧 Executive UK Producer.🎥 Film buff📱 #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram @IOTNQDfilm @NemesisMovie @KWExorcism @EnglishHaunting @WinterskinMovie
Abbas_H_Sajwani Dubai, United Arab Emirates In my latest blog, I explore the architectural characteristics that distinguish luxury real estate. Premium properties around the world vary depending on location, culture and landscape. But which architectural elements do they have in common? Founder and CEO of AHS Group and Board Member at DAMAC Group. A young entrepreneur aiming to revolutionize the ultra-luxury real estate industry.
BoldenSkip Newbury Park, CA Audrey Hepburn and William Holden on location for, Sabrina (1954) Directed by Billy Wilder Filmmaker / Film Lover #FilmTwitter #SupportIndieFilm
NomDaCookie @AmberlynWhite Ooo personally it depends on location for me, I can’t hear it in the mall but if I’m at a restaurant or something it’s a hit or miss to me and it makes my hair stand when I hear it || 18 || Aroace || Art+Others ||RHTC || Comms Closed || #royalehighminecraft / #nommyart / acc cluttered with retweets || PFP by @ikebukuichiro
JalinsVision you guys are always like “why does marvel shoot everything on set or green screen instead of location” but then when productions shoot on location and pics get out its “omg the whole movie is getting spoiled” Black🇵🇷 🇨🇺student of Film, acting, music, & psychology
FruitScientist @lowcarbdev @AKASpencerScott @wadefree85 @volodarik @sweatystartup That depends on location. My rent is currently half of what most people pay for mortgage (also depends on downpayment & interest). So I invest the remaining in bitcoin, stocks and REIT, all of which generate averaged returns of 25% APY. Bitcoiner. Biochemist. Geneticist.
Nexg_Platforms Gurgaon, India Streamline the real estate buying process with nexG Platforms. Enable buyers to discover properties based on location, budget, and desired amenities, while easily booking site visits. Enabling personalized and seamless communication experiences that are tailored just right! #TheWorldOfNexG
classroomtools Berkeley, CA @atoMik__punk I met him on location at the Santa Barbara pier during the filming of the Batman movie in 1966. My college roommate’s father was publicist for the film. The Batmobile and Robin were there too. Retired secondary social studies teacher, still working to help others learn to distinguish fact from fiction and truth from fantasy. Born when CO2 was 310 ppm.
Rocknstv62 Southern California Yep, that's Paul Williams on The Fall Guy, '82. On #location at Vermont Ave and West 182nd St, #Gardena, #California, Ascot Park. Site of Evel Knievel's 1st televised jump. #80s #onlocation #locationshoot #tv #televisionseries #television #tvseries #tvlocations #tvshows #raceway Guitar playin' Rock 'n' Roller!
AshurTheCat @BudgieCat777 @Guslivesagain Because he had cancer. Hugh Jackman is very susceptible to skin cancer, and thus must stay covered up since they’re shooting on location.
naekalashnikov @kittischmitti They don't shoot on location because it's cheaper to use green screen and sets. Pour Mamadou. Manchester City, Mamelodi Sundowns. Football saves lives 🙏
BoldenSkip Newbury Park, CA Audrey Hepburn and William Holden on location for, Sabrina (1954) Directed by Billy Wilder Filmmaker / Film Lover #FilmTwitter #SupportIndieFilm
ys_theofficial Y's AUTUMN/WINTER 2023-2024 Collection Discover the collection in store and @YohjiThe Availability depends on location⁠ ⁠ #Ys⁠ #YohjiYamamoto The Official #Ys Y's is Yohji Yamamoto's very first brand since 1972, and today still represents the core essence of his philosophy─Shop online @YohjiThe
IAmTheMilkman00 Matrix @deaflibertarian No they are doing what our government has trained them to do. It’s political and cultural. The government has been training all of us for a very long time in different ways depending on location and ethnicity. Husband, Father of two, Veteran, Marx. Was. A. Fraud. History Buff 🗿, 1776 🐇, Libertarian by nature. 💛🖤. My name is actually Brandon..
AmandaWhyte18 @abcmelbourne Work has value which isn't reduced depending on location. Pay teachers & nurses more but not at the cost of someone else's salary. Jeff has never been so interested in the well being of teachers and nurses until he identified the potential to create a wedge with other workers🙄 Nothing
Solvipunkturis @JohnnyDi17 @ultrasart09 @celestialdevils No I mean that they probably planned to shoot on location from the beginning and then when it came up that Hugh was suspectible to skin cancer decided to change the design a little just to make him less suspecticle, not completely immune. it’s true i swear
BabyGrand1000 @9NewsMelb @gillianlant How’s about we flip the narrative, and propose that rather than people who WFH get paid less, that those who work on location get paid a little more. There is a strong case for this.
PapaGrande57 @sweatystartup Depends on location - in major seaboard cities renting is usually superior unless you bought at very specific times (you must also calculate HOA fees and other ownership costs which are massive in big cities)
AndyKCity Best “on location” reporter on TV is @JaneFerguson5 . Next book I want to read is her memoir: No Ordinary Assignment. Thanks @NewsHour and @IAmAmnaNawaz for the great interview. Big fan of basketball, especially Kansas; interested in politics, civil rights; United Methodists for Kairos Response (UMKR); compulsive reader.
isay_who @FLVoiceNews DeSantis is dumb enough to get rolled by insurance lobbies. The lobbies received Gov kick backs, tort reform, rate increases and the ability to cancel at will based on location. Iamreal my opinions are mine as protected under law.
Solvipunkturis @JohnnyDi17 @ultrasart09 @celestialdevils Or maybe they decided that instead of doing that they would just alter his uniform and shoot on location. it’s true i swear
Sunlovepax Earth @CilComLFC @Meowmeow1917 In the US, It really depended on location whether lock downs were temporary or permanent features of your covid experience. For my friends, running to the border meant going to OH or IN for a dinner out and a movie. Lockdowns were insane and very real in Michigan. Works at being a faithful Catholic, loves America, tired of endless war, needs sun, love and peace.
Wigwam94 Iota Geminorum IV @valurgr Valur, when you can please get yourself and polly up there and do and on location, summary. You have a huge YouTube following waiting for you. You could make a modest income as an independent and enough talent to become a streamer. 🤞 A musically inclined gentleman blatherer. One of the 'T's in an SATB. DAFC, LFC.
sunny051488 Las Vegas, NV @HeroDividend Depends on location and lifestyle #Bitcoin 🇮🇳
HonMaryStoddard Dallas TX USA Definitely Treasured our Decades long Friendship and Support of #Hollywood/#TV SuperStar, #LarryHagman aka #JREwing of #Dallas Fame. Enjoyed my role as #extra on location, getting 2know members of the #Cast & #Crew. #CastingCall #TX #SouthforkRanch #WeatherfordTX Author/fmr. State Judge/Expert Medical Witness: Sweeteners/Flying Safety Consultant/Radio Hall of Fame/Keynoter/Veteran's Widow/Top Consumer Activist/Researcher
keithgreenwood California, USA @pctechtx @Death6102 @TedLogan1010 @BillSEsquire_11 @Rufus2688 If the moon were local and 3k miles up, we would all see different faces and phases of the moon at the same time depending on location and we don’t. We all see the same face and phase at the same time from everywhere on earth Music and luthiery are my life-long journeys, blockchain is a passion and a medium, my wife is my driving force and inspiration.. the world is my stage!
TheFlyingBronco @sweatystartup Not that simple. Depends on location, taxes, rental cost compared to monthly mortgage and taxes for a similar property, and long term investment alternatives for down payment. Mine has compounded at an average rate of 8-10% over the past 20 years. Radical RINO lib and Uber hack
FanCandiCan Portland, OR Are you willing to compromise on location, size, condition, or price? Let us know in the comments and see where other homebuyers are willing to make a trade-off. #homebuying Powered by Smart Mortgage Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS: 2397827
MapleSyrupLeafs Ontario, Canada @ErinInTheMorn @Esqueer_ If CNN is going to abandon its duty to fair and accurate news coverage, we really need to do something. Protest outside their headquarters, interfere with their live coverage on location. Make it painful for them to ignore the people they're ignoring. I don't even really like Lord of the Rings #Leafs #Liberal #ttrpg I block Bots, crypto bros, MAGAts & Musk stans. York U BA English & Creative Writing 2007.
DBd6120 Turning FL Blue @ben_the_dem Yeah, we’ll on location and waiting for the rest of the team. Hate eating at restaurants. Snarky a$$hole to the cult. DMs = Block! 🚫 MAGA, kink, hookups, crypto, or fakes. I love to vet and block. Also on Post and Mastodon, same handle
Alex_Reinicke_ Germany 💡Lesson learned today: „Store only UTC dates in your backend and adjust it in the fronted based on location„ I worked today with a DB that only did store the local times, like literally UTC+2. Thus, backend can’t scale the app to multiple time zones worldwide 🌎  Apple WWDC23 Scholar | iOS Software Engineer at
Sportsnet960 Calgary, Alberta @Fan960Logan is LIVE on location at Brian Burke's Targets for Kids in support of @KidSportCalgary This is the 7th year for this event that has raised over $150,000 in its first 6 years and the 2017 event was recognized by the Calgary Event Awards as the Top Fundraising Event! 📍 Calgary’s Home of the #Flames! 🎧 Live & On-Demand ▫️Flames Talk▫️Big Show with Rusic & Rose▫️Hockey Central 960▫️Sportsnet Today 960 💬 Text 960-960
lestelledelciel @kittischmitti Has nothing to do with it lmao they just don’t want to spend the money and resources having to go film on location
BlazeK2408 @nerdyraccoon01 @GreatKeith @Phillips_____ @govt_corrupt @ChadsObsession Ya these antifa pedos and groomers are losing. Reda won't even turn on location to prove where he is. I did multiple times. The coward isn't even in the city he claims to be in. Nice try little cowards. But if so tough come meet up when you are ready 🤡🤣🤣 bet you don't show Back on the twitter Starting over
BlazeK2408 @GreatKeith @Phillips_____ @nerdyraccoon01 @govt_corrupt @ChadsObsession Are you taking a out your antifa pedo buddy reda? 🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣 hilarious. I drove 2 hours to .eet up with the coward and they didn't show. I turned my location on to prove where I was and have videos yet reda won't turn on location to prove where he is 🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣 antifa pedo coward Back on the twitter Starting over
Juventud2222 @GwenLovesMovies On location plus Wolverine in his suit forces Ryan to be on set in his suit. I feel like they cheaped out in #2 and had the suit be CGI for way too much of it. New single 'Saviour' out now: ~ Surf rock / grunge 🏝🌊🌊 Link below:
SENEScanner Southeast Nebraska 401 on location and in command advising he will need 3 ambulances, requesting Medic 2 and Medic 3. Providing raw news in real time. Covering Otoe, Cass, and Johnson Counties. Content is not licensed for broadcast. A division of NOSS Media, LLC.
DTDSoftball Tampa, FL These are my next 5 active DTD stops… Des Moines, IA (July 22 and July 23rd) Lafayette, LA (August 19th) Houston, TX (August 20th…waiting on location) Mississippi State University Camp (August 26th) Seattle, WA (September 16th) Come learn. Come train. TRAIN. EXPLORE. DOMINATE. College Softball Catching Consultant. Catching Coach. Facility Owner. -Remote Online Training -Workshops -In Person Training
jack969 Vancouver, British Columbia We are live on location at @Rogers mobile store on the 2nd floor of Park Royal mall! Stop by and say hi! Playing whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
uncannymagik 🪐19+ And I’d rather few leaks for a shoot on location <3 An elite member of S.T.A.R.S | 23 | tumblr:theuncannymagik
nursejoychan ǝʌɐ uooɯʎǝuoɥ I noticed that in NYC too. Despite how overpopulated it is and a huge scene; it's insane how small the numbers are for Ultimate locals in comparison to the Melee. I was surprised Melee is that big, had no clue. Guess it depends on location as other states are huge for Ultimate. i just want to be free.
CrazySauce13 Pasadena, CA @BankerChase @DanClarkSports So you like just watching a number tick up and not seeing where the majority of them land? And how about the pitcher mattering more than the hitter when it all depends on location with the time clock? I hate most things. If you like something there's a very good chance I hate it. Rockies and Raiders fan because I love misery.
107888_888 South San Francisco, CA @ClimateReality @EPA Steam engines or pressure switch engines on top of reactors and/or chimneys made from renewable resources like silicone nitritde can produce more energy on location and set a absolute zero emissions standard. am vegan am not evil
107888_888 South San Francisco, CA @NEI Steam engines or pressure switch engines on top of reactors and/or chimneys made from renewable resources like silicone nitride can produce more energy on location and set an absolute zero emissions standard. am vegan am not evil
MillardUnited Omaha, NE Come out tonight at 6pm for our final scheduled tryout for Competitive Baseball Players 9U-14U! Info on location of tryouts and our competitive program: Voted Best Youth Sports Organization by Best of Omaha 2023. "THE Place to Play" for Baseball, Softball, Football & Cheer, ages 3 & up. #WePlayUnited
visiblemaker Germany @CineBill Thank you Bill!! Cinematographers might need to face to incorporate cinema prompting to their workflow. Not everything will be "replaced" by AI tools. And shooting on location or in virtual studio will be done for years, for sure. But small budget production will change rapidly. rAIsing visions & awareness. Cinematographer | Prompt Artist | Creative Director. Using traditional & AI tools with human experience. Art of @ChristianF369
MeganPerkinsArt Spokane, WA This painting of the Rotary Fountain was done a couple years back live on location during another glorious summer day. There were food trucks and live music and looking at this painting brings it all back. Loves words and art and messing around in the dirt. perkins_megan & artistseyeonspokane on Instagram.
RealTheClint Carmel, CA Day 17 Filming Juror #2 Clint on Location yesterday. For the Start of Next Week July 17th through to July 21st filming will move to Pooler, Georgia for the start of Filming the Scenes at City Hall and the courtroom scenes. Actor. Director. This is the New REAL ONE & ONLY OFFICIAL Twitter Account for Clint Eastwood®™ CLINT EASTWOOD'S ONLY TWITTER #ClintEastwood
PakiLumber1 @Hexatiouz It's actually the location Twitteri guys just don't understand how Facebook is being used to earn dollars Mark's meta used to pay $1200 for 100k views on Facebook reels And you know paki audience loves nuditity hence Facebook algorithm recommending such content based on location
HeemeyersRevenj @NotMikeStearn Not for what I do and where I do it, right now. If I ever go back to strict Contracting... specifically bars, gamerooms, and baths... I probably will again, based on location of my higher end clientele. Just too busy to chase right now, so doing 99% sub work for a builder. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Welcome to #RatUtopia #AnarchoAppalachianism

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