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UtahEmergency Utah Getting lots of reports of another earthquake, likely an aftershock, but we are awaiting information on location, magnitude and depth. Part of @UtahDPS, Division of Emergency Management coordinates response to disasters and recovery. #SMEM support for local incidents. Tweets: @PIO_Joe.
Adrian_Hilton We don't need more than one news reader, and we don't need a constant stream of reporters (or cameras and sound) on location, hanging around outside stores or railway stations interviewing people who state the bleeding obvious. Lecture in politics, philosophy & political theology. Wade into education and arts. Prone to tweet about puppies. Shakespeare World Record holder
RepThomasMassie Mordor and Shire (alternately) What about a voluntary app like WAZE to track user’s COVID19 exposure instead of traffic, cops, and roadkill? It could assign risk of user’s exposure to COVID19 based on location history and likelihood that other individuals (users) in that path have or might have COVID19. U.S. Rep KY4, Chairman 2A Caucus, Political Science Denier, Greenest Congressman, MIT '93 Bachelor of Science EE, '96 Master of Science MechE #sassywithmassie
DE_F4LT 𝐴𝑛𝑔𝑒𝑙𝑠 𝑖𝑛 𝐹𝑙𝑖𝑔ℎ𝑡 @imstupidhbu Depending on location, that house could cost around $400k to 1M. A middle class household could potentially afford a 400k house and by looking at their cars, probably most of the income goes to paying that house. C. Psych • UCA • Chaotic Neutral • 🇵🇷
SSPPS6 South St. Paul, Minnesota Student materials/medication pickup starts today. More details on location and time at Welcome to the official Twitter account for South St. Paul Public Schools, Minnesota's first IB World Schools District.
DallocourtMouse @GreenAlanB In some shops, depends on location. Mine only really sells alcohol, crisps chocolate. The only thing I can see that makes sense to keep us open is utilities, but other nations are suspending utility bills for 3 months. And in my area a lot of those coming in for bills are older Yes, I am a Mouse 🏴 All states are rogue. Cis He/him
Heritage_NGOs Southwark, London @MoJGovUK is looking for a Technical Performance Manager – Architectural: ensuring that construction projects conform with Health, Safety, Security and Legislative requirements. £30,989 - £47,591 (depending on location). Closing date: 31 March 2020. The voice of the heritage movement. Be heard - join us
DrewishG @Dokrzz It's kinda weird seeing people call this "rich af" or using "eat the rich" in this context. It's a matter of perspective of course but the people in this vid don't look like they're living beyond their means and seem like any 2 income household (depending on location of course) Feelings you provide
TeddyWaterton @piersmorgan @SadiqKhan @GMB ...and why are GMB and BBC correspondents out and about on location. They should be in the studio reporting using library video footage and pictures as they seed a wrong message too if they're out and about.
delightdessert4 Nationwide Get a coffee with your Delightful Desserts order ☕ Find us on Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo (depending on location). #delightfuldesserts #dessert #coffee #latte #americano #hotchocolate #hotdrink #coffeelovers #desserts Your local, family-friendly, dessert and coffee shop franchise. Where dessert dreams are made...
XinlessV Bethlehem, PA @thehill Can some put tape on his mouth? My city is entered a quarantine yesterday and my job is confirmed too have coronavirus on location. No way I’m returning until I know it’s safe. Casino by the way big Amtrak and retro electronics guy. also, a bit of a urban explorer when it’s warmer out.
exp_conveyncing London, England If you're armed with a property buying budget of around £100,000 and you are flexible on location, size, style and the need to renovate there is a huge variety of homes for sale in Wales. #property #propertymarket Specialist conveyancing solicitors with 100+ collective years of experience, built on trust and word of mouth. for free advice.
TomButlerFOX9 Minneapolis, MN Hello on this TT. New numbers for #coronoavirusoutbreak and what the Governor, who's in self quarantine, says about a #StayAtHomeOrder @KeithMarlerFox9 is "on location." I'll see you a bit earlier on the 9 @FOX9 I'm the guy who wakes you up every morning on Fox 9! Proud WSU Alumnus, @wsucougars GO Cougs! @fox9
FBCLakeHartwell Seneca, SC The most common question about Freedom Boat Club is "what does it cost to join?". There are 165+ Freedom Boat Clubs throughout North America, and many different membership plans — so the answer will vary, depending on location. This article explains why: The Upstates Newest Boat Club - designed for folks who want to access a versatile fleet of boats on a regular basis, at an affordable cost of entry!
Anniequad Birpai Land NSW,xACT,xQld @greensinspa Where is she Betty? I’m in Port Macquarie. She/you could order Woollies online delivered to me, and I could deliver to her depending on location. Feminist, assisted dying, med cannabis activist, garden bridge fish travel politics ABC music coffee scotch No lists
unakavanagh Louth but Kerry is the Kingdom By the way, if he really wanted clarity on location for a journalist as he so claims, he would have deleted that original tweet but he didn’t. Why he’s pretending to be a hero of the people I’ll never understand. Our heroes are stacking shelves, in test centres and in hospitals. Gamer/Cluichire: in Irish&Eng. Editor @WeAreIrishdotie Author Anseo @NewIslandBooks #Gaeilge on YouTube, Patreon. Travel
marcellastylist London Our latest shoot for @millionair_mag shot on location at @yasminmills01 by katemartinphoto Suit and jewellery alexandermcqueen Style @marcellastylist Model @evedelf Make up @RubyMakeup hair tc10003 Nails… Fashion, Jewellery, Art direction and a bit of Costume design @millionair_mag Fashion/ Jewellery/Creative editor
RMajor Rossington @BBCNews Why are BBC Reporters still out Reporting on location? Not really necessary is it? Out and about just for the background shot.
LeeLawrence1989 Stevenage @piersmorgan we are in lockdown and @GMB are unnecessarily having correspondents on the streets. You are a driving force behind our lockdown but it seems the programme you represent care more about having people on location than their safety #coronavirusuk Born 25/05/1989 currently living in Stevenage, with a Sports Science Degree.
BarryMJunior crack @JS_Clinkscales @BeanieZoe @TiredInOR4Now @imstupidhbu @CarolinaOlea14 Rich kid here to help. As a teenager, my dad made just above 400K a year, putting us in the top 4-5%. My house was worth 1.3 Mil, and big, but not massive, 5 bedrooms/4 bathrooms. Most of the cost is based on location, a mediocre NYC apartment’s cost builds a mansion in Alabama Top 5 NBA Players right now. 1. Lebron 2. Kawhi 3. Luka 4. AD 5. Harden❗️ I don’t miss
LisaFor89079693 North Yorkshire @BBCNews do your reporters need to be on location. I don't need someone telling me to stay at home when there must be at least 3 people on that location. I'm sure you can work from your home and make these reports. Set an example!! Professional and mum. Social care background. Passionate about social care, honesty and loyalty. Family is my greatest love.
silverex331 St George area @rossco1304 My Dad uses it occasionally and he said it's quite good though he's in the Central Coast. Quality was good and not expensive. Agree that quality and service would depend on location. St George Illawarra Dragons, Red V member, Sydney Swans, Sydney FC member, Sydney Kings, DJI Mavic Pro, ex-WRX, i30N
ClassicMovieHub The stuff dreams are made of.. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on location for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, 1962... The Classic Movie Cheerleader! #ALWAYSClassic • Co-founder of #ClassicMovies & More on #Youtube • Social Producer for #TCMFF @TCM Film Fest • #TCMFFSP
Taylor_Gresham_ Sad in SC @zoe_y90 @CarolinaOlea14 @imstupidhbu Exactly and cost of living and money stretching depends on location. My house here is 1/2 the Deep South for that price you’d get a home 2x the size of mine. Anti-social butterfly🦋 | Disciple| MD🛸SC| Quokka enthusiast
indianpsyhic11 @imstupidhbu This is not rich tho...homegirl is living in decent sized home, say 300k - 350k, depending on location and this is most likely her parent’s no 19 year old would be able to afford that lol. So yes, in the end, we are incredibly poor. started from the bottom now we here
tim_redteeps iPhone: 52.610287,-0.250936 @2468mikek @GMB @richardgaisford Completely irresponsible. Absolutely no need for them to be on location. These roving reporters can stay at home and report from there. Foolish behaviour from the media. Hi home. work in IT and Brexit Supporter. member of local Church. views are my own.
nunya039 in my skin yes but also just overall shade. i get called both, just depends on location and context. but im here bitch!!!!!! rip @/badupre and @/bvdupre she/her
Luka_Ritter Naarm, Victoria Why are we allowing news reporters to go on location to film a segment? They can do the same report from the studio and they’re less at risk that way... #COVID19au Gender studies honours student with a focus on transmasculinity, bodies, and trauma. Living on Wurundjeri land. (he/him)
gguksfae @OUTRONAMJlN depends on location and circumstance! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ૢ✧∘* #JK: flowerrr flower fla fla ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ flawerrr fl flo flowerrrr !!!! ﹏☆彡ˀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀
wleer72 whitstsable,kent england @piersmorgan being a simple member of the public,and told to travel only when essential, how come news reporters are everywhere on location. is this essential. pc gamer, zombie horror fan and a gopher minion. don't like soaps or football...much 😆
hiphopcrisis @MarkMcGowanMP Dear Premiere, I left a letter with Officer Newmann who was on location today at your Optus Stadium briefing. I personally drove there to get it to you and, he has vowed that it will be forwarded to your office. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you! ~ Chisenga 🇿🇲 🇦🇺 A fool who cursed the sun was surprised to see it still shining. @Royceda59 feat. Yours truly @BeatStars Remix Link Below
AndrewParrotte Los Angeles, CA I will take shooting on location any day of the week over shooting in a studio. Regardless of how much extra work it takes physically or otherwise. And preferably not in pre-built warehouses in DTLA either. #nfotd #TheDarkestMinds Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Art that strikes my fancy My Keeping-It-Professional Account
IvysPark @nytopinion Astonishing! And I love these restaurants. They must do better. They can afford it and can't afford not to. Maybe it has something to do with WHO works there. Depending on location most look like me. Loves JESUS, my husband & family, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., food, Gospel music, playing keyboard and having fun. Carolina Panthers and Miami Heat fan!
markfreeman_us South Carolina, USA @GallivantMajed @habeshafinance @NorbertElekes Here in the US it depends on location and person. Some areas have very poor coroner performance. Wrong cause of death is common especially for the poor or homeless. Many elderly would not get much of an investigation. Random apocalypse monkey
mahesh893 Hyderabad, India @ola_supports Hello Ola... yesterday my wife got discharged from Apollo cradle Kondapur, Hyderabad... I could not see a single cab in Ola and Uber... how come ur service is running on location base ???? @hydcitypolice SAP ABAP CONSULTANT. #Patriot #Politics #retweet_positive_content #spread_news_which_helps_country_growth #social_activist_for_my_country_growth 🇮🇳
YannisLopez6 @elonmusk how are viruses dealt with on trip to mars and on location? Are they just an earth issue? What if? Build & Create
Has2bRoss Location: Harlem, Thoroughbred @iamgoofyLOL 5 states is like a 2hr flight depending on location and facetime helps. Get creative 😌. Corona got us all messed up even if shawty live next door. Gonna regret a lot of these tweets when I become famous. © AND For the record Ima Sixers and 49ers fan. Loyalty Loyalty Loyalty
infotechusa New York, USA Then it was Cool Post about Compliance check VS real proactive cyber security... Currently due to #coronavirus outbreak working remotely and protecting your #network #infrastructure without being on location very important and much safer. LIFARS, LLC - Cy…(◕‿◕) Web🎨Design @NikolayGul 📊#SEO💻#Marketing #AdWords📈#PPC🔝 #Syracuse #NY #SUNY #SocialMedia #LiquidPixels #Wrestling #Judo🏒#Odessa💯%
akolaurenlola San Francisco Bay Area Has anyone here heard of an upcoming crime show called “Almost Paradise”? It was shot on location in the Philippines and has Dean Devlin as one of the producers. Creative with words, master of talents of surprise, I'm a little on the short side but don't you judge me by my size.
timfmatthews Dubai, United Arab Emirates Working from home? 🏠 We're lucky to have at least half of our business done on computers, but the other half where we go out and shoot on location has made this very tricky. In all of us doing our bit to fight the spread, what precautions have you taken? #COVID19 #COVID_19 British UAE Film Maker / Entrepreneur ▪︎ Sony FX9 Ambassador @sonymea ▪︎ DOP | Producer | Partner at FTEN X / @firstandtenuae 🎬
Granville4879 Djabuganjdi Lands, Oz @Izuvthesqrll @call_me_tomasso Nor whether “dawn is the official time” so the same at base and summit or based on location so Dawn's fair light would break sooner the greater the elevation. Embrace your Twitter Crazy #NupToTheCup #AussieResisters #OkayBoomer RT not endorsement
AskDyson Malmesbury, England @danton_matt We're sure you'll love it too, but as our return policy changes depending on location, can you please send us a private message with your full address, telephone number and email address? Dyson technology deserves Dyson know-how. Official Dyson customer service team. Tweet or DM our experts for advice and support.
baddiexbeyy Charleville 9200 @beysupremacist Netflix said we are shooting ON LOCATION, we’re raining money from the sky, and I want war tanks for some razzle dazzle I have feelings bitch
KEVINDAAY she/her @WHEELSUPMELLARK houses really aren’t as expensive as everyone thinks they are? like depending on location and time it was built and condition and such it could actually be quite cheap/affordable it all depends!! spencer reid supremacy
HenryWade20 Brentwood, Los Angeles @snboxing Stark black and white filmed on location. The ambiguity and absence of moralizing make it the greatest courtroom film. Audience is a jury. Beautiful! Mysterious Man. Retweets = endorsements.
kuwosaki hell @oikanoo yeah the area i live is rly rural w a good economy and buying a house isn't a pipe dream here but if we were any closer to columbus city housing costs skyrocket. housing affordability is rly dependent on location felix lucille / 23 / they ☆ @AngelicSuperior's guard dog ☆ header by @usodaisuyo ☆ icon by @smalljoongie ☆ tinyrat ☆
ImPrinceMaurice NY/FL @Luneetuh Middle class homes vary WILDLY depending on location lol. Where I grew up in VA that’s a very regular house and it’s not too expensive I never live in fear I’m too out of my mind...
ExplorerMom USA for now @jilevin Hey Kyle, I agree on this. But I don't agree with calling it Chinese virus. It you insist on location, which I don't, Wuhan virus is more correct, and not indicting a nation. Especially whereby China is making masks/ventilators for USA. Foreign Service. Clinical cancer research. Perennial student. Book lover. Happily married. World traveler. Mom Granny to multitudes. NE MW NW W 1DOG2CATS
Mdart15 @CharlieMcLjr There's a place for any and all tech depending on location and it's surroundings. What's needed is an alternative for every home to be self sufficient. I'm working on it. education matters
tinalikesmusic Washington, DC @imstupidhbu A house like this could cost like 200k in one part of the country and 2 million in another area so it depends on location entirely 23 & me🤘

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