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GovernorVA Richmond, VA This app protects your privacy—it doesn’t rely on location data or GPS tracking, and it doesn't collect, store, or share your personal information. And if you test positive with #COVID19, you have the option of whether or not to anonymously share your result through the app. Official account for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam
Make_It_Right Solar energy is free and unlimited. It can be harnessed right on the site where you use it—the roof of your home. It’s converted and even stored on location. The only real drawback is the initial cost of investment. I’m the contractor who’s going to make it right, and I've got the best crew in the business. Watch this space for new show information.
mckinneykelsey Love paying my rent every month for my apartment which was priced entirely based on “location” and “proximity to good restaurants” your meatspiration. features writer/ co-owner @defectormedia. debut novel GOD SPARE THE GIRLS out with @wmMorrowBooks in 2021
56thasmebaby You know that you and your boys did something right when you can snap them at 6 AM and they all reply on location🍞 20 |Dec-30-1999| #𝐏𝐈𝐏𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐒𝐇 ❤️Makayla Young with money on the mind💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸
Eintrachtrob Dublin So 18 year olds who attend school are not expected to wear masks with 1 m social distancing (not a safe distance). Yet 18 year olds who are at third level are expected to wear masks and keep 2 m social distancing. Is Ireland are making up covid policy depending on location? Chemistry, Maths & Applied Maths teacher. Tweets mainly on issues education, politics & football. All tweets are personal opinions. RT not equal to endorsement.
Burns1Au Australia Retracing Troy Newman’s steps for the “God Only knows” official music video interviews and #Whisper documentary What a wonderful day speaking with the producer #JoCadman and Director #MauriceTodman On location at St Albans NSW xoxo DJB DJB Official #FilmDirector #FilmLIFE 🎬🎥🧨#action_productions_australia #whisper_movie #VinylADDICT Be the best version of you #MAXIMUMEFFORT▁▂▃▄▅▆ 100%
DaniRabaiotti London, England @MartaShocket @GaetaAmy I think it will depend a lot on location. The city I moved to to was London - I was worried about the cost of living, lack of access to nature and unfriendly people. But it's such a big city you can make what you want from it. There are enough upsides that it has been great. Dr of African wild dogs @ZSLScience. Climate change impacts on wildlife. NYT bestselling author of #DoesItFart 🐟💨 #TrueOrPoo 🐘💩 and #BelieveItOrSnot 🦎💦
elliewellies136 United Kingdom WTS - Golden Child Take A Leap albums with photocards Pick which 3 photocard and inclusions you'd like with your chosen album. £14 for a complete album plus postage depending on location.
nursedbyini Nigeria Available for same day delivery Make a screenshot of wig of choice Confirm for availability in the DM and send proof of payment. Delivery comes at a price depending on location. Pay only to UBA… Jw Nurse 💉 Naturalista Wig seller NBI WIG EMPIRE nursedbyini on snapchat and instagram
King_leerix Lagos @AmbStephen2 Depends on location and hospitals... But roughly in lag it's about 140-170k Medicine, Music and Royalty these three words define me.
VetoPlayer Oh crap! Janelle, Kevin and Memphis have been in the skybox. Whatever it’s called. #bb22 #bblf I’m so mixed up on location. But the convo is there. Franzel Just killed the mood. Studied Television and Radio #BB22 #BigBrother #KevinCampbell
OlajireTemitop1 Ogun, Nigeria @chiefagbabiaka It depends on what he can do and depends on location Teacher || Backyard Poultry || Jesus Lover || Sports Enthusiast
WCllpSolicitors UK Feeding the nation through good times and bad – our lawyers went on location to film this poetic tribute to Lincolnshire's farmers 👨‍🌾 #Farm24 We're the award-winning UK law firm with offices across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Providing expert business and personal legal advice.
DPManchee Near Bath, UK @jillongovt If new facilities deemed necessary, say as part of Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects regime, who decides on location/region- Ministers ? What checks and balances will there be ? How do these proposals fit into Govt's overarching 'Place Based' strategies ? By day; owner @somersolvit. MBA (Tech Mgmt) from Open University. Tweets #technology, #innovation, #space. Into homemade bread. Views my own.
JevettaBoyce This photo was taken at one of the last events I got to film before lockdown and today is the first day that I will be filming on location🙌🏾 (check out stories to see more) With 2 on location shoots this week I am so excited to be back in the swing of things! Director | Videographer
iamChuckRussell Camp Hill, PA #Trending: Remote Calls Time on Location Trap as Global Workforce Revolution Study Shows 71% of Tech Workers Would Move Overseas and Work Remotely if They Could - Business Wire #tech #innovation #invention Read More Here: Waiting for a Miracle to Come #harrisburger #fintech #entrepreneurship #ai #deeplearning #datascience
centtrip London, England Time is money, but cash consumes time. Find out how @Centtrip helped Gareth Jones go cashless and save both time and money on his project Little Birds for @skyatlantic @SkyUK #CenttripStories #expenses #paymentsolutions 👉 Market #expertise and #fintech delivering award-winning #intelligenttreasury management platform for travelling #crews. Connect for real-time market #insights.
PatmattinsonPat @PhilSpencerTV Yes I did enjoy it but please don’t give up on Location,Location Location I just love this programme. The banter between you and Kirsty and both your insight into what buyers actually want is brilliant.
hollywoodprogre Hollywood, CA Alyssa_Milano: @IsabelSala2 @gtconway3d It was either in Portland while I was on location filming there or...a wedding. My best friend was with me for both and he also was ill and tested positive for antibodies. | #MeToo | #Resist | #PowerfulWomen
hidingfromlefty United Kingdom @Miss_Snuffy It's put forward in a calm measured way which is very rare these days. But that privilege changes depending on location. As this is a global conversation it implies white privilege is universally correct and a serious impediment to others. I disagree. It's all very shallow. The lunatics are running the asylum so I'm concealing my identity. I only kneel to tie my shoe laces.
workremotenews Global Remote Calls Time on Location Trap as Global Workforce Revolution Study Shows 71% of Tech Workers Would Move Overseas and Work Remotely if They Could Helping you navigate the ins and outs of staying connected while working remote.
ShingetsuNews Tokyo It's tonight! A massive and tragic explosion has occurred in Beirut, Lebanon. We will talk to May Shigenobu, a journalist who is on location, seen some of the destruction, and is following the story closely. SNA Patrons may register at Japan's #Progressive News Source. Independence. Dedication. Fearlessness. Support our reporters on Patreon: DM for media inquiries
DatmusicaddictT Jos, Nigeria @BihgBlackBunny @ladziess @AtMoet_t I get service every day 4G on a good day. And I never have issues. But maybe it depends on location sha 🌈 Caprisonne is forking life👌 Baller 🏀 ⚽ Book lover 📙 Music addict 🎶 Photographer 📸 Designer
NevilleFChambe1 #BarbaraWindsor and director #GeraldThomas seen here during a break in filming #CarryOnDoctor on location at #MaidenheadTownHall Picture taken on 11 September 1967 @KelShirl
TheAction716 Niagara Falls, NY Niagara Falls police and fire on location in the 1900 block of Whitney for multiple garbage cans on fire All you need these days are a police scanner, cell phone, ambition & determination.
NevilleFChambe1 Happy 83rd Birthday to Dame #BarbaraWindsor seen here with #RonaldFraser #BernardCribbins #DavyKaye #GrégoireAslan in #CrooksInCloisters (1964) Dir. Jeremy Summers Filmed at @ElstreeStudios and on location in #Portloe and #StMawes #Cornwall
VonBabasinIII Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles @Dnabi4 They were the film crew shirts on Conan the Destroyer that filmed on location in Mexico - a friend of mine who I worked with on The Thing was the coordinator for the film and I helped when he was working in town - I did not go on the location however, only getting this t-shirt 😉 "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."
InterestOfConf1 @PortlandPolice Why'd it take 20 minutes between declaring a riot and storm-trooping out and actually making up an excuse anywhere (and then on twitter and not on location)?
jmneave Alberta, Canada @JackieBee_16 Can't be based on location. I had B and hubby had A. Family ~ Fitness ~ camping ~ Healthy Lifestyle ~ Oilers fan ~ 🇨🇦 Norwex Rep
JackieBee_16 Oil Country The 50/50 number always starts with an A - and my tix always start with B. Is it based on location or something? OR IS IT ALL FAKE?! 🤔 #LetsGoOilers 🏒💙🧡 #Married 💍 Mental Health advocate. Sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm an asshole🤷🏻‍♀️. Opinions do not represent my employer
willoftzeentch Tāmaki-makau-rau been thinking about how, until modern times (and Westernization depending on location), it was actually normal to get at least some food from the wild (edible ferns, river fish, deer, mushrooms, berries, nuts) and also not have to pay anyone for that 29. Trans (Genderqueer). They/Them. Tauiwi in support of Tino Rangatiratanga. Free Palestine. #BlackLivesMatter
RanchShelly @cybergothrat "This process relies on location settings and a random number generator, which, despite what the company says, cannot be directly affected by human thoughts." um ok thhats just ur opinion 😒 also congrats teehee
VK_HM Dublin, Ireland @decoyrobot Irish Destiny is good if you like silent films; it’s about the Irish War of Independence and was filmed on location. Podcaster for @FlyingPodcastle. valondar on steam, Kegg on TrekBBS, Eternalykegg on Reddit. TI Forum Admin. @StarTrekFilms @lemonwensday
Sugakookiebts5 Heyo everyone! We were wondering if anyone would like to order TOO’s recent album Running TOOgether. We are doing world wide orders and the album would cost $13, shipping price may vary on location! If interested please dm us! Deadline is August 17th! We accept Venmo and PayPal! Sugakookie_bts_ on Instagram •Multi fandom• 3 owners :))
alyson1drlnd Australia I feel like if the Army considered threats to force readiness, retention, and recruiting from #LongCovid for two seconds they might be less cavalier about it (depending on location of course. We happen to know it’s become a regular occurrence where we’re going 🤦🏼‍♀️) NJ success story. Army Veteran/Spouse, Dog Mom. Yoga Therapy, PA-C; Yoga, Meditation, iRest instructor. Mind-body med, lifestyle med, mental health is health.
Mikeslikes2 San Francisco The cast and crew endured sickness during their time on location. Bogart bragged that he and Huston were the only ones to escape illness, which he credited to not drinking any water on location, but instead fortifying themselves from the supply of whiskey they had brought along. Lover of TV, movies, science fiction, adventure, mystery, comics, soundtracks, trivia, past, present & future. Discovering good movies, one bad movie at a time.
lucanaii @EposVox @iamBrandonTV that's very interesting, I know plenty of people who got reached out to by recruiters (and got jobs) because of their linkedin profile but I'd say it depends on location and industry. Twitch streamer Queen Lucanaii of Kingdom of Luca; strategy, simulation & more @ Also a disabled gamer #hEDS she/her
ClassicMovieHub The stuff dreams are made of.. Lauren Bacall, director John Huston, Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart on location, The African Queen, 1951... The Classic Movie Cheerleader! #ALWAYSClassic • Co-founder of #ClassicMovies & More on #Youtube • Social Producer for #TCMFF @TCM Film Fest • #TCMFFSP
Reshonda_ 1/2This is so true, and even depending on location and occupation. Moving to California from the Mid-West/ Detroit was a shocker. . I remember being STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to go home one morning that I was under the weather... . They did this as a preventative measure.
catcontentonly Brooklyn, NY @Lefty_Jew Yep! You should check out the film, Under the Bombs. It's abt a mother returning to Lebanon to try and find her son after the invasion. It was filmed immediately after the war on location and you can see the devastation that Israel inflicted Communism, cats, kratom. Cantopop. I do stuff with @UnitedKava. She/her.
michelecoopart Pacific Northwest On location workshop live online. Love the lighting this time of day. Thanks to Jim at #seacrestmarina for allowing me to host my watercolor class in this unique location. Thanks to the kind local boatsmen and women… watercolor, urban sketchers, blogger, instructor
Tim_NuAgTech Chatsworth, Il Here is a great opportunity to learn the reason to tile. Then join us August 19 to learn how to tile. More details to come on location and times at Ag Leader Blue Delta and Soilmax dealer, Central Illinois grain farmer
Banner_Wolf Haldimand Ontario Canada @BrandonSkye7 @mlseburner @genealogytours @EasyThePianoMan @CHCHNews Update time. The elder I was talking to was correct armed natives in tactical are on location. However they appear to be setting fires and attacking anyone trying to get to their houses. To be honest with you explaining it is a pain with twitter character limits. PM me Now CEO of Haldimand 3D Printing. 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐝 𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐔𝐄𝐄 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐩𝐬 @RobertsSpaceInd SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER
trystalhaven Portland, OR I'm flexible on location tbh. But wherever it is. It's finna be far away from here and sometime in early August. I've got a year to get my crap together 😩 Young and sleepy 😴 3L ⚖️ she/her
FBNY_WNY Buffalo, NY Buffalo FD | 21:43 | Erie Co. | Rollover MVA | 656 Grant Street near Letchworth Street 21:44-Engine 19 on location reporting a mini van on its side with a female victim trapped and unconscious Fire Buff NY
dvblt @magda2421 @BB_Updates I guess it’s based on location and we got screwed.. it’s live everywhere else..
CarlitoChippy @0neMike That's how our technician on location felt. And imagine the entire set staring at you to fix something you have no control over. Embarrassing man. 'We always felt as if every show was the most important thing in the world, but knew if we bombed, we'd live.'
JinkiIeaks Same with box mvs, u guys think that's cheap and going on location is the ex’pensive option 😭smh NeoShowerGel🛀🏼 sperM supporter 🤟🏼💚 💎🌕+👽🥚+🏁🍒 『N』『C』『T』『+』『E』『X』『O』『+』『S』『H』『I』『N』『e』『e』
CarlitoChippy We now have a team in Europe that cannot direct their shoot in Jamaica with an expensive talent on location and a running clock. Bear in mind, working with international agencies with high performance expectation, there is always that period of... 'We always felt as if every show was the most important thing in the world, but knew if we bombed, we'd live.'
heavenlyjaehyun [ WTS USA ONLY ] $40 + shipping (varies on location) light grey instax mini 9 — lightly used, has three film left inside — works perfectly fine, I just have too many film cameras and didn’t use this enough — covered in jaehyun stickers (can be removed and cleaned if asked) soft stan by day hard stan by night — nct ult fan