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JaneCaro Sydney, Australia @ShaunCarter70 @smh The poorest states - NT and Tasmania - are poor for a reason, they have a higher percentage of poorer citizens. Leaving the funding of schools entirely to the states favours the richer and more powerful ones. Your right to a decent education should not rest on location or birth. AM. Walkley award winner. Novelist (Just a Girl, Just a Queen, Just Flesh & Blood), author (Plain Speaking Jane, Stupid Country, F Word, Accidental Feminists)
talkSPORT United Kingdom 🚨 ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 talkSPORT has won the radio rights to broadcast #WilderFury2 on Feb 22nd! ✅ 9 hours of fight coverage ✅ Live on location commentary ✅ The biggest undercard fights ✅ The full fight live and free 📲 Get the app → News, videos and more from the world’s biggest sports radio station →
beaglefreedom United States If you LOVE beagles and HATE animal testing catch BFP on American Rescue Dog Show @hallmarkchannel tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:00pm / 7:00c. Show airs at 8PM in all time zones except 7PM Central. Times may vary depending on location and service provider. Please see local listings. BFP’s mission is to end all forms of animal exploitation through rescues, campaigns and legislation. Retweets/likes/follows are not endorsements.
DjMuks Peckham TV productions need to do more to look after crew while on location. All too often people are operating on minimal sleep, barely any food/water and 16+ hr work days. TV person. DJ. Boxing
crawfordtalents INTERNATIONAL ACTORS AGENCY ON LOCATION | International | CRAWFORD TALENTS actors Stefan Weinert and Jacopo Garfagnoli are on location shooting a Miniseries ***The Angel of Hamburg*** A co-production between Globo Studios and Sony Pictures… CRAWFORD TALENTS is a full-service International Actors Management Agency based in Berlin, Germany.
rhiles2760 Sneads Ferry, NC She gets rock n roll a rock n roll station And a rock n roll dream She's making movies on location She don't know what it means But the music make her want to be the story And the story was whatever was the song what it was Roller girl don't worry A retired/disabled teacher/coach. No DM's, only will comment through Public Twitter Feed.
rhiles2760 Sneads Ferry, NC In her ears the phones are tight and the music's playing loud She gets rock n roll a rock n roll station And a rock n roll dream She's making movies on location She don't know what it means But the music make her want to be the story A retired/disabled teacher/coach. No DM's, only will comment through Public Twitter Feed.
drjaydesai Gujarat, Bharat @NileshShah68 That would depend on location of the house. For example here in Ahmadabad, new areas in surrounding have seen good price rise and with in city no major appreciation. Affordable housing is doing well... #stocks #economics #politics #music #bridge #movies #food
IAmTomGardiner @GJC_numbergeek @laura_lou1982 Max and Tony were seen filming on location scenes at night, so I think this is something that happens at night rather than day. EastEnders Superfan 😍 I tweet most of the time about @bbceastenders #EastEnders 💜 Whovian for all of time and eternity 💜 @bbcdoctorwho
briansuda Reykjavik, Iceland @jaffathecake @robhawkes It is more about how much things cost, if you didn’t have a mortgage you’d be renting. And rent is wildly different based on location for the same thing. Master Informatician
WhiteCaviarLife Australia It's all about slow fashion... Click here to find out how I managed to keep this skirt for over 26 years and restyled it recently. 8 portraits by Sydney photographer @KentJohnson on location at #Uluru is only one click away! #ootd #ootdfashion #retro #chic destination gems from around the world/ WCL is an accommodation focused travel, fashion & lifestyle blog; by following us, we hope to enhance your own travel.
manacinema_com Chicago,IL On Location Stills : @nanditadas on the sets of #VirataParvam with director @venuudugulafilm and cinematographer @dancinemaniac 😍😍 @RanaDaggubati ❤ @Sai_Pallavi92 @SureshProdns @SLVCinemasOffl @SBDaggubati A Complete Telugu Entertainment with Trending Updates,Gossips,Reviews,Box Office Collections From Tollywood ,Kollywood & Bollywood
JerseyAttitudes Chapin,SC @JimCantore This kinda analysis is Cantore, at his best, along with hooting and hollering at thunder snow and throwing a “haymaker” punch at some punk college kid in Charleston while on location for a weather event (hurricane?) Call it like I see it ! Why mince words?
AllieOfTheArk Bristol, England Back in my happy place today. Shooting on location at @UNITEGroup #BrunelHouse and enjoying the space to be creative and tell a story. Plus drone footage is wicked innit?! #Drone SciFi geek Londoner living in Bristol. Loves fossiling, history, dancing, silversmithing, Arsenal & smiles. Wittertainee. PR&Comms by day. Owner of @Crystal_Ark
Seakittens_cos How does it make any logical sense than an accomodation suppliment is based on location and not rent cost? How is $60 a week going to even remotely cover $300 rent? I work so i dont get it anymore but as a student it was stupid. Casey / 26 / Cosplayer / Fashion school + Business grad 🌟 / Public
StreetstarP Stockport Did you know we also have a photography team available in studio, on location and for your special events, throughout the year #wearestreetstar Photography arm of StreetStar Studios
HilzFuld Israel Talk about an innovative startup!! Amazing to meet Chanan who founded a company called Splash. On demand, on location dry car washes! As in, you arrive at work, open the app, and someone comes to wash your car. iOS: Android: Global Speaker; Tech Vlogger; Columnist: TechCrunch/Venturebeat/JPost/Inc; Marketing Mentor: Google/MSFT/Oracle/Huawei; Startup Advisor; Family Man; Carnivore.
commhoist On location in #Swindon to complete a job using our T510HF MEWP. We were scoped with completing an Antenna install and run in of the feeder. #telecoms #telecomslogistics #mobilenetwork Commhoist is an integrated lifting and logistics service provider deploying safe, rapid and cost-effective services to the telecoms industry.
JosephS36875398 @KCTaz You do need practical policies on location and infrastructure. The point I'm making is regardless of hotter or colder we need more energy. Growth of energy usage per person generally increases and number of people increases.
mishtiabir_x Australia I want to tweet the about the on location but I will keep my mouth shut and will wait for the episode because my heart I'm 😭🤧🥺💜 #YehRishteyHainPyaarKe fan account 🍃
AJoyanga Jos, Nigeria Morning guys use our Arabian hair oil and thank us later#2500only delivery charges applies base on location; Rapidly boost the volume of ur hair it's an anti dandruff take care of ur chopped fronters leaving ur hair darker and shinee gud 4al hair types#JuzDM#God bless our hustle! French Teacher: hiker, love Tennis Enjoy travels;jovial though allergic2bullcrap#love the colour of my skin#i believe there is God#🇳🇬
p3t3_r3c0n Somewhere, South Africa “When hiring into the security team, put as much emphasis on interpersonal skills as on security knowledge....It is better to be flexible on location, experience, qualifications and technical background than on the competencies needed to work well with people” 👏🏽👏🏽 Hacker, Vulnerability Researcher, @OWASP_JHB Chapter organizer, @Microsoft Top 100 Security Researcher of 2018 (alias == Dmitri Kaslov)
therealcb97 chan nation 🇦🇲 @hwxng_hyxnjxn Yes it is ! I charge a $3 shipping fee to be safe and send the rest back since orders tend to range from ~$1.15-2.60 based on location my greatest hardship is being a stay
wirecube_AT Graz, Österreich Shopreme's indoor navigation capabilities are shown at our stand with @UmdaschShop. Call for assistance, marketing based on location & basket, and improve store layouts based on shopreme analytics. And you can try Zirp insect snacks there! #Euroshop2020 White-label mobile Scan & Pay with shopreme
HomeboyzRadio Kenya The 5th @ONGEAEASummit is happening this week from Thursday 20th February to Sunday 23rd February at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall! We will be on location vibing and chilling with you guys so pull up! Nairobi’s Home of Hiphop Culture!
doctormanker United States Saw this event, but there are no details on location and cost. Is it invitation only? Maybe I’m missing something. Would like to attend Wednesday. #ipdx20 I tweet (mostly) about educational matters, but teaching is a political act, so politics are fair game. I dream about starting my own school. He/him/his.
PilarBali Bali, Indonesia Received a photo on location from a customer in Ubud ... . . Thank you very much Mr. Wayan for the orders. We wish the Villa a lot of visitors and more success ... . . For orders, curious and any questions,… Made to order. Phone: +6285253949500 (WA)
walztv NYC/LA 2/ “with a value at the time of over $98 million. In order to transport and distribute the food after it was collected in the U.S., the ARA [USA] used 237 ships, under the direction of 200 Americans, and with the help of 125,000 Russians on location...” Investigative Documentaries / Emmy Voter / @History @Discovery People v. Milken, Lee & Grant, US Marines Films / ex-@MTV UPN Spelling / AutoBlocks bots & trolls
HumanAdventure Oregon, USA "Okay Hollywood, you can make a Sonic movie, but we're not going to put a whole lot of money into it, so make it with little ambition or creativity and write the script so that you can shoot on location in Canada, and have it feature very few actual Sonic characters." Nobody needs to tell me that this ain't the end of the world.
trannosaurusma serial immigrant caravan @aaronmblevin @josecalderon Same. I live in fear of eventually being homeless (and deportation depending on location) despite being currently well-paid, but I still found the "pushback" against transparency and accusations of bragging harmful and contemptible. Needs to be garbage collected. English/Viet/少し日本語/一点汉语 OK
joseoreo_o @spookyxho Depends on location I’ve had some bomb and some ok don't ever think I forgot. don't do it. it could be worse .. snap :Jose.oreo
blindvizionary North Hollywood, Los Angeles #BlindPhotographer on #Location at the #Studio after doing some #Recording . A lot of #Reggae@ and #DanceHall #Legends have passed through this spot so I am #Beyond #Honored to be working on my #NewAlbum here.#Work… I'm a Jamaican MC who is currently residing in LA. Recently lost my eyesight but that's what had to happen for me to gain my Truevision.
glowingblackboy underneath the stars @rmw108 @StevenDW_II Strut was only there to prove they had budget and filmed on location. There was NO other point and it just isn’t on par sonically or choreographically with step up it’s upsetting me and my homegirl | makeup boi | rhinestone enthusiast
GMBPhotographer Everywhere Fashion shoot on location with glamour model in black and white monochrome. Perfeclty contrasting sh Beauty, Fashion, Commercial Photographer. Gary McGillivray-Birnie
Dean85056608 Las Vegas, NV @lululaura @JessieRaesBBQ I’ll be able to go. I’ll bring my wife and son depending on location and time. If anything it will be me at least. I love coffee, the Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Cowboys and the LA Dodgers & Lakers, UCLA - Los Al Griffin ‘82 ☕️🍩🤘🏈⚾️🏒🏀 GIF HOF inductee
JCMounduix Los Angeles, CA @JebAlexander This is the only part i agree with u on but till certain extent. Some churches just straight up keep most of the money and don’t get taxed at all. I still believe churches should be treated as a business with certain exemption depending on location. 🎥🎬 Yes, I do reality TV and finished college... I might know a thing or two about int’l business and politics😈😇. Business inquiries:
JLLIndia India Looking to lease a #warehouse that scores high on: Location, Specs, Compliances, Commercials. Contact Shoueb Chishti on 81499 83045. To catch the latest trends and insights in the real estate industry , click here #Industrial #RealEstate #Logictics #India JLL is India’s premier & largest professional services firm specializing in real estate with presence across 10 cities with a strength of close to 12,000 staff.
ice_koldd New York, NY @NostalgiaKid96 One last thing thoigh..Look I know Joker is divisive but when I tell you they nailed the 1981-83 NYC vibe it is uncanny. It fits that world and that version of the events depicted as an origin. They used a grainy film stock and on location filming and I gotta say they nailed it. (Afro-Taino/He/Him/Monogamous 🤷🏽‍♂️ Nerdy. Comics. Cold weather. Treat others as you would want to be treated
penelopejmorrow A pink cache pot and a cheeky monkey caught my eye tonight. Family Day sketching on location at spareroombarrie thanks to @greenbyhand. Mood lighting perfection! . . . . . . . . . #mondaymood #familyday… Freelance Writer • Champion for Local
Isaakwells On location planning shots and getting ready to film. . . #claycountyfilm #claycounty #pyrolight #acting #actorslife #film #filmmaking #fun #coffeeshop #selfie Actor/Voice actor. 5 ❤️ attacks, 5 strokes, 20+ ❤️ procedures/surgeries, HF autism. #familyguy #marvel #eximius @obeymegame #gorytale #extractionvalley
Twinkle_Fists Probs my room watching a movie Part of it is because it was actually shot on location and it’s not just a bunch of CGI like the rest of unnecessary remakes And also Elliot is the cutest idc idc idc ✨ βɾìҽҍօէ ✨ ᗰᑕᑌ ✨ 𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕒 𝕔𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕡𝕙𝕚𝕝𝕖 ✨ ηєя∂, ιηтяσνєят, & ƒяιєη∂ℓу ✨
Chris_Tonick Los Angeles, CA @citylifejc Same. I’ve gamed more here on location than I have in years. Finally played Uncharted 4, and it was exactly the kind of game I want: 16 hrs of cinematic adventure. Assistant Film Editor. Movie Geek. Past Gigs: Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood, John Wick 2, Straight Outta Compton, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek 2 (2013)
JimboSamso East Hartford @Chumflexxx @BoxingThrill @_Mark_83 @arielhelwani 140 million people watched the Super Bowl and on that rare occasion they actually pay attention to the commercials. It’s also been advertised during the Daytona 500. Sportscenter will be on location in Vegas this week. Same with the major FOX Sports shows. Huge promotion
Weena_Meister New York, USA @Coll3enG @localfratrat Turn on location services on your iPad leave it home and turn off the one on your phone. Done boom. prone to Wikipedia black holes.
whiskeybizshow A new Whiskey Business Podcast is up and running. This week on location at High Bank Distillery. Many thanks to Adam Hines for being a gracious host. Listen wherever you get your fave podcasts or watch on YouTube. Whiskey Business with Dino Tripodis. A podcast not so much ABOUT whiskey as it is one WITH whiskey. Good talk over good pours.
Truth12_Ta #NCAT #UNCG #Bennet If you need rides anywhere grocery store , parties, late night food runs etc! I do $5 and $10 rides depending on location! Just HMU ✊🏾 R.I.P Grandma |NCAT19Alum| Industrial Systems Engineer💻 Forex Trader 📊📈📉
Trilluminarian Colorado, USA @MasterDebateNet @WeenieLinguini there would be drastic differences on the horizon depending on location, ie concave in some areas, convex in others, combined with and uncurving line and flat horizon in one axial plane Fully awake/aware. #flatearth, anti #NWO, anti-government, anti #NASA, anti #MSM. I am a walker of the Lonely Road. There is no truth without verification.
MindiSue00 Dallas, Texas Thanks for joining us in Austin at #SmartEnergy20 digital_ramble: Early episode of TDR this week! JJ is on location at #smartenergy20 in Austin and we’ve taken a look at some of the exhibitors at the ⁦@ParksAssociates⁩ event! Senior Marketing Director of Emerging Technology Research Firm; blogger; event planner; social media guru; part-time photographer, and so much more!
HilaryRusso New York, NY On location shooting in NYC! Why am I wearing red and what’s happening in the Big Apple that brought us here? Find out on the next episode of #HealthyCommunitiesNews - @CVSHealth @Aetna #healthnews #HIListicallySpeaking Health Coach | @HaveningADT Practitioner | Host: #HealthyCommunitiesNews #KitchenCabinetConfidential #CTVoiceOutLoud | @Dailyburn #DB365
bikepyrate South Austin, Tejas @LadAnarcho @Lilly_TheExiled and this is probably why (if we ever get past Capitalism/the State) need to have lots of small experiments in how to organize humans (in which you can be part of multiple experiments, and they're not all based on location)... so labor note systems can be tried by those that want2

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