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AdamKinzinger Channahon, IL ‘The Party is already lost. And victory meant two more years trapped in a hellscape of crazified school board meetings, Trump rallies, My Pillow Guy insanity, Newsmax and Fox News hits, and a caucus run by Kevin McCarthy, a man without any principle….”Lt. Colonel in the @USAirforce & currently serving in the @AirNatlGuard. Personal Account.
CynthiaNixon New York, NY So deeply, deeply sad we have lost @WillieGarson. We all loved him and adored working with him. He was endlessly funny on-screen and and in real life. He was a source of light, friendship and show business lore. He was a consummate professional— always. Tony, Emmy and Grammy award winning actor, lifelong New Yorker and progressive advocate.
BradMossEsq Washington, DC Why isn’t this being brought by Trump’s usual lawyers? Also, why does this lawsuit fail to make any reference to the fact they tried to block publication based on the NDA and lost in court? “The most active national security lawyer on Twitter.” - Above the Law
biarkan11reborn Eindhoven, Nederland @Benkive @Cl51939344 @goal Chelsea and Madrid are both better than Everton. I'm saying Carlo is a bad coach, but the players make a big difference. Look at Ole at United finish 2nd last season, beat Pep back to back, but last night lost vs west ham 2nd team because he played United 2nd team.
ArtofLilibeth The Sun I spent a month in such emotional turmoil believing I had to say good bye to my step father, the man who showed me kindness who loved me like his own daughter who healed my wounds when I got hurt, who laughed at my jokes and who enjoyed my company I LITERALLY could of lost him Freelance Illustrator/Preschool Teacher 🇨🇴🇺🇲 ⭐
floristzhan 24 • she/her i've never talked about this here but it's eating me up so... 2 months ago i lost 2 of my family members bcs of covid in the span of 3 days and it's been so hard to act like i'm ok all the time when i really am not as i am not completely healthy as well.
cryptoG84 Australia @thunderson23 @benitakolovos All those things you said would be relevant but the Victorian government has lost respect from the people and all roads to blame is Bret and dan. Yes some were extremist but suddenly Bret is your god and you will wait for his go, please #btc your own bank.
lost_wanderer8 Lost @NotAfangirll_ @dubeyamitabh U call it regressive. I call it one's comfort and thats a sign of progression in any time! Lawyering ... / CLC, DU
sushipenguin_ IMP City,Hell Did some digging and...look at the last paragraph. Compare what she is saying to what the guy who is claiming Lucas is bi(and he is his ex) is saying. They contradict each other. The guy said Lucas lost it to a girl when he was 13. She is claiming he lost it to someone at a HOLY MOLY STROMBOLI! is a perfect catchphrase.Aspiring singer/songwriter(Hollywood,here I come!) **GeekInBlackReviews YT channel has been temporarily disabled.
luxromanoff she / her / 28 it may not have been oceanic flight 815 but i did fly to california over the pacific ocean on a boeing 777 on september 22 (while watching lost) and i survived 😆 mostly sitcoms and marvel ✫ no minors please ✫ nw: the nanny, fnl, succession, lost
Voveyx Bulgaria have u ever like but then no and knees r going rotten becase purple but its deadlift day today and ur nose is blocked after u lost the game + manual breathing on JJK is pretty cool | Header by @rNevve we/them/boyz
MRLNXAWSM Texas, USA Mf start showing Excel, numbers and percentages = Me(LOST) 😂 Emotionally Unavailable 🐙
LivEchoLive Liverpool, UK Nan, 82, left 'battered and bruised' after going out to buy birthday gift All the latest notable events, weather and sport from across Merseyside.
danielletate8 Bolton Just been on the scales lost another 2lbs. That’s me drinking and eating whatever the hell I want! #weddinganniversary 💜 Good to soft, soft in places... 🐎
HilalSherzad @Laura_Padoan @UNHCRUK Many afghan refugees lost their lives in Calais UK and france border ,
junkyard_dxg no tws ╰┈➤ I lost a part of me. A piece of me is gone and it’s never coming back It’s so depressing how the tear ducts in my eyes are so much wetter than the space between my thighs
pedrofierrojr Washington, USA @adviceburner I don't have ADHD I have autism but I lost my green iPod shuffle last year and I haven't been able to find it and this was the 4th generation my science teacher gave it to me it was a graduation present singer , songwriter virgo ♍ 20 years old 🌞 I still think it's for the best 💙🌻🦒😇💎🧑‍🤝‍🧑🥳😴🛀🍹🎶 🎵 🍒🥝🧸♂️🧖🏽☔💫😍📟💿💾
larcrocalar 🇲🇨 Hanbin I ask and please answer honestly!! Are you really a resident of the world? Because God reportedly lost one of his special angels. Is that you? #askhanbin @LiveXLive @shxx131bi131 full of ddeokjini🍯 - jo from nct. sh\riki nhypen 🎫 - a cup of hueningkai •••••••• a bowl of svt 𓃖 peace ⌒⌒
HelenAlexandro6 Cyprus @QueenArrow67 @talktomayas @WgWBqosdOTJlQye @Z_sh80 @handemiyii Yeap.. they were together.. he cheated on her.. they broke up and then Hande lost her mother and he was like by her side when thar happened and got back together and then broke up again.. Something like that.. Correct me someone if I am wrong.. May you always remember to enjoy the road, especially when it's a hard one!
honeycupids SHE/HER ! 7TEEN i have a lot of food to get rid of. i bought it while i was feeling good and now i’m lost. i don’t want to throw it away, but i hate eating. i feel grossed out unless i’m with ppl and even then it just depends. i’m going to run extra tomorrow and maybe nap to make up for today ❝baba bouie❞ — karl marx
BadEvilDick Kernow Have done many times... And met many lone gents and ladies on the way. There is something lost in not sharing ones experiences but something gained in self actualisation #Kernow Bys Vycken. Politically homeless conservative. Kind decent loyal family man. Free UK of tyrants. Have some Fun. VOTE BACK BETTER
dreamybwi SHE!HERღ @fairiestkoo I'm sorry for your lost :( sending my deepest condolences to you and your family. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ♡ #태형: you are my happy scenery 🐻🐯
TheSquareTiger United Kingdom First his sister is lost and he tries finding her but then he does find her, only to see she’s working with the Abyss Mage, and La Signora hasn’t been good since the beginning, I just want to jump in the game and start killing these Fatui members😭 #ripteppei Gamer, YouTuber, streamer. Anime lover, Making Nightcore songs, discord: TheSquareTiger#3807 こんにちは
chefluisrod Caracas @AConservativeP3 @mail_american don't know or understand what you are saying all you need to know is that you've already lost your right to vote in the USS and if y'all don't fix this BIG problem you will have Socialism imposed by the progressists usurping power illegitimately after this heavily rigged election
asschidori blm/acab we still don’t have a usb in and lol i still don’t know if my skyrim game is entirely lost to the ps update void i put so much into that game i legit had a stress dream lmfao i was so invested in this guy ☆ sinclair ★ ♡ @buttrasengan ♡ ★ he/they | 29 ★ ♈︎ ☉ / ♏︎ ○ + ↑ ★ 21+ will block minors ☆
jenn_a_rowe Brisbane, Australia @RubinPsyc @NTEUNational 😳 I wonder how many are owning up to it and actually paying the lost wages... Anthropology PhD candidate at @uqsocsci @HASSUQ | Research: Tibetan diaspora mobilities, identities, cultural heritage and performance | RT ≠ endorsement
KSVGonAirLive Bakersfield, CA ♪ Lauren Mann and The Fairly Odd Folk I Lost Myself ♫ #indierock #bakersfield #indiemusic #LPFM This is our live meta data feed!Turn on your radio & support!Submit your music at: Stream at:
GlasgowlovesEu Glasgow Finally a #Brexit bonus …looks like Bonfire night will be less spectacular this year.. that will make many pets happier ..A bit of consolation prize having lost their #petpassports #dogsoftwitter @JWils60 Non-partisan Glasgow-based group working for retaining closest links with EU. An affiliate of European Movement in Scotland, c/o Orbit Communications, Edinburgh
palmspringscmt Palm Springs, CA People have lost the ability to disagree on subjects and maintain a sense of self-respect and respect for others as human beings. I’m Richard, owner, Navy veteran, former dancer, certified massage therapist, Palm Springs resident. I help people with their aches and pains.
buzzardYTC @reflect_refrain He's clearly down and seemingly unconscious. Lost is not an inaccurate term to use here. Doesn't mean he's done for the entire fight. This not on me for you misunderstanding.
neildrewitt @SCMPNews Is this the beginning of #China's 'lost decade'? Huge corporate debt, insolvent banks and over-valued real estate almost paralysed Japan's economy in 1991.
jbwhu999 @JasWestHam Have to agree, got turned and lost his man too many times. He was poor. If another player turned out that exact performance he would be slated blah blah blah
PKT_develop Florida Jacksonville Glen St, BBCBreakfast: One and a half million households have lost their energy supplier in the last few weeks. Chief Executive of Energy UK, Emma Pinchbeck tells #BBCBreakfast the entire industry is worried from top to bottom ⬇️ More here: … economic opportunity and improve the quality of developers build, grow and monetize
deadthoughtful And I lost so many friends, turned out that I was the problem And my life is like a pill that's getting harder to swallow @frappurrccino' words bot - lyrics, poetry, media quotes, etc. updates twice hourly.
neal_preshner Surrey @peckham_steve @confidencenac @AngelaRayner Only in the delusional minds of those who support the worst opposition in living memory which the nation will never trust to run a bath and lost 4 elections in 10yrs with a 5th in that bag. All Lives Are Of Equal Value Skin Colour Is Irrelevant
IrishinEurVoice Brussels Irish cyber security centre ‘under-resourced and over-tasked’ Inadequate defense system could cost Ireland billions in lost revenues!!! Giving a stronger voice to all things Irish in Europe and Irish engagement worldwide . ¨Caelum non animum mutant qui transmare currunt¨
tenderlyricbot Not the same as I used to be My friends all lost touch with me And there's nobody to blame but myself Lyric bot || All songs belong to @tenderofficial
Oludamola_ Abuja @thehassanian To banter Man utd, hahahaha. Cos we just lost one of our four competitions yday, as commentators and fans spelled out yday. Lol i do the hard work
BombChijo @selfstyledking @rovertfoodszm @KafueCelticFC Watched their game against Forest rangers past weekend, outplayed Forest but lost 4-1, they just need to work on small details and will be a formidable force in the league.
wbulime African Continent @digitaldidan @MethiaLydiaN 😂🤣😂🤣😂. I behaved like it never existed. She distracted me, of course her beauty and smile. Small small smile and I got lost...😄. Brand Curatoŕ.!🕺 | Journalist | Media & Communications Enthusiasť | Author | Motivation. Writer for @thrive - #MUFC Fan
terrychristian Manchester, England @kev_stand Really ? You mean the one who lost on saturday because he went a goal up and sat back for most of the match Award Winning Radio & TV presenter, Columnist, Lecturer, Mcr Music Guru, author &Stand Up, Man Utd #rejoinEU
ArtofLilibeth The Sun I always knew the danger of covid and I didn't need it to happen to someone I love to know how serious and gut wrenching it is. I almost lost my step father to this disgusting virus and the fact people think "its not a big deal because it won't happen to me" can suck it Freelance Illustrator/Preschool Teacher 🇨🇴🇺🇲 ⭐
CarnageMovie A Rwandan woman who was orphaned during her country’s genocide and lost part of her leg to childhood cancer has been fitted with a new prosthetic leg. She hopes to eventually open a nonprofit clinic providing affordable prosthetics to her fellow Rwandans. Michael Joseph Miller (born August 28, 1989) said: Kill everybody! Destroy religions, schools, governments, and businesses! Do not have sex! Do not get married!
_SarahRad Atlanta, GA Now what was going on with David and Michael in Lost Boys Actor & screen writer. western lover . She/Her. repped by Bohemia Group LA
WhistlerTyler Chaffee, MO @valonpllana what if Yokozuna lost weight and still lived today love life live life
B3LLATRICKS Lost lands is this weekend. And I’d rather not go tbh 𝙰𝚋𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚗 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚑𝚘𝚙𝚎, 𝚢𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎. 25. cancer ☼, capricorn ☽, leo ⇡.
teenycals ed vent account | she while i was flying i lost oxygen for a bit and i got so scared i make poor life decisions
prorexAmericae India needs decolonization and a revolution to be taken seriously. It’s current trajectory is a lost cause. Liberal Democracy doesn’t even work in the west, let alone in India. Even America has morphed into a farce now. India is also a farce, but brown and vegetarian. Viceroy of Chinese America. Clubhouse:
Daily_Express London There were some very familiar faces in this particular episode @NCIS_CBS #NCIS - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express
svt_ryt_here Caratland 💎 since ²⁰¹⁹⁰⁹⁰⁴ I lost my mouse and it's a nightmare...and now I am on amazon looking at a keyboard and mouse coz bang for my buck 🙈 something is fundamentally wrong with me hahaha SEVENTEEN Right Here🌻~ Dedicated to screaming about SEVENTEEN☁️~ She/her • Since 1994 • ot13💎

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