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carsonkrow United States “His Nashville bar lost all its investors, the grand opening was a flop, he was ousted from next year’s Country Music Awards, Toby Kieth backed out of a show with him in August, and in what was probably the greatest insult, he was booed off the stage…” Freedom Fighter, Entrepreneur, Artist, Therapist, I have a great sense of humor. ❤️ to cook. NO DM’s
Gerashchenko_en Ukraine Instead of a thousand words. Ukrainian Defender Andrii was heavily wounded on the frontlines. He lost both arms, his eyes and partly his hearing. Andrii's wife Alina practically lives in the hospital, taking care of her love. 📷: @Liberov Ukrainian patriot. Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Founder of the Institute of the Future. Official enemy of Russian propaganda
Cernovich United States Trump lost by 50,000 votes in three states after facing truly unprecedented mass media and regime lies. Had the laws of mail in ballots not been ignored in Pennsylvania and other states, he’d had won re-election. They had to break the law to win. Subscriptions should be enabled soon! In the meantime, long form articles are on Substack.
krschmittwrites Charlotte, NC @panthorca Baby goes to market (NOT board book, super abridged) Mr Tiger goes wild Robert mcclosky’s blueberries for sal, one Saturday in maine, make way for ducklings) Shh we have a plan and little owl lost by Chris haughton (get the board books) Happy birthday Madame chapeau Dear zoo A mom in #STEM writing for curious kids! | I SHIP (2023) 🚢 @lernerbooks | #PBChat mentee | member @BusyPBs @SteamTeamBooks #12x12PB | rep: @taratgonzalez
catita_claison @WarClandestine They no longer bring news about the lost man and he will have to be buried alive anyway, NATO also the same thing this movement that kills the people of the world has to be buried alive also under the earth Ik vind lruk
AtumMirabilis @theproblembeing @BiblicalComix @the_spacebook @NoelZone @Retro_Dickie @gobby_guy The thinking is they are staying in the cutting edge of cultural change. The problem is they are on the wrong side of history. Backlashes like that of BUD Light, Target, and many other boycotts are proving so. Indiana Jones and Disney’s leftist push has lost them 1.9 billion. Exiled on Earth, regenerated and plotting my return to Gallifrey with my fellow marooned Time Lords in human disguise. Gallifrey Rises! Gallifrey Stands!
AlighodaV @firstladyship They don't value what they have until they lost it and went back to captivity now Simple and friendly to all
TLRailUK UK @JournoJaffer Hi there, I've just spoken to staff at Sutton which is where the train would have terminated and staff at St Albans City which is where the train went back to and unfortunately, nothing was handed in. We would recommend filling in this form here ^Shawn Hello from Thameslink 👋! Taking you across London and beyond; we're here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
gatman888 Washington, DC @WalshFreedom It would be smarter NOT to nominate him and focus on the next cycle- remember Nixon? Resigned in disgrace, left the GOP in shambles- lost one election than held the WH for 12 years Drummer, bartender, Star Wars nerd, Harry Potter geek
bravetohyun Europe @Krizdolitis @ellierebeccaa_ @MarielaS24 I had tickets by nine minutes and still didn’t manage to pay for them. I think it’s a lost cause. bbh + bjh ⚘ sometimes i translate from kr to eng ✍🏼 tired ™️
beecaretaker Being able to meddle in the Balkans, causing instability and strife contrary even to 🇺🇸 policies is the price 🇺🇸 pays to 🇩🇪 in order for 🇩🇪 to have its own “playground”, after having lost freedom and dignity in 1945. Mopping up after 🇩🇪 ever since 1991. deep concerns and cordial greetings
brenda_archer Arizona @Hereforfunnies1 @comradesputnik @MadonnasSurgeon @lifethruglasses I would never say all weight loss is fatphobia. I lost a lot of weight because of serious illness. Before, I was strict with what I ate to manage health conditions. But. We are raised in a society, and it teaches us how to think To assume we start out independent of that is naive Sometimes this account works Used to be in SL 🏳️‍🌈 𖤐 #ActuallyAutistic 60 she/they/he #NoTerfs Mastodon:
MpvStreaming HEARTS & PEARLS (J. H. C. Gryphyth, 1924) A pilfered diamond necklace, a novice detective, and a lounge lizard’s lost lost. Multiversal is your exclusive source for over-the-top streaming media content from every corner of the multiverse.
skinnyiska FATPHOBES DNF AND DNI!! Eating sweets all day and still eating chicken croissant for breakfast I'm lost... 𝐶𝑖𝑎𝑜, 𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒
Suz1209 Scotland, United Kingdom @LittleBoats2020 Totally agree.. friend homeless as if Friday, served 25 years in Military suffering PTSD, lost job, broken marriage and he isn’t getting any help to find anywhere to live .. disgusted by the current policy Hard working, fun loving, proud Mum and loyal loving friend......
one50first Here and There, USA @elonmusk @Cobratate Can we have a “continue watching” feature like YouTube? My phone died at one point during that video and had to find my place again and then I lost my place again somehow but at that point I gave up and just didn’t finish. all I need in this life of sin is me and my frijoles
Themoonguy2023 @krassenstein Your a lost cause and people have to block you 😂
Anthony63551348 @j0wizazaa All I need is 25k to pay off debt... I lost everything to fire few month ago and things has been very difficult since then. I'm depress cause of the pressure from the people I'm owning. Pls pick me sir. God bless u abundantly #GPWhatsYourFlava Life cycle
ValcanaNA Greater Boston Remembered a movie from my childhood and watched it high with friends, we lost it in this scene, THE SPLAT SOUND LMAO The movie is Benji the Hunted🐶 She/Her 🏳️‍⚧️ I like pretty things Too many ideas in my head
amuldotexe Denial because on twitter you can be defeated, you can be lost and still make a lot of friends or have friends it is ok be stupid it is ok to overshare it is ok to be imperfect at max you will be muted or blocked that is it how liberating it is to have such a public journal 16/18 take everyone lightly, especially yourself | 12 yrs playing in tech | now: product at x | prev: Gojek, Electronic Arts, Flipkart |
answersfrommen 3rd Ward, Texas @TayTfromTN That woman said melanated and I lost it I dislike people • your opinion matters • but only to the people who love you
GetachewSS Addis Ababa I applied for this digital ID a month or so ago and I was told I can’t get it because I have lost the paper receipt. Hmmmm. So much for digital. 🇪🇹🇨🇦🇿🇲Formerly @thereporterET Bylines @globeandmail @theafricareport @AlJazeera @trtworld @semaforAfrica @qzafrica @fpa_africa
ZeroTrousers117 @gammaknight1 People liked the first few exotic quests (like Whisper) so they decided that every new non-season pass, non-raid/dungeon exotic needed a quest. They also gated new exotic armor in solo Legend Lost Sectors. They've sucked the fun out of the game and filled it with time sinks.
SteveGregorio75 @tribelaw Yes, the man that literally was lost on the stage is somehow a success in your eyes. I will ask you and others like you one simple question. Do you not see the same things that other people see? This has nothing to do with political views. One of us is lying about reality.
Democratic4US Charleston, SC 1. "Heartbreaking news from Myrtle Beach 😢 A brave 18-year-old Georgia college student tragically lost his life while saving his girlfriend's sister from drowning. His heroic act reminds us all to cherish every moment and prioritize safety around water. #Hero #RIP 🌊" Democratic 4 US. Freedom is our highest good. Drain the Swamp. #1A #2A. National Conservative. Allergic against Wokeism. #ReformParty #Maga #Patriot #USA #UK
catita_claison @joiedevivre789 They no longer bring news about the lost man and he will have to be buried alive anyway, NATO also the same thing this movement that kills the people of the world has to be buried alive also under the earth🙏🙏 Ik vind lruk
puppy_breath_ Earth @heelmanitoba I'd have to stay there and get lost! Yogi Vegan Hippie Tree Hugger Animal Lover Common Sense User Earth Occupant WOMAN! #Resister #BLM #LGBTQIA+🏳️‍🌈 ☮ NO DMs ✌🏽❤🕉
hibiyaimo Still Egypt @notmuchsaid @Jack_samAlt @RedDevil15989 @Raykozen I didnt want her, just tried my luck and got lost in the idea i'll get her soon to the point everything was gone Funniest Egyptian man
laudifloriooo Toayargentina @CwimmyGyat @dottoz_ Sorry for that Quickly contact #vestige_hack on instagram. He’s a tech savvy and he helped in recovering my lost 2.9 eth. File a complaint to #vestige_hack on IG and get it resolved WAP 2954 332742
Kingsley_LP Eastern Heartland @Yemcode69 @NigeriaStories Go and focus on reclaiming ur lost lands bcuz ur archaic region will be losing More Jorge Mendes in Real estate/ property and land/valuer surveyor Agent @ anywhere in old Eastern Nigeria! Contact💌
ChudeObuaya I tutor online and it is interesting that a lot of the students that I come across are the ones that are already doing well. One student hat was offered to me got all As and A*s for his A level mocks and wants to be tutored to see where he lost marks looool. Psalms 119:11. His Glory Alone.
LilzyBoyFCB In Your Head 😭 @Andy09636300 @horsikagatan @BallinKy_ He is overrated Bruh he bottled the pl And England lost cuz of him 🤣😭 Fan Account • @FCBayern 🔴⚪
specutainment on way to, or at, a race track @sportscar365 @FIAWEC A "merged event" hmmn. That would be 38 WEC cars and we had 57 at WGI for the last MEC event. Even if we lost a few you are still looking at around 75-80 cars; IMSA GTP WEC LMH IMSA LMP2 IMSA GTD Pro IMSA GTD WEC GT3 Good luck timing and scoring and TV GFX live on RS1 8pm UK Wednesday speculation, opinion, motorsport related nonsense and good old gossip!
BethHaven2 Colesville, MD @JoeBiden Here we go again. You also closed down the country and everyone lost their jobs. Now you’re going to take credit for giving them back. Patriot. Happily Married autistic son. love General Hospital. only two genders. DMS BLOCKED, ❌pronouns. English only. ❌libs. ❌porn. ❌crypto.FJB LGB.
NickNaisula @TheStarKenya Baraza, you're the only kk supporter remaining. You and your fellow tumbocrats. Look for Cherargei you go arrest Raila. Ruto lost the so called hustler nation a long time ago. Unless you live in pluto.
joaooliveira80 Opensea @Abs08133071 @CarlDawkinz That's sad Most scammers are bent on frustrating people was a victim of those scammers last week were I lost $12,700,tried contacting the support team but to no avail but luckily for me I got reffered to @decrypt_recover and I was able to recover my lost funds I'm a lucky follow Web3 developer/crypto enthusiast📉
marcozeil Earth @sebtowns @abcnews When you accept you lost and the mainland is Labor… Earthling, Australian,Human. Not that kind of doctor
Endwaved Void @ionlywynn Yes he got the power for like a min and lost it 🗿 average fairy tail fan. fav characters are gray and yato .
TheAuthorsShow United States A cozy mystery about a possible jewel heist and the legend of a fabled lost treasure galleon: “Fire & Ice ” by B. T. Polcari. Listen at @theauthorsshow @btpolcari #theauthorsshow #authors #readabook #books #bookstagram #fiction #mystery
pest_dao International Wisdom Wednesday: Crypto Facts Part 3: - An average American crypto investor is 38 years old - In 2021 XRP was the most popular cryptocurrency in the UK - Crypto crime statistics for 2020 show that $1.9 billion in cryptocurrencies were lost to fraud and stolen We are P.E.S.T - DAO Play.Earn.Strive.Together We are a guild who is looking to build the greatest community ever!
LTheChief19 Chicago, IL @EtienneT_Esq That's not why this conversation is getting lost. He means white nationalism and he's obscuring the fact that white nationalism is a racist ideology. It's a play to get white nationalism into a respectable position in society. Libs just do a bad job at attacking this bullcrap. *Member of Chicago DSA *Former Bernie Sanders delegate *Missing my city *Struggling for Socialism and the liberation of all people
Judgment_Sword Extradimensional Space @Saitamagoated That's 5/8 protagonists dead. Most of them lost all of their allies, and didn't even have the luxury of living a decent life after their parts. A sentient sword aspiring to be good at drawing stuff. Pronouns: Wait/What ... I am a sword. My sexuality is nonexistent.
Gregsiero adelaide @POTUS furious? Unless your citizens are being raped, tortured, mitigated, murdered, having your kids stolen and having all your possessions lost due to no binds, don’t sit there criticising @ZelenskyyUa .The US has no right for any criticism unless the US is suffering like this. Amateur Historian specializing in WW2 Eastern European conflict , Football Match Commissioner, World traveller, finance and governance specialist. #NAFO
Mr954Eth @Austen I agree it is ridiculous, this affects the entire family, now you don’t have a job and your kids and wife just lost their insurance, if you want to keep the coverage pay for Cobra, insane. #Cybersecurity
Min0taur0Dedalo Thailand @DaveEDanna I lost 100lbs in 1 year I know the feeling. You are now like I was last year in July. Not give up and not be shy to ask for help all the community here is really a good help. You have diabetes or other health issues ? Professional Trader - Streamer - Dog lover - GO TO THE forkING GYM!
Veeteejay1 @JimeeLiberty @Pouldeau61 @ryanbeed @cbeckj @zee_parody @FreedomTruth13 @pawley_robert @Scary7Dr @doom37455413 @ptcjoneses @f_kyburz @MayassiSabia @lazlowoodbine42 @SynthIge @tomsirolimus @Shina20269455 @reacharoundu @nopoisonjabs @TonyBaduy @JKelleyK @WendyOrent @IdunsDaughter @villagerssn @kevinault @Monstercoyliar @UDunningKruger @VaughnMises @mcfunny @richykirsh @GiveABJGoToJail @nuhope2022 @addict_opiate @Nicoleg425 @ogilville1 @TackettWendi @BurgerLab12 @MaureenStroud @PlatoonOps @Kathmarval @provaxtexan @SkepticalMutant @ConsequentialBr @Nockit1 @LouforFreedomL1 @tarsins @ZeetubesII @IncitatusAlpha @Thskicksarefire @doritmi Less young people lost parents and grandparents. So there's that.
Mantas97833766 @its_maria012 Russia lost around 6000 Mobilized 300 000 soldiers Sent in Ukraine around 250 000 soldiers in February 24th And still russia not winning, but losing war Don't believe in russian numbers Archaeologist from 🇱🇹 and like metal music 🤘
catalinmpit Romania @thekitze Good luck! I also plan to lose some weight since I lost control again and gained 3-4 kgs. Btw, I fail to do this as well, haha. Tweeting about engineering, technical writing and other adjacent topics. Follow along!
estwrr a luiza querendo me arranjar um guri q n deve nem saber oq significa and maybe we got lost in translation, maybe i ask for too much, and maybe this thing was a masterpiece til you tore it all up, running scared, i was there, i remember it all to well 𝑖𝑡'𝑠 𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑎 𝑙𝑜𝑛𝑔 𝑡𝑖𝑚𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑔, 𝑏𝑢𝑡
LolGial EUW @Emilyaa_1 Wait this is ff14? I play lost ark cuz I like how the characters look and crap, ur saying I could have both a better game AND character customization?? S10,12,13 challenger 4KUHD gigabrain jungle but also exceptionally marvelous at every other aspect of my life as well, future achiever of +40 in gm

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