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joncoopertweets New York, Florida BREAKING via Dave Wasserman: Liz Cheney just lost the GOP primary. Is there anything more Republican than punishing a woman for standing up to gaslighting and abuse? Former National Finance Chair of Draft Biden 2016, LI Campaign Chair for Barack Obama. 👊Hit "Super Follow" for DC insider info and tips to grow your followers.
johnnys Tokyo, Japan A candid shot of #SexyZone on stage at the Yokohama Arena as they and their fans learn of their first-ever dome tour, coming to Tokyo and Osaka this December! "It's been 11 years, but we haven't lost our challenger spirit!" #TheHighlight #JohnnysUpClose Bringing Smiles and Sensations to Your World since 1962
DineshDSouza United States Liz Cheney didn’t lose because she took on Trump. She lost because she took on her own constituents. She refused to represent them. She came to believe she was better than them. She alone possessed and upheld the truth. Today the voters put an end to this delusional bullsh*t I am an author, filmmaker, and host of the Dinesh D'Souza Podcast. Subscribe:
Sizar4dow Airport Road Abuja Nigeria @AanuOlowe @jon_d_doe The man is the head of the house and should decide what happens in the house, the wife cheated so she lost her right to speak about d issue. It's possible that the biological father is not aware of the existence of his son & the mother might be ashamed to tell him about his son. Biochemist|| Arsenal fan ⚽|| Catholic|| Great listener|| I don't judge people that's God's Job 😁|| I follow back 🤘
No2profanities The presence of these colonial mouth pieces bring trauma and anxiety to so many victims that have lost everything. Disturbing! Everything Cricket
andrewlloyd180 Worcester, England THE GLAZERS HAVE LOST CONTROL AND HAVE DISGRACED #MUFC BLEEDING IT DRY. ITS TIME TO SELL UP TO PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT THE CLUBS FOUNDATIONS ON WHICH IT WAS BUILT AND OWNERS WHO HAVE NO INTEREST IN MILKING IT DRY AS A LONG-TERM CASH COW #GlazersOut #GlazersSellNow #GlazersOutNOW “If Glazer were to come here, we would lose everything” - Eric King Cantona: Manchester United Football Club 🇾🇪
footsubauckland Auckland, New Zealand I lost my account but i am back to serve. if you are in Auckland and an alpha master please use me #findom #gayslave #alphamale #footworship #footslave #nz #auckland Looking to serve #findom alpha males in Auckland. DM me if keen
Pikku_G Espoo, Suomi @AxVainio She has not been performing as PM - NO reason to party here! -Our 🇷🇺 border is leaking 🇷🇺Orcs at the rate of 200.000/month into Finland & Europe! -Her Cabinet has lost over 20billion 🇫🇮euros to Russia and Germany with Fortum and Juniper -Our support to Ukraine is the WORST in EU
20PointsBot I've been a lifelong fan of Starmer ever since he first appeared on the scene in 1997 but even I have to admit that any other spin-off from Lost and #topbloke would be twenty flushes ahead. Time consuming, yes? Randomly generating "any other leader" keithposts every 30 minutes through machine learning TO USE: "@20PointsBot generate"
smcblossom @Gomu_Reborn @demonhunterXl @Gaymerking89 @DestinyTheGame Aztec has created 3 like, and the fact that don chorus is in one of the strongest builds in game. Like I don’t even know what your talking about. Because your so stilted on things you’ve lost instead of looking at what you gained. characteristically large redshifts that are thought to be the most distant and most luminous objects in the universe what am I?
isright Liverpool, England #FaceBookRumour I know but wouldn't put it passed the Man Utd fans to show their dissatisfaction with the Club's Owners. Tried last season by a few clubs and worked. Only issue would be the stance taken by The FA/EPL if it did happen - Utd can't afford any more points lost. 6x European Cups #JFT96. Run Leader/TRIATHLETE/Extreme Sports #Rory & #Alfie's Proud Grandad. #VirtualCoach #RetiredEarlyTeacher #AlwaysInTroubleButNeverWrong
alanlambert1 Maharashtra @nand7272 @t_d_h_nair @ptrmadurai Seems you are frustrated with his correct answer. Get lost and ask Modiji' and his parents qualifications,
wrenske S'where between Orwell & Kafka @TakillaMocking @Verity26250671 @OozlumSam @SwipeWright By all the more or less decent research that was done, a huge percentage of so called 'trans-ppl' was lost to follow-up. I have my doubts about the happiness of so-called 'transitioners'. Woman, no woowoo-man. I tweet in English & Dutch. This is my other account: Battle of the pronouns, @OfPronouns hen/haan
cotangent2theta "If there is a class war – and there is – it is important that it should be handled with subtlety and skill. It is not freedom that Conservatives want; what they want is the sort of freedom that will maintain existing inequalities or restore lost ones.” high school math teacher, musician, living in Chester County, Pennsylvania
saiseibot hc user 9239618 don’t just ignore suspicious people when you see them, okay? show a bit more interest in others! what if he’d felt sick and lost consciousness? that’d be a really big deal! and if you're smiling, then i'm smiling too | quan's personal quote dumper ✧ revamping as of 080422
BotCarmel Sacramento, CA I lost my position and You gave up all your empathy, you gave it up a bot of @brixcarmel's lyrics* and tweets *some solo, some @bloomingheads // CW for occasional heavy subject matter
EnigmaticThink @joncoopertweets @TrendingLiberal He lost the election and you are still pissi g your pants…. 😂😂 Independent. Somewhere between classical liberal and libertarian.
BruceinSeattle Seattle, WA And truly lost... Bid-In-flation - have no doubt WEF is a cult-Now that cvd's a cold-MOVE ON TrumpWonDemonstrably #AuditAll50States
ViolentCrafted WIP ACC : @WIPCrafted @ManikinPuppet Oh they young, they like under 16 i remember that , this person always cool they chill and fun to talk , but now after seeing this man. I lost all my respect • || Call me Hasna, 22 || 🇮🇩 • Spam likes = Mute • She/they • Mostly tankmen content • ComCap! • ⚠️ DON'T REPOST! (GOD PLEASE) ⚠️ • Banner by @sillyvizion
alanhgibson Queensferry, Scotland Think I’ve figured it out. The Tories don’t really believe Liz Truss is the best candidate. They are employing her as a decoy. She will be a ‘caretaker’ PM whilst they try and get Johnson back in power. Either that our they have total lost the plot! Engineer, tinkerer, petrolhead, dog dad. Old enough to know better! Dyed in the wool socialist. For the many not the few!
clarkhumphrey Seattle USA 8/18/22: YOU AND YOUR BIG MOTH - An LP-size moth shows up in a Bellevue garage; Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price quits to fight sexual-assault charges; Homegrown sandwich drivers go on a one-day strike; Seattle's ‘lost the battle against air conditioning.'
Lena_lieng I like the flawless glaciers and the long-lost Northern Lights.😊🥰#aurora Haha, this needs to be discovered.
ExPurplePotato1 Walled city 99 @MyLittleRescues God i can't forget the number of litters we lost to parvo... Just looking at poor babies perish while unable to do anything, and praying that they make it, but they so rarely do 😭 once we had 8 litters at the same time, someone brought 1 infected puppy and only 2 survived 😭 Vegan. BLM. Food photographer. Making food magic. 🏳️‍🌈 They/She 😊 18+ only 🥰 YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Patreon links in linktree below ⬇️🧙‍♀️🌿
mrpatel1918 @Vidyasagarrao_K @KTRTRS @trspartyonline @drsanjay_k @RaoKavitha @krishanKTRS @ysathishreddy @Vidyasagarrao_K @drsanjay_k Hello sir🙏🏻myself Manda Ramesh I am from Regunta village Mallapur mandal I lost my leg in a accident sir please help me to get a prosthetic leg to continue my studies please help me sir and still not received any cmrf funds It's 2 years over🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
AiJeepsy @MrHumanityGives @Jackpocket Am from Africa, I leave a war raid zone of southern Cameroon. For some reason my government decided to wage a war on it's citizens by deploying the military to fight and kill us the citizens. I lost my friends in the war, my dad is 87y old and can't even walk. I need help please Environmental Tech organization also JEEPSY EARTH. Space tech organization.
CocoaSZN_ @AstaMakePasta Yeah facts, lost mine about a year and a bit ago and it feels the worst knowing someone for that long and all of a sudden he can't remember you. I'm here for you my g deadass, DMS are always open Spinner for @RaviTheTeam
CloakedAlien Sweden, PAL-B @Bhaal_Spawn Has Mark totally lost his mind? Is he too young to remember Second Life or PS Home? Why is he so obsessed with making something that nobody really wants and it's absolute crap compared to 20 year old stuff anyways? Maybe just suffering from lead poisoning... Swedish collector of cats, retro-gaming consoles and computers! Nintendo, Sega, DOS, 68k Macintosh, Amiga, Commodore, etc.
warnerbrown Petaluma, CA Nuclear MAGA eh? here's some've already lost, you are lost, and you will continue to lose. Americanized Brit. Part-time Earthling. Artist/Writer/Producer. UAP Researcher. Singer/Songwriter @JettisonTwin #uaptwitter #ufotwitter
winthrop_joseph @thejohnnymop @KierstenWarren @seanspicer Liz Cheney has lied throughout this whole joke committee. Edited video and audio tape. Trump blamed her father for the Iraq war and she lost her mind. I would like to hear 1 example where Trump was a tyrant. Just one. Are you watching what your guy is doing? This is now tyranny Always right.
philluupx MyBed It's #thongthursday post a picture of you in your #thong below with your links and menu's if your not a #sexworker and want to lost feel free to do so #supportsexworkers #sexworkers #nsfwtwt #nsfwtw #nsfw #thongs 27 New to Twitter looking for fun 18+ Only
KinanabouNidal @JRMeneau @joshua_landis Very true, except more than the Kurds, they hoped from "rebels" militias now stationned in al-Tanf (Maghaweer al-Thawra) to do so. But they lost the race to Bukamal to pro - iranian iraqi militias and Damascus' forces. Amateur compulsif de turf géopolitique. مصنوع من قبل سوريٌّ و فرنسيّةٌ في فرنسا
RingDonPol @simple_centrist @redsteeze Show me one Democrat that has lost an election and just F-ed off quietly and with dignity instead of crying like a bi*ch or spreading conspiracies like Russia stole the election. Just one. Pol
Pikku_G Espoo, Suomi @Tero_Hoo She has not been performing as PM - NO reason to party here! -Our 🇷🇺 border is leaking 🇷🇺Orcs at the rate of 200.000/month into Finland & Europe! -Her Cabinet has lost over 20billion 🇫🇮euros to Russia and Germany with Fortum and Juniper -Our support to Ukraine is the WORST in EU
Nelson7Mandela Sambisa forest @collidoo @Lincoln_kol @ozzi_euro @Princemudi_ @Kayodeoshinubi Stop acting like a kid. Insecure about wat exactly ? D post came across my TL and i dropped my 2 cent, really don’t know y uu dancing lik a lost masquerade around here. Music 🎶 Addict 😤 💯🌏🇳🇬🇳🇬 || ladies advisor🎥|| Wizkid Fc || Burna boy🦍Cruise|| remember and always say a word of faith 2 urself cos “ALL IZ WELL❤️”
Soxthewavingcat Halifax, England @Immadandelion @JohnBoweActor @peterjukes And I lost my job on Thursday n got a new one yesterday. Why don’t you tell@john to get a job too he could go back to acting 🤷‍♂️ waving cat that has gone viral appeared on tv shows and in newspapers ladbible etc 😺 please follow for smiles and big wrestling fan too
HevyDevyLyrics Devin's Head So ain't it funny how, after trying to find my way home I'm in the middle now and I won't get lost again. Tweeting a different Devin Townsend (@dvntownsend) lyric every hour. Solo work, Strapping Young Lad, DTB, DTP, Ziltoid and more. Run by @Broloccini
Zingaibot_F Satan"Lifted up so high I sdeind subjection, and thought one step higher would set me highest, and in a moment quit the debt immense of endless gratitude, so burthensome, still paying, still to ow. "John Milton『Paradise lost』 天使悪魔などの人外が外国語で呟くbot。詳しくはURL先を参照。現在試運転中。
katrinabot1 home alone and home alone 2 lost in new york wowey!
BeccaLynn412 Miami, FL @Fweedom5 @nypost Yeah. And Trump lost by 7 million. 🤔 Migrant of Facebook. My words are from the heart; or in need of a sardonic font. Full-blooded ✡️ & Pantheist. Luv me some Chuck Rosenberg. Purple is everything.
katiejbw UK & Australia I lost my dad when I was 9 and my mum when I was 22. Both felt extremely different- being a child and adult because as a child I felt helpless and as an adult I felt hopeless.... This tweet resonates with me so much xox Sending love ..Disney..Bluey..Trixie..Dickinson..Legends Of Tomorrow..Killing Eve..AC..Drag Race..Aussie living in the UK with my soulmate @lauriebeex13 🇭🇲💜🇬🇧 she/her
isaiahgituku Nairobi, Kenya @RailaOdinga You should let Kenyans lives move on you lost the election and a repeat will only ashame you. I am an engineer and that's my passion.
CllrOliver South Somerset Lost your job in construction/engineering/creative arts? The Tories want to force you to take any job that’s out there - no matter what or where it is That’s how easy the Conservatives and their cheerleaders think managing our workforce is 🤷‍♂️ 🔶 Lib Dem County Councillor Coker Division • Social Democrat • Vice Chair - Yeovil Lib Dems • Teacher • Father of 2 • Princess • All views my own
FGumperom 🇺🇬 Good morning,Here is a lost and found passport belonging to Ms Muyama Evalyne found along Naguru Go-down. Incase you know her inform her to call 0787819184/0761 294918/0753165531 or come and collect it from Jinja Road police barracks Certified Sales Executive•Data Entrant•Humanitarian•Enlightened Soul•Author•Cyber Security En•Email:|hey🌎,I will get your attention one-day
NehemiahEluma Atlanta, GA The word of the season is… Patience. I need to be kinder and patient with myself and my loved ones. I need to channel the right emotions for the right situations, a lack of that is how I lost my Mango Butterfly.⭕️❌ The MENESIS him self⭕️❌
Pikku_G Espoo, Suomi @Valavuori She has not been performing as PM - NO reason to party here! -Our 🇷🇺 border is leaking 🇷🇺Orcs at the rate of 200.000/month into Finland & Europe! -Her Cabinet has lost over 20billion 🇫🇮euros to Russia and Germany with Fortum and Juniper -Our support to Ukraine is the WORST in EU
teasdalebot What if I lost the power to lie, And he should only hear his name In one low, broken cry? Bot posts snippets of Sara Teasdale's poetry. (Curated by @slightlyisland—tweets hrly, replies to @'s ("sing" gets any snippet)—made w/
HotelHideaway We have found some new items in the Lost and Found as part of our Suitcase Shuffle Event! Oracle Jewels, Oracle Robes, Oracle Dresses, Oracle Skirts. The Oracles already know who will win the cookie war. Enjoy 8x as many cookies as usual until August 22nd! #HotelHideaway 🧳 Welcome back. #hotelhideaway Trademark of Sulake
pornaddict47 London I just lost a #wankbattle to @Wankbattler03 Neeko locked me up and smothered me 🥵🥵🥵 28 pathetic porn addict, feed me. @trunksvidel owns me DM to #wankbattle 🔥rule on + weaknesses pinned 🥵😵‍💫💦 11W, 1D, 8L - Streak 1W MDNI 🔞
sjnluvbot "Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go." — A Field Guide to Getting Lost
AugustineOkoza @UbongLifve @IrediaSupreme @FrankKhalidUK @coybnews Zero impact, you're very correct bro 👍 Some Chelsea fans are so confused comparing odoi in a team like Chelsea and Gordon in a worst team. Gordon is far better, can take on players, Odoi has lost his dribbling skillls