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ElieNYC NYC Lost in the abortion ruling... @SenatorCollins said that Brett Kavanaugh would "follow precedent" when it came to abortion rights, but today JOHN ROBERTS followed precedent, explicitly so, and Kavanaugh DID NOT. Never forget that Susan Collins lied to you about Kavanaugh. Justice Correspondent: @thenation Alignment: Neutral Good. Str:12 Dex:8 Con:15 Int:13 Wis:10 Char:14 Class: Paladin. Strong Against: Republicans.
adamhousley Everywhere Unfreaking don’t have to like the President and that’s our personal decision...but a national reporter at press briefing just asked if the President was happy the south lost the Civil War? That could be the dumbest question in the history of the press briefing. Emmy winning former Senior news Correspondent & former professional Baseball Player. Husband,Father, Food,Wine,Friends,Family. 50 countries 44 states
WayneDupreeShow USAF Desert Storm/Shield Vet Woke NIKE just lost $790 million bucks in sales...their stock is falling and they're about to layoff a bunch of people. WHOOPS! Host of the Award-winning Wayne Dupree Podcast.
ChicagoMattP1 Illinois, USA @seanspicer I lost over $8000in real estate tax.deduxtions and my tax.rate and what I paid all went up last year thanks to trump the asshole who destroyed the middle class so he and his friends could get a huge tax cut. #TeamJoe #Biden2020 #PutinsGOP Cancer survivor: have auto-block on for all racists. Don't waste your time spewing racism #BlackLivesMatter #Resist Proudly & illegally blocked by trump
JacobRubashkin Washington, DC When Van Hollen made his choice, it looked like the Senate would flip Dem and the House was a lost cause. Couldn’t have predicted the 2018 wave+Crowley defeat, which would have set him up well for the gavel. I’ve always wondered if that would have changed his decision. reporter & analyst for @InsideElections / formerly @NBCNews, @cnn, editor in chief @cornellsun / Beltway born and raised / send tips:
mikrosoftie BLM no, i don't wanna see a 25yo actor and actress playing a 16 year olds forking, it paints such an unrealistic teen trope to the point that it pressures LITERAL KIDS that if they haven't lost their v card by 17 they're missing out on their youth #TANNIES: nawh but why y'all so obsessed with our anti-bullying campaign😕
TheCursidOne @ajshottygaming I was just fighting a guy and somehow well shooting and moving mounted a wall. Lost the gunfight. Also didn't know solos was only cross play and pretty sure I already died to a hacker lol. I'm a small twitch streamer. love playing games. look me up on twitch and enjoy the rage!
leonardbartolo2 @ShelliTweetz @WatchingWhatYou Yes and boycotting Republicans have not been showing up for house business so now THAY are holding their own it's almost Secessionist level confederates I think seeing the flags come down just now realized that the war is lost its only been over 100 years "sarcasm"
zFau7 @Lost_Pause_ It has great animation, a fairly good story, fairly good world building inside Japan, cool characters and a unique world. A very good modern Shonen that as long as Naruto or One Piece. Yes there are better anime, yes there are bad things about it, but it's still good. awoo imma doodoo in my pantsu
alex21824588 San Antonio, TX @SenSchumer AS LONG as it has a heart beat and u kill it it’s murder GET LOST
TweetProvoking United States @SpeakerPelosi You lie. Give up Nancy. You have already lost. Trump, the NSA and the Military have everthing. Just escaped from California. Back home in SC. the land of 1/4 the tax rate of CA and more services!
Anthony13744538 Highly classified Intel continues to leak out to fake news media, democrat Mayors and Governors have intentionally left their cities to tear each other apart so they campaign with the aftermath to say that you have lost control of the country. In 2016 what you excellently did was
CGWeirich Cincinnati @allmyjeffs Excited for this to repeat infinitely as these orgs fall apart between waves of struggle and the memory/lessons of the last wave are lost w the org Dog suffragist and future educator | UC | He
edogawa316 Purgatory @ElAsesino420 Lost 6 over the years and it takes a toll on you emotionally. A collector of various things at heart, someone with insight into things that came from a place of pain, and occasionally good at being sarcastic.
Lost_my_forks_2 Angela Bassett DM's I forks with Kiss and Fab both. The sperm that made it.
kitten_academy Connecticat, USA We had a couple of photoshoots "in the can" at the beginning of the month that were totally lost and forgotten when Bebop decided to stop eating then go into labor! We've prepared a blog post for tomorrow, but until then, here's a few lost photos we liked. Kitten Academy is where kittens learn to cat.
jk717 @loris_ceroni @BillHemmer @megynkelly And do you care about the black lives that are lost every weekend in Chicago? Do those black lives matter or only the ones lost to police brutality. army veteran 1964 to 1967
Suhang_ Adele used to be fat and mash hits after hits now she lost weight I don’t hear nothing glasses to hide my pain
DeLosReapers The river stix They also “lost” 1500 kids already that are probably dead or worse being sex trafficked and raped rn USMC Vet | Valar morghulis |Xbox:DeLosReapers | Don’t try this at home kids
LOSO__11 Dallas, TX The world lost a great man today. Since my move to Dallas. You’ve been my guy always coming and visiting. crap even took me to my 1st cowboys game. Going to miss you brother. Spread love thats the BROOKLYN way!
DesmondTsuga United States @Variant89 lol i took like a 2 month break from twitter and gained about 40 followers while i was gone. in the first 2 weeks i was back i lost about 50 lmao. back up now though. #BlackLivesMatter #IdleNoMore #Bernie2020 - Creator: - Video Editor, Producer @Channel10GNN - Film, Trees, Rain; Salish Sea Socialist
adam_scott621 @MeghanMcCain @benshapiro You care more about a statue than the millions of black and brown lives lost due to rampant racism and hate in our leadership and law enforcement? You literally see protest in the face of prejudice and the vandalism breaks your heart? Check yourself, this is embarrassing. i'm not a real person but i'd like to be
mercs4jerks @realDonaldTrump @nytimes @FoxNews I just lost all respect for you you rothschilds puppet Iran you just met your worst forking asset I bratwurst and I am going to collect the 80 million on your head motherforker shotput
3scoutmom New Jersey, USA @DanielRojnemark @themaxburns @JRudnert @GOP Creating their own narrative devoid of facts has been their M.O. since day one. John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam combat veteran lost the 2004 election because of the swiftboating story fabricated by the GOP. The Dems DIDN'T FIGHT BACK. AND STILL DON'T. Mom of 3 teenaged sons. NYC native & lived in all 5 boros. Jesuit educated. A.M.D.G.
imasweethoney she/her ; ella @adorassword I usually do that but... It isn't always a good idea- I'm used to draw while hearing noise or music because I concentrate even better in that way Because of that, when I'm hearing a series while drawing, I lost concentration in the series and don't understand a thing later 😔 ¿Youtuber? ¿Intento de dibujante? Who knows, lol 🌟 16 years. 🇵🇪 Peruvian. 🏳️‍🌈 The dumb gay (actually bi, but like... Girls-- pretty--)
sweetfigfranny Jackson, I am lost for words. I am in such state that I am so happy that you are making history or if I might say you’ve already made history love! Thank you for existing and being my continious inspiration in my life. Keep being you❤️ @jacksonwang852 For #GOT7 #JJP #JUS2 #王嘉尔 #ØFFSHORE
hollykhall Jonesboro, Arkansas This is a real lost opportunity. I’ve been to three different businesses in Jonesboro in the last two weeks where ZERO staff members and ZERO other patrons were wearing a face covering. “Encouragement” is not sufficient. Mother. Professor of Strategic Communication. Privacy law researcher. Voiceover freelancer. Buttercream icing enthusiast.
BlakeCombs96 Centerton, AR @willblair07 See I'm not familiar with the area enough to know which places are really bad. I just know I got lost either in Oak Cliff or Pleasant Grove at night once and though I was gonna end up on a milk carton lol Super duper ultra #MFFL like...that's all I use this app for anymore.
TheAwesomeTrent 'Merica @mckenzieas93V2 He hasnt lost a match clean in over a year and hasn't had a title match. The match he's lost at all was the match against AJ which was due to interference from the Club
djreysocial Lorain County Kiss lost the Knock Yourself Out when the DJ transitioned you another track and Jada lost his place. Bad move. Lost that point #VERZUZ Husband. Step-Father. Deejay.
Lostinram @MollyJongFast @RepJimBanks Not that he had much to begin with, but he lost all credibility, when he suggested that Trump was the toughest President on Russia, in his lifetime. Unless he is a 3 year old mentally and chronologically, that just isn't true Semiretired Peace lover, music lover, literature lover, hopeful romantic, marijuana lover Deadhead, Equality, Feminist, LGBTQ+ he/him/his
Lost_child_txt ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤThe dark . . . Do. . . whatever you want. But know that this is unfair and that I disapprove. ❝𝑾𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒖𝒔𝒆. . .? -- ꜰᴇ6 ᴏᴄ
coach_trap Sioux Falls, SD I’m so lost for words by the passing of this man and great friend. Woody was one of the most caring and most loyal fiends a guy could ask for. My prayers go out to you Woody and your family! RIP
JohnJethro16 Ibadan, Nigeria @alat_ng @alat_help Hello.i lost the mobile number and phone I used to register on Alat, now I have a problem of logging in cos if the OTP you guys will send to the list number I'm unique with everything you say, can't stress my soul
sthirdcousin Antioch @robmanuel When Blair was elected , a) After Soros shorted the pound and Lamonte crashed the housing market, the Tory Party had lost most of its support. b) Blair was the continuity Thatcherite candidate. c) He achieved NOTHİNG. It's not win at all costs. It's build a movement. Internationalist. Bu daha başlangıç. Mucadeleye devam. La lotta continua!!!
PointToes New England USA 11 yo just now lost his tooth. It was hanging on by a thread. He finally got annoyed enough to give it a small tug. It comes out instantly, and he marches over to me triumphantly and slaps the bloody thing down on the table: I need $10 for that ... What!? Remember to smile and point your toes.
LonelyTachanka Neverland @aaamazing_facts @mrworlldwide @SaketGokhale These so called PUBG mobile players are stupid and have lost their brain cells to understand anything. " Being Alive Is Pretty Much A Constant Stream Of Embarrassment." - Pod 153
Diaper_Swag SF Bay Area @Pwny_Montana_ Also I just think it's important to note when symbols get lost in true meanings they often take up new symbols by ppl. Yes it's very true lot of rednecks use this flag as redneck culture and may not have a racist bone in their body . But often times perception is reality . . . Just a girl that likes softball, video games, soccer, volleyball, WWE sasha banks and john cena are best) and the raiders!! #raidernation
YorkEscape Free America @loisromano Hahahaha, lost his job... HE and She OWN the entire building and are criminal defense lawyers that help people who've been subjected to police brutality... Is it me or is the collective IQ of #Liberals hovering around that of a beet... #JudgeGarry #MAGAVeteran #ProLEO #Sheriffs #BackTheBlue #Pro2A #NYMagistrate F'd by @realEricCarmen @Catturd2 @CuomoWatch @CodeOfVets @JohnRLottJr @varepall
AllWrightFarms Had the end come off a hydraulic hose this morning and lost a large amount of oil. Then had to drive 175 miles to get a replacement part for an excavator. Mom and I went to McDonald’s on way home and got an extra patty on a burger by mistake. This is our lucky day. God is good!! Family Dairy Farm in Delaware County Indiana. Taking care of cows and sharing what we do with the community.
jojoy627 United States I’m a small account and I lost a couple of hundred followers over the last few days. I’m guessing im not the only one. Patriot! Support my President 💯%. #45 ❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Pro-Life, Military, Police! Dems have gone off the deep end. #MAGA #2A #NRA #KAG #Q #WWG1WGA
sarchrz Seattle, WA Chronically ill people have lost years of their life to illness. When you realize that covid will put you in that position, it would behoove you to aplologize to your disabled friends and family, not insist on carrying on with your life as normal, no matter the cost. The Spice Girls are eligible for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021
ShanChaudhry16 New York, NY @PowerRangersFun If this were a Neo-Saban season, all the magic and stuff will be lost. Insecure, self-loathing college student. Cartoonist/artist. Sometimes 18+. “Role-Player.” Man of free will. FOLLOW ME OR DIE!!!
Kikikins6 @realDonaldTrump I think you mean 95% disapproval . How delusional are you ? You will probably have the biggest lost in history and hope all the garbage goes out with you Looking for common sense to come back home
marylou28307140 All we have with this President is inaction and incompetence. He’s responsible for over 125,000 lives lost and deaths every single day because he pushed people to open up we’re back was his comment. Well we went 10 steps forward but 20 steps backward. It’s raging everywhere.😷😷 From cruise ship nurse and US Army during Desert Storm were only a few of many professions I held. Graduating with a BA/BS from the University of New England
IzikTaylor Hollywood, Los Angeles Virgil draws an X on a shirt and y’all lost your crap. He did Pop so bad😓😓
CaligirlLou @Jennanrun @I_Am_LisaR I lost two friends last week to trump, one was already leaning that way, but the other was a total shock. Both in 60s. Both ‘all lives matter’ and ‘tearing down our history’ folks. Don’t assume. We have to fight still. Biden2020 - FlipTexas - Betocrat - Beto forever Lover of nature, photography & my dogs 🐾#GunReformNow #ClimateChangeIsReal #SaveDACA
That_girl_lost @sugawaragf @EcchiBabyy I feel like you lewd minor and crap and you ain’t black so whatever you say is invalid Gotta keep an eye out for selener 👁👄—
Bbabcock22Bruce @TheMacIrvinFire @NYGovCuomo Disagree! Have you checked what he did puking the elderly in nursing homes and lives lost asc result!
Laddy3Wee @FrostyDrafts I am a friend of @Kenny_McCormikc and i was wondering if you could help me get some recognition as he has lost the login details for his twitter Youtube is