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POTUS This Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Day, we honor the memory of the Indigenous people who we have lost to murder and those who remain missing. My Administration is committed to working with Tribal Nations to ensure swift and effective action. 46th President of the United States, husband to @FLOTUS, proud dad & pop. Tweets may be archived:
JoyceWhiteVance Alabama I have lost track of how many times I said this while Barr was AG. Always the president's lawyer. Never the people's. And there has to be accountability for it. It's not enough that he's out of office. @UALawSchool Prof |Legal analyst @MSNBC @NBCNews |Podcast #SistersInLaw |Obama US Atty |25 year fed'l prosecutor |Wife & Mom of 4 |Knits a lot
ipspankajnain Chandigarh, India Such Sad news ! SP Crime Eta , Sh Rahul Kumar lost his life due to Corona ! May God give strength to family and peace to departed soul 🙏🙏 IPS Officer (2007 Batch) Haryana Cadre (Engineer, MDPM, LLB), Deputy Inspector General in Haryana Police, Views are personal
maelyricbot the nights are forever and maybe i'm wrong but it feels like i'm too lost without you lyrical excerpts from the band Mae
CastielsCarma Sweden Not Dean grieving Cas when he died and being utterly lost. Not Dean wrapping Cas' body and not even being able to say that Cas was dead. Not Dean being overjoyed when Cas returned. Dean was in love with Cas, so damn much. That is canon. Bless. #DeanIsInLoveWithCastiel 🔞She/her. Bi 🏳️‍🌈Destiel ❤ Loves TFW 2.0 ❤ Cockles ❤ CastielsCarma on a03 & Tumblr Wheel of Time fan! Hannigram fan.
bmacrae grass valley, ca @larryelder @benshapiro omg. smart people know the difference. she won the popular vote and lost the election. it completely understandable why she said what she said, especially in light of Russian meddling. she didn't lie about thousands of votes being changed or thrown out. you're a clown. Husband, father, photog, musician and songwriter.
_medotexe_ 1312 🏳️‍⚧️ @avenueconcerts im aaron, i am an eclectic artist with an big ol pile of instruments lying around! i like to hit record, get lost, and try not to trip over anything else in the room. i think more people should listen to @DjRecode & @MochiMiIkk i make bass music. 1/2 of @STLRRRRRR // catch me at @daflipzone // @RockAngelzStage \\follow my wife @imSarah_AM // 東方 \\ she/her
kunnjjj @narendramodi ji had two faced political life, one before beard-the more aggressive and as the beard grows-all the aggression is lost..., what has happened to you Modi ji you have been given complete majority in the centre, please do something for bengal people
VillageParrot Nigeria Arsenal lost semi final and they’re forming Space conversations everywhere. What kind of childish fan base is this nitori Olorun? 😂😂😂😂 God’s Servant. Lucifer’s Spokesperson.
vlvtfireside @spikyiwaizumi wait last line of your answer made so much sense-- i've reread chapter 1 of the fic i'm writing right now so often that i kinda lost the motivation to write next chapters but for few days i didn't read it and now i'm already in the middle of 2nd chapter iwaoi angst enthusiastic 🦥 ( they / he / she • white • 15 )
bezaardukaan 23 (isb) all my mom does is turn on the Madinah haram channel, watch our long lost family friend's son lead the prayer and say "haye iski maa kitni khush hogi" 🙄 kabhi woke kabhi choke
wgibson58 Toronto @CFIB This Man, Dougie, has totally lost the 'narrative': can't understand what he is trying to achieve here?Right now he has lost his base and is picking up no one else: expect fewer than ten seats in the next election. @fordnation @Sflecce @stcrawford2 @celliottability @anthonyfurey Not every RT is 'my opinion'--believe in hearing what other people are thinking too.
VarniitOnline Everywhere @simplenoteapp Lol. That means u dont want to provide support. Thank God I have deleted my @wordpressdotcom acc long time ago. Since I lost lot of chunks of my data, I hav manually copied & exported all to my offline docs office software app. Keep using it for yourself. Shameless and shameful. #Writer's voice. Free Voice. Pathfinder. #Cinephile. #Cyberist. Disclaimer: Not a blind, herd or mob supporter.
atlasislost0_0 :) @C0RPSEWIF3 I have about 56k and I'd not gamble because I gambled once a couple months ago and lost everything He/They Minor
wonderstaples Ontario, Canada So incredibly sad.... you have lost focus of what is important and that is the children, instead you are being heavily influenced by the government’s desire to do what is best for adults and profits. Wonder resides in the soul of every child - our role is to nurture, facilitate, listen, observe...most of all let them discover who they are, who they can be.
TrashmanMr The Central U.S. Time Zone I had an idea for Afton Family, and maybe making it a collab with Spence, but I lost it so.... eh It'll come back to some day! Just like I Can't Fix You did! 3D artist AA battery {Aro and Asex (Specifically demi I think)} -15- Don't use my work without crediting me! Priv - @GhostlyTrashman
joeypineapples Birmz, England @midi2304 I don’t like too much stuff in them. I’ve got emails and twitter firing off on it right now.! It’s temporary bricked it self trying to do a wifi test. It’s a glorified stopwatch with GPS. That’s what I want it be. Not getting lost in menus that aren’t very intuitive. Thank you very little.
HuntKavan Norfolk, England @mitch8951 @MargotLJParker @PoliticsSense @Daily_Express @UKParliament @EU_Commission Look at the recent history of EU fishing, kick out of the fishing grounds off North Africa for breaking the rules. Taken to court and lost to the Canadian fisheries, for again breaking the rules. Presently trying to intimidate Norway; for a bigger slice of their catch. Pirates. I’m an engineer wondering, what if our solar system; viewed by others was seen as atoms, we could just be part of a table leg!
beaton_les London, England @sir_frankuk Nothing to do with policies or competence . All about ethnicity and religion . London is lost forever for the real Londoner . The suburbs and beyond is the only way if you want to live amongst the good people again . old school football away dayer
p_yahn @JosephVVallace Wow! Maybe it's time for a good credit union? Sorry you went through that. I think something is in the air this week and people have really lost it. CEO/Owner@CommandCentral ~ Sister of Elon & @rationalEtienne from another mother. ~ Everyday is a new opportunity.
gil4nerimazeth Lost Oasis, Io @LoveVitocris i really want either azir or xerath to find cure for darkin and revert them to ascended with sundisc or some crap. i want both kayn to live and rhaast to not be desperate, and aatrox to be able to breathe and not be scared anymore of being lost, and varus to be ok as well!😭 20 | they/she | 🇪🇺 | Varsovian🟨🟥
MelissanyMannin Chicago, US FREE BOOKS were very nice, polite and respectful of our home and belongings. You are welcome back anytime! They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky: The True Story of Three Lost Boys from Sudan by Benjamin Ajak. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all
fukthatnonsence Louisiana, USA @Elise51671870 @mr_socialist3 Yup.. understand completely. I have a sixteen yr old left, and he's been sticking to me like glue since we lost his sister. I've been telling him that's fine because I'm not letting him go anywhere anytime soon. I've got values but I don't know how or why
hxc_parkour 18+ ya freaks ⛓✨ Lost my pawpa at a young age. Went to a catholic school all my live and it just didn’t make sense to me the more I heard/learned it. I believe in science more than religion. 23🔪 Louisville hxc⛓ Hell Rains From Above🔪 @_EurekaGems_
HAMOOOOOOODDY syrian warlord 👨🏻🔪🗡 @serotoninstore @bintalsham18 @batoulwaldorf the only thing I’m crying about is the brain cells I lost reading ur stupid bottom tweets Do the world a favor and never tweet politics again we ain’t need anymore uneducated b1tches on this app Latakian🇸🇾 • abnormally large 🧠 • super strength💪🏻 • father of 48👨‍👩‍👦• proud war criminal 🤙🏻 • 640 credit score☝🏻• neglected son of @batoulwaldorf
gillesCadignan @AsILayHodling @TheBitcoinConf I'm not a player, last time I actually played football (not soccer ffs) I lost an ankle, I'm more like a coach you know tactics and stuff... Timechain maximalist. CEO @Woleet. Reinventing digital trust with #Bitcoin
_moidea pink supermoon @GASKARTHLFTV Same and I’ve been a fan for 10+ years (idk I lost count) morgan. she/her. Lisa Gaskarth supremacy 👑 CEO of TropicALEX 🦩
Its_2_EZ Atlanta @Five5nJuicy Lmao James?!?? I’m lost on what you mean. But take the compliment and move along lol If my jokes offend you: 1. I’m sorry 2. It won’t happen again 3. 1 & 2 are lies 4. You’re a pussy.
Toms92106841 As you prefer I will be watching you get lost and ask for help in silence
lfxs1212 @Volscente79 @PBRStreetGang7 Step father...yes it's very wierd...remember GLJ made the initial tweet and then deleted it when questioned about the conflict then said his relation lost his pension....a literal 180 degree turn from the original tweet
small_feyi @DONJAZZY People have mind sha 😂 Na money forjamb wey I lost dey pain me now and its closing on 15 Stay true to yourself at all times
LisaAnd94401847 @ananavarro I was once a victim, i invested with FXG broker and I couldn’t get my capital and profits back, A friend introduced me to 👉 @carrisamarie0 who helped me recover all my lost money and guide me on how to invest. Ever since then I can withdraw my profits and make more profits•
cabby47 @binance I seem to have lost my account and £100 if you can help
HockeyLass72 @FultonReed6 A former student of mine lost his mom and was to start as goalie for the first time that same night. He wasn’t going to play but she let him know she wanted it for him. I went to that game, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the rink for that 15 year old. Dessert, travel, science, @MapleLeafs & @CanadiensMTL enthusiast, proud educator, adventurous, completely inappropriate sense of humor. #LeafsForever #GoHabsGo
UnitedS48505405 Just because the government has lost its mind and is using useless and dire measures to combat a relative of the cold virus (lockdown), it doesn't mean you should accept dangerous under-tested treatments to escape their lunacy. You are being herded in a global psych-op. Disobey. British. Male.
Lost_Lieutenant Lost River No. 313 @K_renee_Wolfe Already did. Thanks though. I do like your page, I just have buddies who are literally destroying their faces just to meet the grooming expectations of an officer, and they’re not stupid to me because they’ve told me how much it sucks for them Dude I just work here... Opinions of this LT do not reflect the DOD’s
Bolgernow @RightWingWatch Gwad doesn't have a "mind". He doesn't exist. No, the that fat thing lost by almost 8 million votes. And if you're counting on made up water walking fairy tales to save you from electoral beatings at the ballot box, you're in for a rude awakening
KathySutherla18 Cheyenne, WY I got super super depressed,anxious, lost the ability to think clearly, lost my coordination, couldn't weld anymore, and it felt like my skin and my brain were overheating/ on fire for the most part. Another vaccine affected mostly your off spring.... gulf war vet, guinea pig for United States govt.
Circaw5 Manhattan, NY @little_lost_doe I thought you meant like aquarium catfish before reading the rest. And I was like, damn she must have some mean catfishes in her tank. Admiring the beauty of life.
lost_in_la Los Angeles @KevinDombrowski What are the chances she performed the video coming out of the vehicle and the clip is just in reverse? Capitalist; MMA sports fan; lover of stand-up comedy. Trigger warning: pro-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-booster.
Zingaibot_F Belial "He from heav'ns highth all these our motions vain, sees and derides. "John Milton『Paradise lost』 天使悪魔などの人外が外国語で呟くbot。詳しくはURL先を参照。現在試運転中。
BFNagy Earth Nuclear power costs 378% as much as wind power. These figures do not include additional nuclear waste costs, impact on water bodies etc. Plants cost $10s of billions, are uninsurable, and the asset can be totally lost through a big accident or attack. Proven climate solutions, tech, economics, govt programs - columnist, author, film & video, webinar host, speaker at
MyraSports @michaelschwab13 still lost the series and Under .500, buddy-boy Fox lady giving Win Updates for the @Yankees & @Mets! Home Run updates on Mets Mondays & Yanks Sundays!
EuginhoCortez Ocean Floor @CalvinEmeka @ojbsports These people spent the summer telling me that Partey would stride through midfields and shoot from distance.. So no need for "creatives who wouldn't press".. A club that lost 12 creative players focused on buying DMs and CBs.. Man, failure was guaranteed Void-resident.. QCA. Team Dwele. Santoris. The Earth aligns with My Conviction
BassClm123 Birmingham , England @jessphillips What on earth does acting have to do with politics. There is ZERO correlation. It’s just character defamation, and people only use that when they have lost. Pro Bass Player, Composer, Rotosound Endorsee/Ashdown Artist/Bass player for the Jam’d/ Song writer and one half of pop/rock band @electric_virgo
DuncanMcFarlan Scotland @pecos_pest_ @BBCNews True - they fought plenty of wars and won more than they lost. Also pretty nationalistic, just more polarised politics than the UK, with more people being hard right or hard left. Tired of incompetent, cruel, smug, liars running the UK government
LucDupont Canada Howard Stern has lost his sting — and his mojo Professeur, auteur et conférencier. Passionné de publicité, de marketing et de médias sociaux. Professor, Author & Speaker. Passionate about ads, marketing & SM
AlecMontes_7 Miami, SoFlo I’ve already lost 4 pounds since starting the job. One on the left is in Florida. The one on the right is now. HOWEVER. The main reason for the photos? You can now see the lone gray hair and I’m having a quarter life crisis Failure is the path of least Persistence | Founder and CEO of Total Property Restoration | 🇺🇸 🇨🇺
DianeSaumure He lost 167 pounds and 3 shades.😂 GHOST IN GOD I TRUST, KEEPING FAITH IN OUR FUTURE
ImmigrantHCWs Dublin City, Ireland Ireland lost another great doctor to NHS. The people of this country and NON-EU doctors deserve better than this. IHWA is an organisation for the rights of immigrant healthcare workers

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