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What are people tweeting about Lost.

cvpayne New Jersey & New York So, let me get this straight. Canada lost 71,000 jobs last month (equvilent to US losing 500,000) and Paris is shutdown from massive strike over awful economy and governance. But Trudeau & Macron found time to snicker at Trump? Really? Trying to make sense of this world while becoming the man my mother raised- I give a damn, love my family and country...and making people $$$$
USNavy The 7 seas! Lost, but never forgotten. We remember and honor all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on this #NationalPearlHarborRemembranceDay. Official Twitter account of the #USNavy. (Following, RTs and links ≠ endorsement)
parscale Washington, DC Let’s see. @realDonaldTrump is fighting for America and our economy just ADDED 266,000 jobs. @JustinTrudeau was laughing it up in London and the Canadian economy just LOST 71,200 jobs. That’s no joke. Trump wins. Again. Campaign Manager for @realdonaldtrump 2020 Presidential Campaign. Proud to work for America’s best POTUS and help to Keep America Great!
x_maanaar_x Amman, Jordan And the memories were lost long ago🎶 • ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‎‎‎‎‎‎professional overthinker | 👷🏻‍♀️•
Renae131 nope, not sharing @KimStrassel @realDonaldTrump @WSJ So .... Trump’s 30 second post about Pearl Harbor is basically a fake memorial to soldiers and civilians who lost their lives in this attack. Trump would rather engage in attacks & lies about political opponents than in respectfully remembering an attack on our country. Passionate musician who loves her family, flower gardens, reading, yoga, MOVIES, bike riding, & traveling with her favorite person...Proud D.C. Women's Marcher!
venicelovr LDN i’ve lost my oyster card and my bank card for anyone who’s ever wanted to kill me now is the time to do it watermelon sugar
CBJSprague24 The Y City of SE Ohio @CornyDaOutlaw Both the 66 and 26 were hot fire and it was a shame they lost the sponsor. Single. Landlord/College Aviation Program Coordinator. Diehard #CBJ, @JeffGordonWeb, @TonyStewart, @TonyKanaan fan. I come here to vent. Views are mine alone.
byguwuu And they gon' do whatever I says when I says it It's in their best interest to protect their investment And I just lost my forkin' best friend, so fork it, I guess then Caitlin fan account it be like that
RedneckBot Alabama, USA Tammy the animal lost a cow and then ate some steak before waking up to rumble of a diesel engine
chalkXoutline Lewisville, TX When angels fall with broken wings. I can’t give up. I can’t give in. When all is lost and daylight ends. I’ll carry you and we will live forever If you ever enter my mind. Stay there. You'll live.
AttilaTheKiller @SkyNews Man crapty fans are such bad losers. They know they lost the title today and threw their toys out of the pram. Dole scrounging scum bags. I’m alright, Hun. Crypto crap-posts and AIM value plays.
Emmoemm Cape Town, South Africa @MichaelBensonn I wasn't an AJ fan prior to this, but good performance. He lost, trained hard, fixed his flaws and came back stronger...much respect Just a guy trying to learn how to swim
TransAlly3 Leicester, England @MrDtAFC @anthonyfjoshua Jab and run....... it's the only reason he lost so much weight.... Jab and run. Joshua isn't a fighter, he did'nt even look like a boxer. He is going to be once again shown that he is nothing more than a ballerina, when hen goes up against Wilder or Fury next year. Boring fight.
MalikKingScott Human nature is never satisfied🤦🏾‍♂️.. they said a.j was to big so the man went and lost weight and came in a lot more slim and lean..they said he’s to stiff and not light enough on his feet and the man just basically went and pitched a shut out with just mobility alone, crazy. If u live ur life worried abt wht other ppl hav 2 say or think of u then n my opinion ur the same dumb bottom tht dnt deserve a life to live. Charles Manson
softljwj alo | they | 20 i lost my roommate in walmart and its her turn ro pay rip my love isn't fragile | multifandom | Loki to @dinodaddie's Thor
JoeySYM69 London The same Wilder that turned down 100M and was celebrating when AJ lost. Tells you the whole story pal “Just trying to be a good man, living in a world full of bad intentions” 🇸🇱
BennettPhifer51 Asheville, NC @DickLong1014 @KAllsep @GamecockPod 19.6 ppg over their first 5 D1 games. That’s my whole point. UNC’s halftime adjustments showed how to stop us, and BMac never could find another an answer. Bigger question: would USC have lost to a UNC, Missouri or App State with Bobo? I say no to UNC and App, and a toss up to UM Husband. Father. 3rd grade teacher. Believer. Volunteer Care Director at Elevation AVL. Unapologetic Yankees, Gamecocks and Panthers fan. Likely to annoy you.
FoamLakeComp Foam Lake, Saskatchewan Sr. Boys basketball team was in action this weekend in Wynyard; they lost to Wynyard by 3 on Friday, then had wins against Leroy and Lanigan on Saturday to win the B side pool. Good job boys! #pantherpride High School Excellence since 1947! We are the home of academic and extracurricular excellence in a supportive community.
ally32250 Jacksonville, Florida @DPerry1705 @GBirddawg69 @InfantryDawg87 I meant all of the above...and I stand by that. I was really hoping, actually praying, that our offense could pull through. And maybe they still can. But even with Pickens back 2nd half, we lost Blaylock. Just sucks!!!!! Curious about everything in this amazingly imperfect world. I live & breathe Georgia Bulldogs & Jacksonville Jaguars football. Section 115 on Sundays. 912🏈904
HumanSensible Planet Earth @Ven070670 Take count of the development that congress brought in during their 5 decades of term. You would see that a nation became self sustainable from nothing. You Dung beetles get ur news and knowledge from whatsapp university. I am not for your Ignorance. Get lost Bakth.. Can't tolerate Stupids, hypernationalists, people I do not like and bakths.
TheRightHandOf The Bronze @ExhaustedMom5 @lifesafeast I love this^^^^^ what you’re bringing up is part of reading that might be lost on a ton of folks: sometimes it’s not EASY, and sometimes that simple fact makes it worth SO much more!!! Hard work DOES pay off, even when you’re “just” reading!! Backup account here. Main account @ squeakyflipflop. #Warren2020 #DemPartyUnity #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
stunonallno Sacramento, CA It's just not your people losing lives it's also those people losing their lives who I called family and loved ones before no. But I have lost all feelings for everything and whatever is going to come it's going to come. And you can't be in the way of it. I got you no.
KnucklesBot Angel Island It's real deal with the Emerald quickly! I'm just chill and I guess there when serentiy is callin' me off Avoidin' my lost oh no
cchhUcckk Lamentations 3:24 But also you have to look at it this way: there’s money and career changing aspects that ride on AJ. If he lost trying to prove a point, then that’s his ass. It was a smart business move to play clean Don't you see Chichi right next to me ⛩
Lee_fleck Wester Inch, Bathgate @fraise1990 Defo should never have lost. Believed his own hype. But to come back and put a performance so different has to be admired. Plus. Fury is a gypo bastard! ☝🏻 👻-flemingo1989 Instagram - flemingo_o 🇬🇧🇬🇧 Ibrox Season Ticket Holder. Music lover/connoisseur @sheenac88 💙
KyleJohns770 Fort Myers, FL @stb_lag @eastwood_alec @LMcCullers43 @MLB You can’t make excuses for that especially when Roberts Overmanaged that series as well as when they got swept by the Sox last year and lost in the NLDS this year 561➡️239 ,Business major 💼 ,FGCU '20 God #1 YoungLife leader Braves 4L
smaradahana_ Bali, Indonesia @Natan_Kaban @ForzaJuve2017 1 lost and then #sarriout ?you are out of your mind man meme yaoming | alternate | Stephen Chow sumber inspirasi | #pasukanberanimatitapitakutlapar
KatieThomson54 Study: Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer's and dementia
alec_duryea @WolfpackMark_77 @Riley_Gates @kellyinvegas 2 loss Georgia probably won’t get in unless they lose in OT.. even then idk. They lost to a BAD South Carolina team @home and OU only lost to an 8-4 K-State on the road
citruslimons Illinois, USA In case one of you hadn’t noticed Demi almost lost her life last year and that probs took a huge toll on her health and commenting on her appearance ain’t cute when she looks fine 🍊🍋🍊🍋
hey_trev Cambridge, ON Trying to find a way around to the north bank of the Grand to Hidden Valley was a complete bust, and I've lost the light. Another detour via King to Fairway. Not all those who wander are lost. Exploring local #metroscapes, where natural and built environments collide. My words are my own.
BRewindz New Jersey this guy oog lost a dom and went to a "bathroom break" and came back frying LMAO • 20 • #𝐓𝐃𝐄 •
Clyde6966 @bc_philanthropy @BCs12DaysPage Im a grandmother on disability with my grandkids. I lost my home last year 3 days after christmas and Im sttuggling hard to make ends meet. My only wish is not to let my grandsons down for christmas this year they have been through enough hardships already any help would be good Im just a squirrel trying to get a nut like everyone else!
Good_AintEnough When he lost the ball and shot it behind the hoop 🥴🥴🥴 ido it for the goons n the have nots follow me on IG and Snapchat: past_dreaming
DouchebagKylo In a Galaxy Far, Far Away « gear seemed to need more work than the rear starboard did, so he moved to it. Looking up, he noticed that the new position offered him quite a pleasant view of her legs, and he got lost in the sight for several moments. [SA] Parody (Not affiliated w/ Disney/Star Wars/Adam Driver)•Founder: #PorgTrooperDanceParty•26+DM/RP
ChelseaShedEnd1 The problem with vloggers, social media etc is this short attention span of it all. Everyone has to have an opinion on everything. No team has a God given right to win every game. Games will be lost. Football is about watching your team around the country... Not likes and follows Shed Lower STH Chelsea Home & Away (VWR results may vary) Fikayo Tomori is good at football.
weepycats 20 • she/her • bi • white i cannot believe we lost tartar sauce/grumpy cat and bub in the same year. fork 2019 dude i'm vivien/kitty. i love crying cats & cowboy hats. where my shrimps?
KevSportsLaw Manchester, England Well done Joshua but let's not get over excited. He shouldn't have lost first fight to Ruiz, which why saying "2-time World Champion" is meaningless and doesn't make him any better in reality. Anyone think #Fury or #Wilder will be worried at all? I certainly don't. #RuizJoshua2 Sports lawyer with an international reputation in integrity, governance, dispute resolution & regulation | rugby union referee | many other roles | VIEWS MY OWN
RoundhouseMick2 People saying that Wilder would beat AJ? Wilder has fought nothing but bums bar Fury and Ortiz and he lost nearly every round against those two #RuizJoshua2
SolomonChuks12 Lagos, Nigeria @Ayomiee__ ...and let me recover lost grounds with interest. Amen Jesus lover,Husband, Father, Author, Music Minister,
nycbubbles Falls Church, VA @yoyo49478112 @Ika73957846 @Kamalaallday @dennisdiclaudio LOL. Lost in a landslide last cycle, will again this one. And each subsequent one when his sheep attempt to run his cryogenically frozen head. 😂😂 Writer, snarker, martini-er. All debatable careers. Pragmatic Progressive. Perpetually snitty. #UniversalCareNow #SmartWomenRule 🍸
ultrasubversive Atlantis N uhmmmm WA-WAaaa-WAAAA-WAAAAAAAY-wasTED dont leave a just need a wake up call I'M FA-FAY-FAY-FAAAAY-FACING THE greatest the greatest lost of em all the culture is lit and i had a ball
_SadioSZN cHeAtIng oUr WaY To NuMbEr 19 @Jxck12__ When he lost people who “supported him” said he couldn’t box and had a glass w no head movement 16 | Sadio Mané, He’s The Best Footballer In the World | June 1st |FB all FT | DM for a FB | @LFC
Angrydoc24 Chicago, IL @NTolliver1987 @PulgA88 @ZachHicks2 Yeah. You’re right. Much more plausible that I spent 15k for midfield super bowl tickets in Miami and New Orleans. I wasn’t at the afc championship verse the Pats either. Or the year the Colts lost to the Jets at home and Mark F’n Sanchez. Chicago sports fan(not the White Sox. I meant real franchises).
Swwolf36 England @TheRochaSays We were incredible today. The passing, movement and defence were imense. Roll on Champions league game. And to top it all, Man City Lost. Amazing sports day Love P!NK. Please Take a seat at the table of life. Put your knapkins on, knife & Forlk at the ready. Bon Appetit. You are served
Dre_Kriggs Close to Vancouver, WA, USA I don't think Khalidov is "done" necessarily. And it sounds like he's sticking around... But perhaps he could be done at the top as he's only lost to champions. Wish there were two extra rounds. Would suck to see him tarnish his legacy though. Now Askham wants Narkun? 👀 MMA Writer✍ | @TheBodyLockMMA ▪ @TheScrapNews ▪ @FanSidedMMA ▪ @RTSportNews ▪ @SCMPMartialArts | All of my content is in the link below 🔽
skinnythingy1 @bnykie howw, last week i ate about 900 every day and lost a kg, this week i struggle to keep it under 1500 just a gorl losing weight. ~not pro~ ♡sw: 170/77 cw:150.4 / 68.2 gw: 57 kg ugw: 120/ 55 ♡ 💕
aApolllo 215 GGs to JuJu and Nickhate and Co. Lost 0-3. Choked snd up 3-1 and choked a 35 point lead in the Dom.. Small mistakes Bloom U || ΑΤΩ || @RectifyEsports | duo @galvanxze | Eagles
Prettyy_Shayyy Peoria il I lost my keys somewhere in my mom house and now I’m stuck here!! Positive Vibes | 💕💚
EazyF Lazy Lake just lost 20£ on Neo Versa Scam Im not gonna disclose name but I had him shut down and confess Selling Fortnite Codez DM me for Availability + Prices! #EazyCodesLegit