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These are real tweets from people talking about Lost.

_esaliba New York, USA This is Kious Kelly, he was an assistant nursing manager at Mount Sinai West in New York. His colleagues tell me he was caring for COVID19 patients. Hospital confirms he died: "Today, we lost another hero - a compassionate colleague, friend and selfless caregiver.” 🕵️‍♀️ reporter with @NBCInvestigates | VERIFIED at @nbcnews 🦅👀 || Tips -- DM or
RealJamesWoods You’ll be stunned to hear me say this, but @kathygriffin just lost her mother. Let’s take the high road and cut her some slack. Be kind. This is the exclusive verified Twitter account for James Woods. Any other accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media are imposters.
TheNotoriousMMA Dublin, Ireland More than double our deaths in one day. It’s on now, men and women. Stay vigilant. Stay distant. Stay active. Keep your immune system healthy and strong in every possible way you can! Shame on the wreckless. RIP those we have lost to date and God speed to us all! Éire Abú!!! Two division UFC World Champion. Two division Cage Warriors World Champion. Making history EVERYDAY!! #NOTORIOUS #EIRE
JosesJetLife Beast Coast Another day in the house. I’ve lost all concept of reality and time #wgoe
PopChassid Brooklyn, NY @julie_kelly2 And soon, if you encourage people to go out and work now, it will spread even faster to many other areas. The only answer at this point is to stay home, and to provide relief to those who have lost work. Anything else is to condemn many to die. Founder: @Hevria. Proud progressive Orthodox Jew: @TorahTrumpsHate. Writer: @HumanParts, @HeatedMag, @JTANews, @haaretz, @guardian. Formerly:
ksmwash @ddale8 Yah more talk about how he hates brown people. My husband and I lost our jobs.
ivotebernie2020 California, USA @chuck_F_1990 @RealGregDavis @ort_caroline @BernieSanders And what happens if you lose your good job? You lose your good insurance. More than 3 million Americans lost their jobs just last week Anti-imperialist. #NeverBiden
BoilerBee66 @ScottAdamsSays @Barnes_Law Scott has lost all credibility. Pajama Pansy from CA. And I was a fan.
aiixha__ Leicester, England @_aq2001 @s41ah No. I shouldn’t learn to understand someone’s ignorance. Your submissive upbringing taught you to shut the fork up when you shouldn’t. Fat? Its lost the ability to grow in your body and now your head is multiplying in size. Nodus Tollens but we move. 22 🕯
edwindearborn Las Vegas, NV ♠️♥️♣️♦️ It's time for @POTUS and Congress to reinstate the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to help the 3.28 million Americans who have lost their jobs. #AmericaFirst #AmericaStrong Author | Businessman | Dad | Vocal Libertarian
emeraldjewel16 @blacksavanna_ Lmfao girl no. Thats not the move. He lost a Gem and thatsss that on THAT AlumKnight⚔️|SISTUHS, INC ☥💛|ΣΓΡ💙💛|LLR🕊|Yes.. My Real Name Is Emerald
WesChesterGA The Rodeo Mind you, 2016: 6-10 2017: 11-5 (lost WC) 2018: 7-9 2019: 5-11 And yes, the last 2 years he’s been injured but that’s the best fit (team) for him other than 2019 Baltimore Ravens and he’s coming off a 3rd shoulder surgery.
kpezzy18 Whiteland, IN One year ago today we lost a great man. So a toast in one of his glasses with one of his bourbons Aunt Lisa gave me. Love you and miss you Uncle Mike! Franklin College graduate 2010, Sales Associate for Branch Insurance, Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach DePauw University
JokerSoker74 Biratnagar @Fact It is very sad to say that we lost more than 24K people because of COVID-19 but it is sure to result in decreased pollution and healthier environment than before. Inquisitive Student
Yoshils New York, NY @PrimordialHydra Ok so he was a wrestler and a really good one too. He lost a really close friend and was also a wrestler by the name of Eddie G. From wrestling dangerously he had severe issues and one day decided to kill not just himself but also his family. He is the worst kind of person. Hey there! Welcome to my page! Be warned, this account is 18 or over just in case. I wanna become the biggest yoshi the world has ever known!
magneskennedy @LynnMarie19125 @Amy_Siskind I lost confidence in her too. Today, she lied - flat out lied and started spinning for #45. Do not air these mini-rallies, full of lies and deception. I applaud NPR, they stopped broadcasting them!
LumpyLouish In and Around Boston @depetitesvagues @KingTherapy @bourgeoisalien @StevenDBT @BethLynch2020 @RealTimBlack @BadJohnBrown @CarlaRK3 @jvgraz @briebriejoy @UvKLvr47 @ninaturner @RedBeretsM4All I get lost in it every now and then :) It seems you couldn't help yourselves and you went and forked you'll find out.
tynglvr 17,, she/her ahaha i do be sad and i already lost ebg so mingi time
Quinn_Douglas_ Iowa City, IA Madrid Football Tournament 1st round: 2007 -Matthewson: 1,291 yards rushing -Andersen: 1,157 yards rushing -Christensen: 954 yards rushing -Class A D8 Champions -Lost in semis to Wapsie Valley 2017 -Upset then #2 Panorama -Schieltz: 919 yards rushing -Defeated WCV and Manson PxP voice on @KRUISports. University of Iowa. Madrid, IA native. Weather geek. Tweets are my own. Big Hitter, the Lama.
PRAISETRIUNEGOD #worldwide What's more scary is IF something like this #coronavirus falls into the hands of terrorists (if in fact it hasn't already) . while 911 was more visibly horrifying, the virus crisis is doing more damage in terms of lives lost AND economically. #Jesus Christ ⛪✝️🙏! Shining Light 💡! 👰🔔💍💑 ! #maga #kag #proLife👶👼 #StraightPride #AbortionIsMental-Illness
pimpinaintezeh nj - ga📍 @growwithdree period! completely lost me bc my mother did a damn good job of raising not only my sister and i, but my brother. i can’t say anyone will “live to regret” being with any of us lmao ksu. inter fem. gym trainer. 1946🌹igbo. || IG: pimpin_aint_ezeh & makefitnessezeh_
librariesrgreat United States @Mikel_Jollett I wasn’t on tour, but I have also spent a night in jail. In protective custody. My Masters degree in English did not prepare me for the harsh realities of getting lost and drunk, while female, in a strange town. Alaskan-born Gen-Xer living in New England via L.A. Well prepared for any reading emergency, I have a Master's in English Literature.
Yurikkoya she/her @anreaem There might be idols involved and I think they're releasing the lost of people soon ~𝕯𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑 𝕰𝖞𝖊𝖘 𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖊~ ᴍᴏɴʙᴇʙᴇ ▪ ᴀᴛɪɴʏ▪ᴀsᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏ ʜᴏᴇ
SatoshiFlipper Future As soon as we lost 6700-6800 I immediately flipped into a long scalp and closed it after a few min. That $3k is net of both the short and long. Flat for now waiting to see if $BTC holds here or if it breaks down. PA is bullish but i'm just not convinced that this will hold Real estate developer flipping houses & collecting bitcoins. Portfolio analysis, futures & altcoin trader. MBA @KelloggSchool. Former PM @Accenture.
dj_diabeatic New York, New York Here are some resources for those who struggle with drug addiction during COVID. Wherever you are, I’m thinking of you. I’m the little sister of someone we lost this week to addiction. I’m sending you all my love and support. Social media strategist & journalist at the intersection of art & advocacy • @FilministPod host 🍿 she/her • • #GreenNewDeal
SOPHIESCHOICESX @NYGovCuomo looks like you need to invite Dr. Deborah Birx to New York and have her take a look at hospitals or better yet have her chat with Doctors & Nurses! And family’s whom have lost loved ones! Music, food, popsicletails, wine, fun loving!
lacefleurs ♡ ⠀no dick pics・she/her・pansexual・switch・tips are appreciated・single and not looking ⠀♡ but your fingers shush me up. your warmth makes it hard for me to stay awake and whatever i drank— that was it! next thing i know? i’m tied. in a basement. there are my clothes.. and pictures of me.. and jewelry i lost?! and— and why are you staring at me like that? ⠀⠀*⑅୨୧*⠀𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲⠀・⠀content creator⠀・⠀twenty one (minors get blocked)⠀・⠀read my carrd & price list under pinned⠀・⠀@copia_slut is my 𝒉𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒔 ♡ @jxwces ♡ @iwoIfy ‧₊˚✩彡.
awaytofindme Planet Earth Ask your heart: what is my best most intention, my most noble aspiration for this difficult time? Your heart will answer. Let this vow become your North Star. Whenever you feel lost, remember and it will remind you what matters. @OmanReagan so often shares what I need. Thank you. Condom Expert & CEO @theLuckyBloke trail-blazing toward advancing condom happiness! Consistent condom use begins w/condoms that fit, enhancing pleasure. She/Her
LegacyOfSamcro Charming, CA #Legacy #Asshole @OfCosmicExile @ReaperOfAnarchy «part of the risk. The partial smile Opie offered was one of despair and confusion and Jackson wasn’t naive to the fact that Opie had lost more than just the months he was behind bars. He, just as Jax, had lost the woman he» I've learned more from pain that I could've ever learned from pleasure. | Harley 3.3 #SOARP #Taken
LisaMax69767044 @omggjen @TheDemocrats Funny, I don't feel lost at all🤷‍♀️ and you're one to talk about the color of my beautiful hair😂 considering you own so many stocks in the botox company… being one of their prime customers #Plastic It's my opinion that the day is just fly by… so my thoughts are to enjoy each day, each moment as they come and let life be an adventure!
angeIyeji @eboyhun crap i’m so sorry i got sidetracked my friend lost her account and :( #GOWON: why is this bitch so gay
SBalsitis @ktobak We lost the Apple remote 6 days ago and the TV remote 4 days ago. The power button on the TV is broken and so am I. FSU Social Work Major ❤️🐶
Real_KingBob I like how today I was trying to fogure out how to implement a certain algorithm in my game for 12+ hours straight and I kept messing up and restarting to the point where I am at the start once again. I have lost braincells this entire day, send help. That one programmer
PremiumQueen123 I lost a bit of weight and no longer fit properly in my favorite gown. Which one of you little pigs are gonna buy me a new one? #premiumsnapchat #snapchat #paypig #420goddess #cashslave #footworshipping #lingerie 18+ premium Snapchat| $15 DM me for the info😘 | Just a brat trying to drain your bank account💋
ORachelDear Austin, TX Welp lost all my work as a hair and makeup artist looks like I could easily be a Fox News anchor mama to a junebug and a dormouse 🐞🐭 pre-k teacher, wedding hair & makeup artist
wieldingpeace 𝕺𝖑𝖞𝖒𝖕𝖚𝖘 @Lost_Resolve ❝ Do you think. . . Larxene and Marluxia were recompleted? ❞ 💗: @KeyToEveryHeart 💗: @FadedByTwilight MULTISHIP!! || #KHRP || KH OC || #MVRP ||
rav_man0 Melbourne, Victoria @Vivek7968 @mufaddal_vohra @MahelaJay @gilly381 And, Viv's 11 tons. In fact, WI lost just once when Viv hit 80+ (1/21). A 39-ball 82 in a losing cause!!!! It was the highest strike rate for a 50+ before 1990. And, highest SR for 80+ until Afridi in Nairobi 1996. Imagine losing despite having Joel, Macko, Patterson & Walsh. No.11 batsman with a high front elbow.... and a Naval Architect!
TurtleGoneWild1 @k_wuttt My mother even with everything that happened yesterday with my husband, father and brother...she went to collect prescriptions. My sister and I lost it. I don't know what's wrong with people.
heiditenk @nashsteviej I understand how u feel. Lost my husband, parents, mother-in-law and 2sister-in-laws in the past 4 yrs. Trying to tell my friend, you don’t want this.
Ohlovelybre @russdiemon I lost my job and my husband has to go on unemployment we are on the last of our funds (less than 100$) I have no idea when money will come in again for us . My daughters 2nd bday is next week too 😔 vemo Breanna-Orrante Pls!! •Hairstylist• Cat lover• Daughter of the star breather•Mommy to Charlotte Rose•
Smokerts Bakersfield, CA @TonyyStoney When i saw you i had lost my glasses and my phone died hahaha you let me use your phone to get back with my homies 😂 Romans 8:18 | I think I live in both my hell and my home
bjjb2012_bill North Fort Myers, FL @garyturnerII @RBBelgrave @mattgaetz @RepMattGaetz Fine - Pretty sure I asked you to point out that section of the bill way back when - never saw it... might have gotten lost in the haze of racism and low brow intelligence. Just post it someplace - I'm always willing to learn. I yam what I you maggots understand that?
kaylovestayyy LA Lover SS🇲🇽 We found wonderland you and I got lost in it and we pretended it could last forever haven’t you heard what becomes of curios minds?
SpEduwonk Lake Arrowhead, CA Want to feel better about the world? "UC Berkeley" was in my trending (Go Bears), and it's filled with kids who just got their college acceptances today. All is not lost. Special education policy researcher @CRPE_UW. Former special educator and Peace Corps volunteer. Awesome challah baker. Lover of sun.
RockyKanaka Los Angeles, CA Free dog food for anyone in need (Lost job, senior, frontline healthcare etc). Loading up SUV and will deliver around #LosAngeles Please Retweet so people can see. Fill out address here: #alonetogether TV Host | YouTuber | Entrepreneur | Pet Rescue Advocate 🐶🐱🎥I spent 24 hours in a dog shelter! Watch:
grevillearose Brisbane #bookreview “The Lost Love Song”, #MinnieDarke. Sweet, satisfying novel of a love song composed in Singapore, lost in tragedy, carried to Edinburgh and Canada, linked with love stories, music and poetry, culminating in Tasmania’s winter darkness. Book reviews, plus tweets about reading and writing. My website, “Queensland Stories “, is
Chooch12121 Colorado, USA @hollandcourtney Voter fraud is the only way he won in 2016. In reality he lost the popular vote. And we are now weaker for it. CO transplant thru military service. Work for F 500 company that takes care of its people. Mod Lib. Spent first 20 years in Ohio. Love my Browns!!!
Zilly_WI USA @aDeo_creata_est @my2sonznme @americandream09 That's what I think too. Man, I hope this really happens. Sorry, but there is no one I could tell this to who would not think I have lost it, so I'm keeping it to myself until it happens (aside from the other people who know about it and talk about it I mean). God Bless #AMERICA 🇺🇸 ✝️✝️✝️ Text TRUMP to 88022
DeanstreetFI Falkland Islands @sebafi272 @MsEmpatia @AdrianBono in 1806/7 and in 1982 you lost wars.. A you show an image of a game of football, with a drug addict, who is also an ex con..? You see that as some sort of victory? If you do you are 100% mad/lunatic.. Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands is scurrilous...! I will combat, ALL argentine threats to my homeland and country.