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What is the story with Lost.

tribelaw Oh for g-d’s sake, @AlanDersh, you’ve gotta be kidding! I’m not trying to “sensor” — or censor — anyone. Have you even lost the ability to get a figure of speech? Go ahead and keep talking. The more you say, the weaker your pretense to speak as Counsel for the Constitution gets. "This is America . . . Here, right matters." -- Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
JackPosobiec Washington, DC The irony of Virginia 2A advocates protesting a governor who wears Klan robes and is pushing gun restrictions is completely lost on the media Veteran, Catholic, intel officer and family man. Watch @OANN
shannonrwatts NRA’s head, rent free What most #Richmond2ARally attendees look like: Male. White. Middle aged. This is why the @NRA lost in November and why they’ll fail going forward: Gun extremists look nothing like the makeup of America, and they don’t reflect the majority’s views. #valeg #richmondrally Founder of @MomsDemand, grassroots army of @Everytown. The @NRA’s worst nightmare. Author of “Fight Like A Mother.” IG:
__ImMohit__ Pune, India Had we stopped play and pointed Tammy's situation to the ref, we could've bought time to realign and take positions. This is where experience comes into picture. We lost 2 points which we thoroughly deserved. #CHEARS #CFC #KTBFFH Consulting in Healthcare | One love - Chelsea 💙 Checkout my Instagram blog on beverages 'indiadrinks'
soupykin @nyc_erik The narrative that "not enough people showed up and that's why Hillary lost" is almost always used to discredit Sanders supporters. She won by 3 Million votes, but instead of uniting the left and calling out how the Electoral College gave another Republican the Office 1 trash Trash I made that you can buy:
CCINDYT7 @Flyfishinmary @thehill He was whining about the 2016 election and I’m pointing out that there was another election since then and his party lost. Duh....🙄 Former Republican, now all BLUE! I love a fun snarky debate, but haters will be shown the Twitter door. RESIST! 😁❤️🍷✌️
WSW2_18 Pennsylvania, USA @yasminaangele Lost and gain #CowboysNation #Mavs #Yankees #Rangers #NittanyLions #Wahoowa #Longhorns #DallasWings #DallasStars Mamba Mentality 🐍 heart of Mufasa and Simba 🦁
ngeecee @vanOnselenP Of course it does! As if she had the authority to pull a stunt like that on her own. I’m betting they went on a spending spree trying to shore up seats never thinking they would win and Morrison thought it would get lost in the wash
amy_liuw Washington, DC Over the past decade, states that saw the most growth were in the West and the South while large states with expensive, highly-urbanized areas like California, New York, and Illinois lost people to other states. Vice President @BrookingsInst, Director @BrookingsMetro, and resident of an older suburb
nilofer Silicon Valley, CA "Trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets." - @christinesirois Reshaping business with #ONLYNESS. 3xAuthor. 2013 #Futurethinker award winner @thinkers50. 2019 Top 10 HR thinker by @hrmagazine. Speaker @tedtalks. She/her.
sephiroth_15 @ZRAFC And wenger lost with 11 men 6-1. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee – his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see.”
titan08361245 LONDON middelsex @Lost_Pause_ Because you are sexy and you know it Lol titan cosplayer and titan maker wellcome to the war I am the war titan and I make titans from junk tell all about me and thank for following
fakethedaytime @prettyinpinkeu I liked the idea and the set up, definitely wish it was shorter or/and more focused, they kinda lost me, the point was there, though, like you said, yes and the intention too, it's not the light in the end but ourselves. Really liked the hotel scene at the end, our girl did well. chaotique
SuperSquand Middlesbrough, England @BBCTeesSport @Boro @BCFC @Boro probably should of had 3 or 4 goals. Ref was possibly the worst we’ve had this season. Completely lost control of that game long before the Tav incident and their 2nd. Im only shocked he didn’t point to the centre circle. 9, 10days to recover, train, plan and go again! #UTB Middlesbrough seasoncard holder through the good times and the bad. Bit of a thinker and a day time dreamer that got caught in the 9-5. #UTB #PassOnPlastic
faridkohistani1 @jessphillips Five f... year you stabbed JC from back and now when it comes to real challenges you step back. You are a TORRY inside Labour so get out of this party and go to CONS. We lost the election just cuz of chumps like you. تاجیکم
hansimpson98 London, England when it’s the 20th jan and I already lost my New Years motivation twennnnyone 😗✌🏼 Instagram: hansimpson_
official_JayD33 Lagos, Nigeria @Bardhi76253498 @_CFCLiam @ChelseaFC We all know Thibaut is better Experience and all But we lost today's match because of lack of confidence from our players, we cant even defend a 1- 0 lead Too poor for Chelsea Fashion lover, music lover There is more when you look through the lens 📷
ribbone9 @WestJet Haha. What a joke. Filed for compensation over a month ago and WJ lost it and then lied to me saying the file was resolved. Yesterday I flew @AirCanada with no difficulty. Proud American living in Canada via Colorado with an awesome family. Former Military Police officer, firefighter and paramedic for 30 yrs from the south.
mxnet_ Road to riches My mom paid $700 for my retainer and I’ve lost it twice now what should i do? A:tell the truth B:block her and never see her again
womeldw Kansas City Hillary lost the last election and may have cost us this election too. We cannot have Trump elected again. Stop forking around democrats. P.S. #ILikeBernie One tweet at a time.
PDucksneeze @SenatorRomney @MittRomney Not surprised, really. Your lack of morality and courage. Your failure to uphold your oath of office. You and all your fellow travelers. A stain upon you forever. Our Republic in peril, may be lost forever. Raconteur, lean left, critique all. Each day take the time to read literature, poetry, philosophy; listen to music. If possible, speak a few reasonable words
dolamitey Hawaii, USA Yeah I mean I’d be embarrassed too if I was the “most qualified candidate in years” and lost to Donald Trump too. forking slimeball. Ⓥ · 28 and boring
EddiePTS Canterbury, Kent, UK @Hermesparcels please please please can I get hold of a real person? Been trying for days to fathom your automated answer phone and promises of "live chat" functionality. Bottom line you've lost my package and I want an update. #Travel #Technology bloke - on a mission to enrich travel agents' lives! #RealAle, #Cyclist & #NUFC enthusiast. #MentalHealth Advocate. RT ≠ endorsement.
TheSubStandard1 @AuroraRhubarb I personally, as well as every other SW out there, get DMs exactly like this multiple times per day, they all start like this. Plus any goodwill he may have had was lost at the "I'm not gay, but..." and then telling me how he'd "let" me top him. Not okay. [18+] He/Him, Bisexual submissive femboy ❤ Big ass, big thighs, big dreams, bad jokes Custom content available DM for details ❤
barncat15 @MittRomney Really disappointed in you. No other way to say it. No wonder the generation below has lost respect. Truth is truth Mitt. Con in the White House jeopardizing our National Security and you won’t stand against it. #Sad #ImpeachmentTrialRules #TreasonousTrump
BreeOnTwitch Tampa, FL @WolfyyNZ It's been really difficult. Mya passed in April, Missy just passed in November, & now Scrappy will be gone soon too.. They were like the 3 musketeers, best friends, always together, and in less than a year I will have lost all 3 of them 😞😭 Live on Twitch Tues-Fri @ 3pm-7pm est. - Streamer for @TheRegalReserve - Engaged to @mrdaywrecker - - #RIPPHIZZURP
G1boxing Scotland, United Kingdom @leonTheCanteen @_GaryWilliam_ @Dailyboxing365 Even if he had lost again, he wouldn’t have been finished. Stranger things have happened in boxing than someone losing twice to KO and then coming back in years to come and taking his titles back. Ps I’m glad you used “most of us” 😂 Here to talk boxing and boxing only! 😎🥊 Will follow back! 😁
MILLIE1746 @SkyNews They have courted the media and now they have lost control!
AreYouShook Wonderland The strip where my friend works at lost water and y’all I- 📰 | Marketing 📍 | Houston 🇲🇽 | Mexican 👬 | Taken 🌈 | 12.18.16 | 👻: Carlos_Shook
BigBabyThato 012 Ayy man I can be rude and a bitch, but I'll never talk down on mandem when their team just lost. That's a different kind of hurt that you never play with. It's an unspoken rule. keep your head above the water, always.
fcbcam_ 🇺🇸 its Lampard’s fault that Chelsea lost their best player and had a transfer ban? former football fan. @fcbarcelona @miamiheat
TiFanmKreol FLORIDA As I sit and think about it. I’ve never gain no damn “happy weight”. Bitch I’ve lost weight SnapChat: Chrissyjn93 🇭🇹
ToneUnknown The Dirty South @gmfkms04 @d0v813v @Scarlettsmomma4 @DeniseMasterson @AlanDersh You know you’ve lost the argument when you abandon any relevant information and make it about attacking the other side personally. ASK THE PRESIDENT OF FINLAND A QUESTION
tiernagekicks finding myself @MattStrachan89 I just hope we haven't lost any momentum but yeah I do get your point about tiredness and it was great before tonight I'm a realist, I'm a romantic, I'm an indecisive piece of crap
Omongole_ Kampala, Uganda I've lost my voice celebrating #Bellerin's goal. Hugging strangers and shouting like crap. That's what football is all about. Mental. #CHEARS Law⚖student at MAK||Humanitarian||Political Admirer||Comic,Jokes😂 and Music are my thing||Football-Arsenal🔴and Real Madrid⚪ diehard||LOVER OF LIFE||
kxll_lex Las Vegas, NV Its like you African-Americans change 1 more thing about the forking wording and make your stupid unoriginal lost pop on my feed Always sick of existing, never sick of you. More Fire🔥➕
girl_afraid23 @juwlie_ i was doing it it and lost 10 pounds in a very short amount of time. it was becoming dangerous for me. near the end i was eating once a day and obsessing over anything i ate. meanwhile
KCStuffedAnimal Martina, you are my idol. My Lesbian idol. You remind me of when I was part of a Lesbian and Gay community instead of LBGTQQAI+++. I want to go back there. Lesbians and Gay men have gotten lost in radical gender politics and it doesn't feel good. I'm a consciousness-raising blogger and contributor to the books Brother to Brother, Here to Dare, The Road Before Us and Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth.
KURTISlNRED she/her thinking about how this year has been so good so far... i’m in a healthy relationship, i’m meeting 2 of my best friends at one of my fav bands shows in a few months, i’m possibly going to marie’s show, and i lost some weight. really really hope it continues being this good🥺 well why is it that you’re so scared? @vrgkurtis
JosephMog instagram - josephmog @DecooHughes Agree 100%, every game we’ve played so far under Arteta I’ve thought, we’d definitely have lost under Emery - looking forward to having him for the next few years and seeing an actual Arteta team There’s only one Arsene Wenger.
PigbaitRad United States Buying our first house on the military salary with a one-year-old born at Andrews Air Force Base moved to Wright Patt. Thought we were doing the right thing then all hell broke loose and we lost a ton of crap
kalonananny @RepRatcliffe @FoxNews Hope the discussion makes sense because so far I can't see anything but a group of Republicans that have lost their common sense. Why would we not have every witness possible to prove or disprove the president's guilt or innocence? Instead, we deflect and spin. ZZZZZ Teacher/Dreamer/Soulmate/Nana/Friend/Believer
Dumberbytheday1 @parscale @DisruptStatus @RepAdamSchiff had all the time in the world to make sure his case was tight. @SpeakerPelosi rushed it. Now they lost control and are in panic mode. Amateurs! Entered The Storm November 2017 Love Popcorn Praying
esotologist It's always so amazing to help someone think in a way they never have before. We lost our beautiful human balance of fear and wonder. We taught children to not wonder about what we think we know, but to fear it as fact. Middle Eastern Historian. All pronouns accepted Working on the second gate. Understand, not fear! ❤️ When you correct my spelling I treat myself to ice cream 💜
hemultiplyus @HillaryClinton You spent twice the money Trump did and lost. Libertine is not liberty. Emotion makes bad policy. Exceptions do not define the rule. The right to life is the first of all rights.
BigEers Morgantown, WV @TheBeatWithAri Dersh hasn't lost it. He's Epstein dirty and theres film of it. Navy Vet...22+years. Vietnam Vet. Lifetime Mountaineer. #wv01#USNavyVet #VetsAgainstTrump #VeteransResist #VoteBlue #BlueWave #TheResistance
garyneedle Tucson, AZ Please stay out of this HRC. You lost and time to enjoy your wealth. Your involvement can only result is a negative distraction. Let Bernie blow it on his own. Yup that's about it.
RedneckBot Alabama, USA Bill the animal lost a diesel truck and then got in a fight before waking up to creepy ghost sounds
AshaFlingai You need to find value in yourselves. No wonder you’ll all about showing off new bags and jewelry, as all dignity is lost. I am special.
garrettcannon0 Kansas, USA Oh and lost my $100 deposit for a tattoo because of said appendicitis surgery Love Yourz|KS➡️LA| IG-@garrettcannon7

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