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WWEonFOX BREAKING NEWS: Per @WWE, @WrestleMania 37, which was slated for Los Angeles, CA, has been relocated to the original location of WrestleMania 36: @RJStadium in Tampa, FL. WrestleMania 38 will be in Dallas, TX and 39 will head to @SoFiStadium. The official @FOXSports Twitter account for all things @WWE. Friday Night SmackDown airs Fridays 8e/7c on @FOXTV.
QasimRashid Virginia, USA Cancel the live inauguration. Broadcast it from a secure location. These are unprecedented times and I wouldn't put it past a man who already incited an insurrection to do even worse. Dad • Virginian • Human Rights Lawyer • Author of Hannah & the Ramadan Gift • Women’s Rights • BLM • Dad Jokes • IG @QasimRashid • 2020 Dem nominee for Congress
SteveHofstetter Los Angeles, CA Lauren Boebert: No one could possibly be as dumb and treasonous as I am, live tweeting Nancy Pelosi’s location during an attempted coup. Donald Trump: Hold my pillow. #LFGM. 6th lead in Lifetime's “Psycho Yoga Instructor“ and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Human first, comedian second. Shameless self promotion 3rd 👇
CIANAINC Astoria, NY “NYC’s first 24/7 vaccine sites in BK and the BX are set to vaccinate up to 2,000 people a day at each location, which city health officials hope will help New Yorkers newly eligible for the vaccine receive it, including older New Yorkers ages 75 and up.” Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans | We give immigrants the tools they need to successfully integrate into American society.
suika_soft Vancouver @SeanHobs @IanKropo @Zari_Wari @chokoIa An additional note - I've been in the Canadian animation industry for 6 years, and have never been paid min wage even at my lowest rate. We get paid a lot less than LA based studios, but still sit above min wage on average. Livable wage is a different matter depending on location Game Dev and Professional 2d Animator located in Western Canada. He/him.
coldbrewdisney she/her @krismeetsworld This place is local to me up in VA and I used to live 5 mins down the road from one location. Was deadly on my wallet and body 🤣 sailor scout ✨ bi 🌈 disney, vet med student, switch games, mythical beast, and a whole herd of sweet animals 💕 druid by day, death cleric by night
liamkusodono 椅子 @Uber_Support two orders in a row where the delivery driver didnt call my phone despite the notes and just left the food at a different location. actually unreal bro they banned my old account 4年勉強してるにしては、全く日本語を喋らない人気持ち悪い ffとかペルソナとかダンガンロンパ大ファン FOLLOW ME IF YA PLAY FF, PERSONER, OR DANGERGRANDPA I WANT TO BE FRENZ
Abubakar_AkA YB, Farrrrr North! Dear @MTNNG Please am begging u it's been 3 days now since we had a good stable network at my area n it looks like it’s just my area in Damaturu. Please and please fix whatver it is disrupting MTN network at this location. I will provide GPS coordinates of my area in your DM. A Dreamer| Community Activists| LFC| Blah blah blah...
RSLudlum North Charleston, SC @ThomasEWoods Explore search interest for left wing extremist, right wing extremist by time, location and popularity on Google Trends -
SeraphicVocals ‎࿐ ˚ . ✦ ┊͙ rp • twenty plus • she/her •𝗇𝗈𝗍 her• ic/ooc @josheoconnor I reported a gore account, and it's still up. Meanwhile, RP accounts get taken down for literally nothing! I have not in my display, bio, and location ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀↬ I'm so small and bitter, I’m like a human espresso ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ╱Not affiliated with @ArianaGrande ᝰ
latimes El Segundo, CA Some people 65 and older did get vaccinated at Southern California retail stores that had supplies available. But many others could not find a location offering appointments. Here's why: Covering the world with a West Coast perspective. Subscribe now:
MikhaeIII People clearly don’t understand goal probability and xG. It doesn’t account for how the shot was taken. Just the location based on historical data. So yes, 5% of shots go in from there, but that shot specifically? Probably not. Que golazooo 🇵🇹 🇱🇧 🇨🇦 | Football Enthusiast
iVirus_exe Hardrive @Jake_Randall_YT @Ps5Consoles Yea it's bullcrap. It's location specific too. And there's no location mention
rfitz77 Ireland @Paudi04 @WatchPopulistIr @ShaneBeattyNews We need to start implementing enhanced interrogation techniques on random dog walkers to break them and find the location of the shebeens. An endless river of abysmal takes.
lkngrrr The forkin' MOON @ICELEVEL Same argument about warehouses. Fun flipside of automation: the more bolts-in-the-ground capital you put into automating a process at a location, the harder from a financial POV it is to simply abandon that location and move 10mi down the road. MOTHER OF DRIVE UNITS Technical Product Lead for all mobile robotics at #AmazonRobotics. @alexa99 launch alumna. Opinions = Mine (p ≤ 0.05)
shopzoemercedes We’re so happy to announce that we now ship to Montserrat! Simply shop online at input your location as Montserrat and you’ll have access to our shipping rates! It’s that simple. The premier online accessories boutique carefully curated by @zoemercedes_ based in the Caribbean.
taeminpnsy Emma hugger who's your acc dedicated to? - icon: umji - header: chanhee and changmin - @: Taemin + one of his songs - dn: Taemin - bio: pronouns + Ten Lee - pinned: gidle - location: Emma - link: Carrd Stay He 🍙 Ten Lee thinker
BecksterCorgiMT @TDKmitsuni @skpacman One day I was at a Macy's during the "going out of business" sales for that location, and I found one pair of women's pants with pockets I could fit my hands in. Others had either tiny pockets, fake pockets, no pockets, or pockets that seemed to be added and sewn shut high up. Hi! I like to share kindness and neat stuff. I enjoy Disney parks, art, video games, nice people, and animals. @ me if you want to chat. (She/her)
gslug1 @mandypayne24 @GrimArtGroup Playing guess the location.... No idea about 1. 2 is Robin Hood Gardens, 3 and 4 Aylesbury estate? Unhealthy obsession with modernist council estates, particularly Cook's Camden and Hollamby's Lambeth. Equally unhealthy obsession with 1980s electronics.
MrRVerbalKint New Jersey, USA Phil Spector, lionized producer of 1960s pop and convicted murderer, dies Roger Verbal Kint or Kaiser Söze ▪︎Free Spirit ▪︎Vietnam vet ▪︎Treasonous Trump desspiser
ItsSoPringles @MikeBlaven I guess, but its still presented in the most boring way and forgets to really give him any personal details that make him a likable character. Its mostly just 2 people talking in the same location I exist
Anton2060 @kristinlynae_ @beachluv_r If she has a smart phone, have you tried to track it, assuming she has the location app installed. All parents should think of installing this app not to spy on them but check if they are late home. It must be an anxious time for you, I hope she is found safe and well
bbbugzzz 🌑 🌸I’m 15 years old 🌸I’m ace and Bi romantic <3 🌸my birthday is November 24! 🌸pronouns are most likely in my website or my location💜 Check pinned for stuff about me ×͜× 15_bi //larrie// SNC FOLLOWED ME ON 12/28/2020
KokichiMuta Ainu Jujutsu Company Leader @Dan_Hideout I looked at the little location thing and I think bro really is high and just chilling Richy | 19 | he/him | Jujutsu Kaisen, Phantom Seer | Black | Uraume, Nobara, Kenma, Kokichi, Naobito and Ino Currently reading: Radiant
hotski57 Cedar Lake, IN INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE APACHE JUNCTION, AZ CLICK HERE Location, Location, Location. This very solid block construction commercial building located in the city center has over 4350 SqFt of workable space for retail and light industrial use.
estate_sj Mesa, AZ INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE APACHE JUNCTION, AZ CLICK HERE Location, Location, Location. This very solid block construction commercial building located in the city center has over 4350 SqFt of workable space for retail and light industrial use. Arizona Real Estate, Serving Arizona for over 30 Years Single Family, Multi Family, Commercial, Vacant Land , Property Management
Kasimir93481199 Being a DBZ villain must be weird. As soon as you arrive on earth a bunch of weirdos immediately fly to your location and begin arguing over who gets to fight you first. Showerthoughts
iamericray @Omolere23 I swear were are we starting fasting and prayers tomorrow drop d location pls cuz we need to fast A focused determined young man whose dream is bigger than the earth
__redhoneyy Atlanta, GA @tmobile. Im at your store location in Riverdale, GA and your systems are down. I Cant buy a phone or anything! Can you fix this please! Live Peacefully. Live Positively. BSU Alumn ΑΦΩ💛💙 Just here to tweet unpopular opinions
DeGenZGZ You cannot throw only high fastballs when you pitch half your games at Coors Field. Mixing up location is so crucial. Well timed sinkers are crucial. A good slider and changeup are crucial. I co-host the @pinchtlkpodcast with @captainvide0. I mix. I produce. I cover the Nats on
PopeyesChicken @LaborDelivnurse We always want you to enjoy your Popeyes experience, and we apologize for what happened. Please DM us the store location, the date/time of your visit, and your contact info, (full name/email/phone) so we can follow up with you about this. The official Twitter of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.
aisha_shugaba Kano, Nigeria A single Retweet can make it go a long way 🙏🏻 Price - N3000 each Location - Kano Dm/call - 09049202495 White, black, green and peach Available. RETWEET PLEASE 🙏 🙏🙏 Muslimah || An entrepreneur || Bahaushiya👌 || HEROINE 💪|| singing n recitation of holy Qur'an || simple n kindhearted || back-up acc. @shugaba_aisha
phivolcs_dost Quezon City, Philippines 1101 #EarthquakePH #EarthquakeDavaoOriental Earthquake Information No.1 Date and Time: 18 Jan 2021 - 03:03 AM Magnitude = 3.2 Depth = 033 kilometers Location = 07.74N, 126.61E - 018 km S 74° E of Cateel (Davao Oriental) PHIVOLCS is the service institute of the DOST for monitoring and mitigation of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunami.
_IAmCastiel Lebanon, Kansas @IAmCalledJack We're running out of time. As soon as you get Dean's location, I need you to go there and save him. Sam, you are my brother. And I know that if anyone can save him, it's you and Jack. I have faith in you both, and I know you don't want me to do this, but- I... I don't understand... Why do you want me to write my bio? (Fan Account)
sokane1 Austin, TX Here’s a helpful map of today’s flight and the drop point location for the rocket Senior reporter at @Verge covering tech and biz of transportation startups, EVs, Tesla, & more. | 📨, DM for Signal, etc. | #VoxUnion
slyles45 Philadelphia @ChrisTh74866237 @AdamSchefter If it just about the location I would agree with you but Texans ownership and management it just trash
kakyoinpng she/her ! 18 there was this tumblr textpost that said "hxh is weird bc during the entirety of the hunter exam arc u think theyre in some sort of medieval fantasy setting and then u see kurapika googling killua's location in a laptop and it gives u whiplash" and i agree i just experienced it #NOBARA: can't talk rn i'm doing hot girl crap
Eidsmore Palm Coast, Florida @Malwarebytes Is there a VPN within/part of your MalwareBytes BrowserGuard software/browser extension that gives people at the other end of things a different IP address and city/location like all VPNs do? Freelancer, inventor, designer/engineer, PC gamer (Star Citizen), WOODcarver, diet&exercise trainer. BORN n Hawaii. N2 Rhino3D CAD LoveJesus+SAR ♐📢💌🗺️📈👍
fredbauerblog For the past month, the average death-rate from coronavirus has been about the same in both the United States and Germany (once you adjust for population). Writing a book on liberty, community, and the good. @nro, @weeklystandard, @amconmag, @gbhnews, etc. Contact: fredbauerblog at gmail dot com
MeltdownAgs DFW @maroonish99 I had the WEIRDEST experience at Popeyes the other day There were two cars in front of me, but I had my order in less than 5 minutes and it was 100% correct I won't give the location for fear corporate will shut them down Talking Aggie sportsball with the Godfather of the Reed Rowdies Former residents of Hart Hall A-Ramp, the greatest accommodations known to man #TAMUfollowtrain
yuu3i @SecPompeo it seems that people just look at us as a simple location and recognize us as East Asia, but I think that is strongly influenced by China's intentions. I think that the term "East Asia" has already come to an end.
lilchurropdx Portland, OR @CorvusCorax77 So I would say that the queer community is also attitudes and expectations existing within people, even if we don't have a physical location to convene! bisexual man | veganish | britney fan | a free-ass motherforker | Wardrobe by Target™ | He/Him/His | BlackLivesMatter
Hellycatfish North Wales @Steveredwolf @CarlBovisNature Ahh thank goodness, I think I might of done something myself with the location settings 🙄 I've been having a right rant at twitter for nearly a week but my interactions and impressions went from 68,000 to 18 which is a bit weird. Hopefully all ok now 👍 thanks Steve 😃 Happy, hairdresser, home-loving & animal crackers, who loves life, 2 wonderful kids and darling hubby. 'Its nice to be important, but more important to be nice'
weebarge @PuttherTV I had in encounter with a toxic gta 5 player so he was circling me with an oppressor and I came back. I killed him out of fear because most oppressor are toxic. So he decided to ddos me and track my location. So can u please deal with him. His name is kushiah420blaze goodwill more like badwill
XANDERSTON3 California @MERCILESSHONOR Xander got Miguel’s message with the date, time, and location. He got on his motorcycle and drove to the location. He soon arrived and saw Sensei Lawrence training Miguel. Xander then took off his helmet and walked over to them. “Here I am, champ.” He said as he looked at + 🏆2017 All Valley Karate Tournament Champion🏆 #CobraKaiRP #CobraKai #Fake #Parody
SamIsDual 678-999-8212 @jonahsunn @Scafelol yeah they have a fkn EGG AND HAM SANDWICH AT MY LOCATION. NOT EVEN CHEESE?!?!?! 18 | adc | king of good morning tweets | masters | 👶➡👴 @wanttobelol
SherryD29213138 @davematt88 @Loews_Hotels How true. Our congressmen gave them tours of the Whitehouse the day before insurrection. And one congresswoman tweeted the location of pelosi within the bldg.
cthwastaken she/her | 卌¹ᴰ⚯͛ | mcyt | anti! who is my account dedicated to cos it changed DRASTICALLY: ★ icon: mr quackity sir😌 ★ user: calum and dream woop ★ header: niall the loml ★ bio: calum ★ location: pronouns and fandoms ★ link: team team supremacy ★ pinned: zayn🤤 ★ dn: me missing the sleepy bois #CALUM: “aye wassup baby.😏” zarriall🤠
WALLSXAMY louis tomlinson. who is your acc dedicated to? - icon: model - header: Louis - @: album and me - dn: my name and @killmymindxxx :) - bio: quote with @91G0LDENL0U <3 - pinned: my carrd and cc - location: Louis Tomlinson - link: my carrd ✧*̣̩⋆̩☽⋆ "....I say we should old chap, away to it now?" @91G0LDENL0U • she/her
officehubtweet Australia, New Zealand, Singapore This location needs no introduction! This Bondi Junction space is the latest addition to the Eastern Suburbs’ coworking scene and it’s raising the standards in design, services and technology. Book a personalised tour today! Office Hub is the world’s No 1 website for finding and listing shared office space, serviced offices and coworking hubs.

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