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ShefVaidya Pune, Maharashtra Got very disturbing news from Hampi, #Karnataka. The Navavrundavanas of Anegundi, the location for the Jeeva Samadhis of Hindu Madhva saints, including Shri Vyas Raj Teertha have been descreted and vandalised. This is clearly an attempt to provoke and humiliate Hindus. Author, Satirist, Speaker. Fellow-Ananta Leadership Program, Convenor-Indic Academy. Love Travel, Temples And Textiles. Mum to triplets. Indian. Hindu. Woman
NASA Great opportunities worldwide thru Saturday to #SpotTheStation as its orbital path will be in sunlight, easily visible during dusk and dawn around the globe. Wave to @Astro_Christina & @AstroHague on the @Space_Station. Check times at your location: Explore the universe and discover our home planet with @NASA. We usually post in EDT (UTC-4)
EFF San Francisco, CA We’re launching a class action lawsuit against AT&T for repeatedly breaking the law by selling its customers' real-time location data and misleading them about those sales. Consumers must stand up to protect their privacy and shut down this illegal market.We're the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We defend your civil liberties in a digital world.
OrdnanceSurvey Southampton, UK @NatTrustArch @myrialejean @Rach_Archaeo @NTmidlands We include and remove historic sites at the request of Historic England. If there is a site which you have a question about please send an email with the description/location to We're Ordnance Survey, Britain's mapping agency, tweeting about geography, GI & mapping. Tweeting you back Mon-Fri, 9-5. Terms of use at
thatclaytho California, USA @axgelaaaa @emmyyysanchez @aylinnngonzalez @djpollo_ Damn that’s very sad man but it doesn’t seem false dude to the fact that many companies use our personal information and LOCATION Instagrammer
Askvodafonegh Accra, Ghana @CarvyJustice Hi Justice, Kindly provide the following details for assistance, 1. Confirm your number 3. Exact Location and landmark 4. Phone type 5. Number of network bars displayed. 6. GPS coordinate Standing by for your quick response. #HappyToHelp. Liz Welcome to Vodafone Ghana Customer Care. Monday to Sunday. WhatsApp us on 0501000300 - ( 24 Hours) #HappyToHelp
EnforcementVog @NP_H13 @barry_beautiful @TheSmallSpace5 @VOGCouncil @JaneHutt Hi. Officers attended the location early this morning and identified seven different offenders. All have been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices and we have arranged for our street cleansing colleagues to remove the waste ASAP. The official Twitter account of Vale of Glamorgan Council's Enforcement Service. To report an environmental crime please call us on (01446) 700111.
JDsteps2 Twitter please it costs you nothing to retweet, please kindly retweet if this pop up on your timeline today thanks 😘 1st frame 5k 2nd 5k 3rd 5k 4th 18k Location akure Are you getting what you see and want : 💯 💯 Yes.... Please kindly pop the retweet button b4 you scroll. SHOEGOD we make all kind of footwears you can think of and WE MAKE YOUR STEPS GOLDEN 🔥🔥😉 👞contact us on 07035644621, 07053350018 WA and calls
Jacqui1440 Reseda, Los Angeles I left my sushi at work, and I’m not going back to that location till Friday 😩 An awkward & antisocial individual, but she cute or whateva | 🇲🇽 💛
airteltigoghana Ghana @Phocus__t we understand how inconvenient this could be and we are here to resolve this matter at the earliest. Please assist us with your number and location via the link below for checks. With a subscriber base of 10 million, AirtelTigo is a solid, dynamic and innovative brand, providing a wide range of telecommunications services.
geekykant India @FlyNimaBoy They call reproduce our photos across web as for app advertising, train their artificial intelligence network even better (need not be ageing this app), get to know users location and other data preferences by comparison across web.. and you can guess what can happen next! 💰 Just another Tech enthusiast. ❤️ YouTuber | Blogger | Android Developer 😎#icodeworld 👨🏻‍💻 @Udacity Developer Nanodegree Scholar✨
CatherineSimes Bradford, England @wmichallat @30Chapelstreet It's certainly beautiful enough, @bfdcityoffilm have done a great job in promoting the area as a film and tv location. Is the bar still there? Bradford lass recently returned from living in Rome. Rediscovering Yorkshire, searching for a decent coffee. Facebook + Instagram youcantakethegirloutofbradford
carmelatroncoso The first paper The (Co-)Location Sharing Game by @alexa_m7 @MathiasOZ @JPHubaux @KevinHuguenin studies how much information users leak about each other when they publish their location, and how much of this leakage can be mitigated. More here: I am an assistant Professor at @EPFL_en working on Security and Privacy. Currently co-chairing @PET_Symposium. Private account
YogiMo Planet Earth, 3 Planet from the Sun, Milkyway iPhone drives me crazy. I was in Korea then in India. It automatically set the time then to India, but when taking pictures it reverts to Korea and puts the photos at location Korea. This happens each time I change cities. What’s wrong with the GPS system of the iPhone??
MUSlCOLOGY @AXYOpng i have no idea not like he'll urgently try and figure out whether hes ok and his location | 18 | draws sometimes | JJBA spoilers ahead | 🆗uyasu & josuyasu stan | i ramble a lot, am stoopid but also very friendly
KenyaPower_Care Stima Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya @kmaney204 Please DM your account number exact location including landmarks if any and your telephone number ^LW Kenya Power Social Media Support Team. Here to help with all your power related queries,24/7.
MonitorAndTrack Dubai, United Arab Emirates What does LS Fuel Monitoring Report include? 1. Fuel Consumption Rate 2. Fill-ups and fuel thefts (with location/time/driver name) 3. Consumption per trip, per vehicle, daily and monthly 4. Behavior Analysis and Statistics 5. And more… Call us today 😊 #telematics #LocationSolutions is a leading provider of Location-Based Services, specializing in #GPStracking, #monitoring solutions & #Smart #City platforms
clayranck Lubbock, TX @SLYUnser @LyleRugby @AC360 @ScherieMurray @AOC You aren't even an American. Your location is Australia. Worry about your own country, and let us worry about ours. political junkie and financial planning nerd | Texan | human sponge for random information **Any views expressed are my own. Links are not endorsements.**
BrushabN @Olacabs I am one of you loyal customer who spend around 10,000 rs per month. Right now I would like to book a cab and these many people refused to drop me at my location.
TawzifOrg WANTED SALES MANAGER UP TO 1.1K OMR+ FOR A LEADING FITNESS BRAND IN OMAN: POSITION: Sales Manager SALARY: 600 to 1,100 OMR depending on experience and qualifications plus commission HIRING COMPANY: Leading Fitness Brand in Oman LOCATION: Oman… توظيف هى مجموعة عمل لتوفير أفضل الوظائف وأفضل الكفاءات المهنية
MJ_Alshehri @LuizaDinea @C1977James @Telegraph @Josiensor It’s like you drive your ambulance to a location where there are two people, one has a broken bones from accident and the other one has a flu. Then you help a person who has flu.😂
AmazinCareers Vacancy! Sales Associates in a leading automobile company Req: BSC/HND 0-2 years exp Knowledge of sales and inventory mgt Ability to drive both manual & automatic cars Location: Lagos Send CV to… Influencing 🇳🇬 Youths by posting Job Vacancies; Rewriting CV’s; Offer Career Advice; LinkedIn Optimization & Interview Recommendation
goyderssteps East Midlands, England @snaxolotl It's almost like they're all straight white men who have one 9-5 in a central location and someone else to look after kids or get their suit dry cleaned. Graduate planner solving the housing crisis one field at a time. Climate change is the single greatest issue of our time. Let's try to help.
fpillet Antibes, French Riviera And yes the various 2.0 or Length(32.0) in my code are leftovers of attempts to fix issues at the wrong location. iOS, macOS, server and Android freelancer, mobile software veteran, Swift / Kotlin, co-author "Reactive programming with RxSwift" book, windsurfing addict.
onelovedeano LA/NYC Tour de France 2019: Route Location, TV Schedule and Live Stream for Stage 12 - Bleacher Report Promoter Activist Producer
GloWorld @AKURECITY Our unreserved apology for the inconvenience. Kindly provide your mobile number, error response, exact location with landmarks, LGA , alternate mobile number, issue duration and device type for assistance. ET. Welcome to GloWorld, a world with no limits. Be the 1st to know about our products, services & offers. For enquiries, queries & complaints, pls follow @GloCare
benjymous Northumberland, UK @fasterthanlime @ColtonJPhillips and apparently the same bug works, only deflecting right at x=1 & 31 My guess is it's just float rounding inaccuracy converting Mario's sprite position into a tile cell location combining with code to ensure Mario doesn't get stuck inside a wall Refugee from the AAA games industry, building retro virtual computers and software for the construction industry
AS_MUAZU Maiduguri, Nigeria It's so sad the level of hardship travelers and commuters are passing through due to the closure of Auno gate in Maiduguri, around 4:00 by @HQNigerianArmy. People spend the night in that fragile location or had to trek for over 7km into Maiduguri. This need to be addressed. An Advocate of Good Governance,Transparency & Accountability. |chapter Lead| @4lowthemoney. passionate about change.
Emirandadotcom Me: How do I get more than 80 million people location, face recognition and files in less than a week?? Russians: hold my vodka Energy from another galaxy trapped in a human body.
SVPagena @Erdayastronaut @SpaceX @elonmusk Seriously. You have better footage and info on this than any media outlet. On location, waiting it out to get that shot. Thank you Two Strangers to Blue Water
missking254 Global food supply is not even. Some places produce more food than others this due to Physical factors and human factors have historically controlled the quantity and type of food produced in any location in the world. @DebateKenya #RTFDebate 50% savage,50% sweetness. my Attitude is 6'1 /Queen of Disguise👑 /My TL does not grant ignorant people,the time, space or opportunity to have a voice.
jaldilse005 India @AmyAcker Dear Root I hate u, i hate u, i hate u but in the end I have to admit I love you...Thanks Amy u portrayed Root very well...U and @sarahshahi when comes togather on screen i lost my self...Thanks for nice performances love you Root...Can u track my location The Machine? There should be no boundaries that human endeavour,how ever life may seem where their is life, there is hope....
umobile Malaysia @mhazim163 We apologize for the inconvenience cause,zimzack. Please elaborate more on the difficulties that you are facing through DM and provide us the full affected location (including No/Street) for further assistance. TQ U Mobile is a data-centric, award-winning telco. We constantly disrupt the status quo to give what customers want. Their passions drive our UNLIMITED IDEAS.
meowckenzie everyone can fear for their lives or safety regardless of gender based of varying ages, races, and location. but the focus currently is on women because they are actively experiencing greater physical threats, attacks, and murders. i love rihanna
gaming_round searching for meds @VSmike88 @RTGgiraffe @DayZ Will be on fri and sat night. Friday night were having a mini event, looks like a sneaky pew pew in an undisclosed location. Easy run from the coast, our trader will be there one Flare = one gun ;) so straight back into the action. Last one /group holding the place down wins. Gaming community based around the RemnantZ DayZ server. Community spirited and active admins.
DarloTraffic Darlington, England Congestion: Location : The A66 eastbound between the junctions with the A167 and the A67 Darlington Reason : Congestion Status : Currently Active Return To Normal : Normal traffic conditions are expected between 09:00 and 09:15 on 18 July 2019 Traffic and travel updates for #Darlington. Spotted something we haven't? - Send us a tweet or DM us to let us know.
JSHKT20 Lives in Surrey @gmhales @robparker100 @DC_ARVSgt @CarlEveCrime Gavin........I’m not disagreeing with the ‘evidence’ ....the interpretations will vary....But to be honest its actually doing nothing to stop the bloodshed. If you want to look at S&S, look at the time of day, location and ‘Street Population’ combined with other info, CCTV ,etc.. Proud and privileged to represent the people of Tadworth, Walton and Kingswood in Surrey County Council. Tweets are personal not SCC views
ShibuLis Malad West, Mumbai @MumbaiRTO ..Please share new RTO Fine amount and list of location where not applicable.. bcz. Malad West Malwani may be declared Road Parking for Auto and Tempo. Love to my Life....My life is my Wife.....Shibu Lis
GardeSan पुणे म्हाराष्ट्र भारत 🇮🇳 @kittu_25 Depend which company which location? And the position Now a days in metro city it's a tough time for sales and execution department.. By the way which position and location u asking about? Foodie, Runner, Accidental Chef. Cancer by Zodiac
waday_payen Mark 50 @awkwardlahori @JaunSnow6 its not the issue issue is faceapp is working with russian data base and just have faces and names but on the google side ur bank details ur location ur whole emails are in thier hands and cherry on the top its american so no issue It hurts
hdfcmf India @Shivs93655283 Kindly share/DM your location and contact details, our officials will get in touch with you shortly to assist you. Get updates & insights on #mutualfund #SIP #TaxSaving. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully
Abbernaffyfunko Glasgow, Scotland And so it begins! Your first Sdcc location reveal. You can find these exclusively at @CarrefourES in Spain 🙌🏻 @FunkoEurope #sdcc #funkoeurope #funkonews #funkosdcc #popvinyl #comiccon #abbernaffy #funkopopvinyl #dragonball #harrypotter Funko customiser and collector! Follow for some cool customs and chances to win Funko Freebies.
OmanJobs1 SALES MANAGER UP TO 1.1K OMR+ FOR A LEADING FITNESS BRAND IN OMAN POSITION: Sales Manager SALARY: 600 to 1,100 OMR depending on experience and qualifications plus commission HIRING COMPANY: Leading Fitness Brand in Oman LOCATION… ‏‏‏هذا الحساب لا يعرض وظائف وانما يعيد تغريد ما يعرض في السوق من الناشرين This account is only re-tweet not publisher
BD4Fencing North East England If you are looking for kit and don’t mind 2nd hand, this is a good location! North East Region Fencing Development Officer. England Team Manager. Commonwealth, National Senior and European Veteran Champion.
chelsucksass Looked at the location and everything started making more sense. warning: mute me😔😔👍🏻
StagecoachYrks Yorkshire @illy_sakura Hi, can you DM us with location time and dates this happened please, Cheer :) Official account for Stagecoach in Yorkshire and Chesterfield. Here Mon-Fri 7-7, Sat-Sun 9-5 providing service updates, and answering your queries Mon-Fri 9-5
A_sanchezz24 San Fernando, CA So many missing people on the timeline bro it’s so sad 😪😪😪 that’s why it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and share your location with a friend or two growing up, I performed my own circumcision.
BritishGasHelp @hanriddell Hi Han, can you let me have the time of the incident and ideally the exact location. Thanks, Dave. Tweet with your enquiries or issues. We're here 8am – 10pm Mon to Fri, & 8am – 6pm Sat & Sun. For Emergency numbers visit
symphonylimited Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India @sanntosh_ request you to share your complaint number along with your contact details and area location for further assistance. Symphony is a renowned brand for Air Coolers. Follow us for cool tips on how to beat the heat!
KenyaPower_Care Stima Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya @JoshKlum Please DM your exact location including landmarks if any and your telephone number ^LW Kenya Power Social Media Support Team. Here to help with all your power related queries,24/7.