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rohanduaTOI Chandigarh- J&K - Delhi - UP This is a commendable effort by @TajinderBagga to be a good samaritan. From putting those in need of medicines, food and other help with representatives based on their location, ensuring no long travel/movement as country fights Coronavirus during 21-day lockdown. #Corona 👇 Journalist @timesofindia.Ex-Reuters.Writing gives me a sense of gratification.I earn my livelihood out of it.Fiercely fearless.Views personal.RTs no endorsement
AdamSchefter New York Goodell informed teams they “should be doing the necessary planning to conduct Draft operations in a location outside of your facility, with a limited number of people present, and with sufficient technology resources to....communicate with other clubs and Draft headquarters.” Father, Husband, Son, Brother, University of Michigan graduate, masters degree from Medill, ESPN Senior NFL Insider.
MikaelThalen This visualization comes from a joint-project between location data company X-Mode and geospatial data visualization platform Tectonix. I wrote a quick article detailing their efforts to track the coronavirus for the @dailydot. Check it out! Freelance journalist covering all things tech • Bylines at the @dailydot • • •
seuntcc The Emirates. @_larapopoola Yeah and location is also another factor. Physicist. Electricial Technician. Ambivert. Part time genius. I like food but eating is stressful .
IOWAmma Midwest @bjjgrappler1234 @MMAWeeklycom They were called for gun shots. He was in the location, had a gun and a spent casing near his passenger seat. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that evidence out. I am an MMA fan. I fought as an amateur in Iowa prior to regulation. I have written for newspapers, websites and have filmed MMA in Iowa, MN and IL for years.
olatunji_sobayo Federal Capital Territory, Nig @Olayimikafarms @aremuoropo @Mustapharid @YusufOlatunji45 We don't need his location se We don't want all these proofs of his current location We want our president to be a president, a leader in a time of crisis And please gimme a break from all these metadata things. Thank God he's fine Now, will he speak for himself? An altruistic ambivert. Love is imperfect, full of sacrifice, still worth the risk. I'm not a wallflower...
susannevins5 @DrRobDavidson @realDonaldTrump @GovWhitmer I am a strong democrat and yet I heard the ventilators from GM could not be made there because of the technical complications to do so in that location. Is that wrong? I love the country I was Raised in, its hugeness. I was educated at Cal State in Northridge. & by my experience good and bad. Twitter others good and bad too.
tahhd @Mareq16 Is there a link between location of 5g towers and covid 19 severity/cases?
rhodenjax @sjd_11 I can only speak for the rural community where I am. Mondays and Wednesdays at an announced location. Parents were advised and they picked up. The only reason I agree now that they get the money is that it allows them to buy a variety of food items instead.. Born Standing ATop that Glass Ceiling, Wifey, Momma, Glammomma, Sista and Fren....
GimbalLocke Austin, TX @testing521 Ha! Reason to conclude immaterial is the very line he provides at the end: it must be radically simple, and anything material has parts. Too complex. It also cannot have potential, having location necessitates potential. Milton Friedman for markets, Aquinas for everything else. Married, with six young boys and one old girl. I work for the place that you order everything from.
The_Foreclosure The Census was used to round up Japanese-Americans. Are you really willing to waive your privacy and 5th amendment rights to give the federal government information it will not protect and has no right to demand? The census will capture your ip address & location. Not me. FORECLOSURE NEWS & STRATEGY. Empowering Homeowners facing Fraudulent Foreclosure. Join our Forum- and share your experiences, evidence and documents.
Hackett South Texas Watching Tiger King, wondering when I’m going to see someone I know or am related to. One location was a block from grandma and grandpa’s old house. Attorney, writer, etc. You might be looking for @HackettLondon instead. Or @HackettOfficial.
ArsalaanKhan123 Peshawar, Pakistan @ImranKhanPTI @UtilityStoresCo The USC shall come up with an app where customers can select store at a specific location in their city, shop online and collect their purchased package. Doorstep delivery to customers through Pakistan Post can also be an option. Civil and Urban Infrastructure Engineer | PhD Scholar of Transportation Engineering | Lecturer at University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Peshawar | Lefty!
sucre_blak Lagos, Nigeria @Oluwaapo Your location and number so I can pick a convenient spot for us😁 Daddy to a cutey👧🏼||Realist with codes and ethics 😎||Moon Kingsize Rolling Papers/Tips, nationwide delivery available|| Electrical component and lightings 🔌
web3brett New York, NY And a HUGE shoutout to @WhaleShark_Pro on this exhibit in collaboration with the @cryptovoxels parcel! Location, location, location! Cofounder & COO @Terminaldotco Curator @cryptoartdigest Alumni @ConsenSys @Balanc3Official #IPFS #ethereum #cryptoArt #NFTs #DeFi #dApps
picklesdelistl St Louis, MO Get your meat and cheese at Pickles Deli! Call or order online and we'll slice up your favorite deli favorites at our Central West End location! #meat #cheese #cwe #picklesdeli >>> At Pickles Deli, we answer to a higher standard. We hear your cries of hunger and answer them with a unique combination of handcrafted sandwiches and service!
Me_Is_DaFunksta @TotalMTB_ Creaks, clicking, sqeaking are not always easy to find and can come from the least expected location, saddle, seat post, handlebars, loosely installed wheels, spokes etc! Take it to your local good bike shop. Bike fitter and groover Cycle for a good life, cycle for your health #Ridelife, #RideGiant
m1lkm8n @GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump Wow you clearly must have your head in a location that doesn’t shine. The man denied the virus even existed for over a month claiming it was a hoax. And claiming Donny Bone Spurs is like Patton is laughable. Try again. I’m the real one and old milkman
ImperialCat Morrilton, Arkansas Tips for Choosing the Right Litter Box and Litter Box Location #petcare #pettips #petsupplies From scratching & playing to snacking & grooming, nobody offers more ways to promote the happy, active lifestyle of a feline than Imperial Cat!
nottmoffices Nottingham, UK If image and location is everything for your #business then get a proper #city #office and let us be your image and #streetview for as little as £25 pcm #workingfromhome #virtualoffice #smallbiz Property Management in Nottingham City Centre: offices, meeting rooms, car parking, a base for your business and City ambassadors - a great place to live & work
WISCTV_News3 Madison, WI ELECTION DAY CHANGES: Middleton city officials said a vast reduction in available poll workers has forced them to change their Election Day plans. #News3Now: Updating from the Channel 3000 Alert Center. CBS Madison. Send news tips to or call 608.277.5241
Smingleigh Rather Squiggly, England @waywardstrategy I think there's got to be something interesting in the vein of Zerg Drones. Perhaps little beacons on treads that you can send into location then select "build" then it locks into place and starts flashing and the building is dropped on top of it from space. A. C. Smingleigh, OBE (withdrawn) and his cat, Earl Grey. Developer, roboticist, fitness instructor, scoundrel. he/him
78woj Köppen Climate: Cfb @edbott @TheRickWilson Try changing your location in social media. I remember some researchers did that wrt Cambridge Analytica scandal in the UK and were able to see ads targeted for a very specific geo-social profiles.
TelanganaSIG Hyderabad, India @Swara82177691 @KTRTRS Please let us know your location and phone no. A platform to lead the CSR collaborations in the state of Telengana along with social impact organisations is to build an inclusive ecosystem.
jamiebelle14 @RickyRebelRocks @NYGovCuomo @realDonaldTrump Don’t have days to wait for him to find them and have them shipped to ny. It’s a matter of life or death they need them within the hour. They have at a location they can get out to hospitals in need ASAP
lindacorson5 United States ‘At the local drive through pick up/drop off food and supply donation location. 🥘 🧻 Full line of cars!! 🚙 🚗🚙😅 Heart wide open/ Woman of want, not need / “This world is not conclusion ...“— Emily Dickinson / Formerly Linda Corson @lghostwriter / lindacorson2019@Instagram
enmichael Nigeria 🌍🌎🌏 Thank you for joining us this evening. Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly. @tameday @Talmetrix #COVID19 #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #HRwithEM 100 Most Influential Global HR Leader | 101 Global HR Hero | Author | Public Speaker | Mentor | Founder & Host of #HRwithEM | 📧
vinarmani @CounterMarkets @PeterRQuinones And you better know how to encrypt them. And you better know how to procure the printer and materials in a completely untraceable way. And you better have a secret physical location to stash them. Etc, etc, etc. People haven't thought any of this through. Decadence. @CoinText (CTO), @CounterMarkets (Co-Founder), @VegasBEBI (Creator), (Instructor), #CryptoSavage
MinuteSuites United States Our friends at Purwell are helping people get a better night sleep all over the country. Find Purslep in our ATL Concourse B location today! #shoutoutsaturday #sleepbetter Minute Suites offers travelers a private retreat past security in the airport terminal to nap, relax, or work.
Airtel_Presence INDIA @melville08081 Hi! Can you please DM your complete current location details along with area PIN code and the alternate contact number. I'll look into it! Thank you, Girisha The official customer support page for Airtel India.
Airtel_Presence INDIA @smulye9 Hi! I’d like to look into the matter on priority. Can you quickly DM us with your mobile number and an alternate contact number? Also, in case this is happening in a particular location, kindly message us with the exact location details (cont) The official customer support page for Airtel India.
PublixHelps @DigaetanoLena Thank you. I will share your feedback and experience with leadership at that location so it can be addressed. ≈ Karleigh Welcome to your customer service line for @Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. Please share comments, questions, and concerns about your Publix experience.
Kdawg0_0 United States @Marion92437760 @DanSilv56084248 @EpochTimes @Apple @WhiteHouse Except for your IP address 😂, exact location, cookies, and personal data. believer in Yashua, prepper, husband, father, moral conservative, skeptic and stacker
SwiggyCares @DraXonic_1 Oh no! That isn't right at all, and we want to have this checked right away, Shreyans. If you could share the location details with us, we'll take this forward and have the same escalated. Also, thank you for bringing this to our notice, (cont) Official Swiggy Customer Support Handle
KeyWatkins51299 Waldorf, Maryland @BtzPaper @RespekMyThwipin @comicaccuracy @josephwayne2421 Okay, but they still didn't know that Bucky was innocent. Rhodey and Vision still believed in the Accords, Widow betrayed Tony because she trusted Cap, but didn't know if he was right, and T'Challa found out the truth because he followed Tony to Cap and Bucky's location. @DeVryUniv Student. Single. Fun-loving, artistic, friendly. #HTTR🏈 SC: keywatkins512.🔔 IG: KeyWatkins512.📷 FB: Key'Shawn Watkins.📘 PS4: KeyWatkins512.🎮🍕😎
phivolcs_dost Quezon City, Philippines 1101 #EarthquakePH #EarthquakeBohol Earthquake Information No.1 Date and Time: 28 Mar 2020 - 11:05 PM Magnitude = 2.1 Depth = 011 kilometers Location = 09.73N, 124.77E - 022 km S 86° E of Anda (Bohol) PHIVOLCS is the service institute of the DOST for monitoring and mitigation of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunami.
hotttakejake Atlanta, GA @Jaberuski And that’s even debatable depending on location. In GA people are out in the park, running and taking walks like nothing is happening. So many entitled people here Work in film/TV. Proud union member. Florida State University. Falcons. Braves (A-Lister). Sharks FL➡️CA➡️GA
Cobi00 Edinburgh @edinhelp We're up to 5 pallets now at the communal bin. Corner of Henderson St. and Sandport Pl. Exact location here: Skydiving, rugby and beer, paid for by electronic engineering
outsidelandz San Francisco, CA Will be impressed if you get this quickly, but many of you have been quite impressive before. For today's #WhereInWestSF, here's a solitary home. Location clues can be found around it and the home still stands today. What street is it located on? Western Neighborhoods Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of western San Francisco neighborhoods.
CompressMagic [ @OfDraconicPower ] Time: Noon Location: The Hospital Compress may be a villain, but he can always put on a show for people that are injured or sick, he's not heartless after all. With that said, he soon knocked on the door and spoke with an over the top tone of voice >>> "No strings attached!" O #BNHARP O #MHARP O #MVRP O #Single O Please Read FULL Pinned?
chevenix London, England I'm trying to create a SQL database in #Azure. No matter which region I choose, it says "The location is not available for subscription". Tried it w/ my free and my VS Enterprise sub too. What the heck? Outage? #Cloud #MicrosoftAzure cc: @AzureSupport I do some cloudy dev+ops stuff for @7digital in #CSharp, #aspnetcore, #python, most of it in #vscode... Ex #MicrosoftMVP, #author, aspiring #gamedesign guy.
soniamariesays TwoOhOne @Butter___Man @yourewrongabout @RottenInDenmark That's what I mean: I think most of us realize in hindsight that it fits the serial/spree killing mold but it just happened to catch us in a time and physical location that made us think terrorism. co-host of @rewindlovepod // she/her
PTCLOfficial Pakistan @DrZarak1 Hello, We assure you that you won't be disappointed by our services! Drop us a DM with your location details and we'll help you out! :D Welcome to the Connected World of PTCL
BoiseState Boise, Idaho A new interactive map created by @BoiseState_Grad students gives Idaho residents up-to-date information on the number and location of #COVID19 cases within the state. Map: Story: @BoiseState_HCRI #BoiseState #IdahoCovid19 The official Twitter of Idaho's metropolitan doctoral research university. A #BoiseState of mind.
Airtel_Presence INDIA @beedi_after_sex Hi! I’d like to look into the matter on priority. Can you quickly DM us with your mobile number and an alternate contact number? Also, in case this is happening in a particular location, kindly message us with the exact location details (cont) The official customer support page for Airtel India.
21_foxx Portage la Prairie, Manitoba #2- 77 Kelly K Street Situated just off Crescent lake in a fantastic Southwest location this ideal 2 bedroom condominium is move-in ready and awaiting its new owners. Call today for your personal tour! We look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs.Whether you are just starting up, moving up or buying that retirement home,we're here to help!
sussenglish Argentina #Governmentofficials across the #US are using #location #data from millions of #cellphones in a bid to better understand the #movements of #Americans during the #coronavirus #pandemic and how they may be affecting the #spread of the disease. Sworn Translator, AI and NLP applied to Financial Markets, Researcher, Discourse Analysis Specialist, Computational Linguist
Airtel_Presence INDIA @tonymeme93 Hi, I’d like to look into the matter on priority. Can you quickly DM us with your mobile number and an alternate contact number? Also, kindly message us with the exact location details (along with area PIN code). Thank you, Himani The official customer support page for Airtel India.
richgad30 Cheshire, CT The question. Is how many cases of covid have been reported and if any one has died at this location. MSM will be all over it College Football DIY & Home NFL NHL Government & Politics MLB News
AveryEvette Great site to file for unemployment and get needed information, no matter what state you are in! Share! #StandWithEvette FB: Evette Avery Herrod IG: evetteaveryherrod