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HindutvaWatchIn Location: Murragaon, Kanker district, Chhattisgarh Hindu extremist mob flogged members of the Christian community over religious conversion allegations. They stopped Sunday prayer at a church and beat the congregants with sticks. HW is a research initiative to monitor reports of attacks on members of religious minorities in India. We preserve stories and visuals of India's darkest hour.
JackPosobiec Washington, DC He studied planetary alignments and got the location exactly right I don't know what else to say Senior Editor, Veteran Navy intel officer. Click the link below to subscribe
HindutvaWatchIn Location: Vidyadhar, Jaipur, Rajasthan Vishwa Hindu Parishad & Bajrang Dal distributed trishuls (tridents) among 1100 young Hindu men and called for turning India into a Hindu Rashtra. HW is a research initiative to monitor reports of attacks on members of religious minorities in India. We preserve stories and visuals of India's darkest hour.
GrabMY Malaysia @arishastweet Hi Arisha, thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your concern, the fares are higher at your location due to high demand, you may use the Fare Alert feature to be alerted when the fare drop, thank you. Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, here to make your life a little easier in every possible way.
bleedingcool Los Angeles USA To London, UK #Roblox now has a #DaveAndBusters location. No joke, you can go into the game and visit a theme park that's basically a D&B. Comic book, film, and TV rumors, news, and info.
wordwiselit Los Angeles, CA @AlynIsMe There are no special rules for your age, gender, or location. But you can attend a few conferences, and chat up the agents. Founder of WordWise Media Services in Los Angeles; member AALA. Check out my blog:
thenomadbrad Austin, TX 4 Unexpected Life Lessons From Living In My Car For 2 Years: - People are...lonely, bored, and up to nothing. - People are...WILDLY creative, and up to AMAZING things. - Your location... determines 70% of how you experience life and who you become. - Bathrooms. Matter. 💰 Affiliate Marketer | 🚙 Vanlife | 🌴 Digital Nomad | 🎥 Youtuber 🔥| Free Affiliate Guide: 👉 |
STEFANI_PERCE @BIGredRaccoon I’ll suggest you reach out to george_myco on IG for quality stuff and at affordable prices. Dude got a really sick page and delivery is asap to any location, my orders for chocolate bars and golden teachers just arrived from him. Go check him out yourself. Always do you❤️✌️
Sean58051867 Dang thats a cute penguin!!!! You to can catch one of these beauties or an array of other #nfts at the new North pole location!!! Just head on over to ether fishing by clicking this link sign up for your free pole and enjoy a free cast ever #24 hours
SwolePanduh Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve Door Puzzles Yourself (And The Secret Item You Needs Location) UK YouTube Gaming Partner Variety Gamer FPS/MMORPG/Action Looters “One day the people that don’t even believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.”💭💪
SolveLooking @PlayVALORANT But with Brim and chamber , they can use their ult and u don’t know their exact location . So they can surprise u. n/a
MassageOman59 Muscat omanسلطنة عمان Whatsapp:+968 7812 6586 I will send you the location and all the girls photos #الهزه_الارضيه أنا في غبرة الخوير الآ🎊🎊ن ❤❤❤ تدليك جيد متوفر الآن
TRE_320 Bangalore @daFlyingPanda Your meal belongs to you and you can choose to consume it at a location of your choice or dispose it if you wish. Pilferage it is not 🙄 I watch airline pilots fly airplanes.
liamdillon 🇯🇵🇹🇭🇺🇸🇬🇧 Go to → @ChvistianErazo The decade of one person businesses, digital leverage, and location freedom. Full Stack Marketer & Solopreneur • Building freedom through online business.‍‍ I share growth insights, founder mindset, and startup tips.
doc_ahtesham @F_Fintelmann_MD I was going through ur slides on CA LUNG IN IPF. How do u differentiate between solid nodules due to parenchymal/fissures LN And lung cancer nodules. Is it the anatomical@location that guides u or u get contrast enhanced images A.Iqbal
NCTyzen_Jh She/her | 29 WTS 2 VIP Stray Kids LA Day1 Tickets ~Sec FLA3 (will disclose seat location to serious buyer) ~Seats are next together and willing to sell at face value ~willing to provide screen recording of tickets… if interested:) #StrayKids_2ndWorldTour_MANIAC #StrayKids_2ndWorldTour I’m sure there would be hard times, but I’ll be there for you to lean on me💕🌸 ATEEZ IN MY BLOOD FOREVER 💉🩸
PaperScore_Org Austin, TX @HajipourShervin This tweet is very suspicious. It feels like a hostage situation. If he was in the US, the FBI would try to find his location and save him. @elonmusk CEO of Texas Blockchain Center LLC
GretaKading @humeyra_pamuk My friend is trapped in Antakya Hatay, she doesn't have long, please help her someone: we need a crane and driver. Merve Gen, Sümerler mah, Doğuş Okulları karşışı Umut Apt Defne, Antakya. We have phoned all the numbers, no answer, please share her location.
SolveLooking @PlayVALORANT True fact : brim and chamber have best ults. In valorant , all characters say words whey they use their ult ( which is bad for the game ). Most of the time u know the exact location and are prepared when characters use ult. n/a
OlehSwift [ @CIA ], not an item from what is around Location undisclosed, and VPN set to show Ukraine Husband of @taylorswift13 Order of first names & surnames: first name, second name
faolchon Windsor, ON 🇨🇦|🇺🇸 New Congrats to the city council committee approving a car dependent hellhole for 500 future condo residents that will be stuck in a location with a walk score of 13 and an 800m hike to the nearest bus stop.👎🤔 @RCPWindsor #CityWindsorON #FogularFurlanDev Practical, retired Cold War veteran, bored achiever. #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
BobbyVans_83 New Jersey, USA @WhenMoon_ai Conspiracy: What if, TikTok were bouncing information back to that balloon essentially pinging everyone for a precise location and mapping everything? Proud 2x Combat Marine Veteran of OIF 1 03’ and OEF Afghanistan 04’. South Jersey Native. #USMC #SEMPERFI Constitutional Republic = Individual Liberty
ciitrus111 My body @ayyouneverknow @scubaryan_ 9 times outta 10 he be going/getting invited to places by himself and she decides trail along like a puppy or finds out his exact coordinate location and pops up ••••••𝑰’𝒎 𝒂 𝒎𝒆𝒔𝒔 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕’𝒔 𝒘𝒉𝒚 𝑰 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒎𝒚𝒔𝒆𝒍𝒇•••••• ੈ✩‧₊˚ ᴵ’ᵐ ᵐᵃᵈᵉ ᵒᶠ ˢᵗᵃʳ ᵈᵘˢᵗ ੈ✩‧₊˚. •111• ꒰ა ❤︎︎ ໒꒱ 18🖇️ barb4life
LINDSKENNA Houston, TX Please send me some good vibes because I have to meet our CEO tomorrow and give him a walk-through of the venue, my GM has covid and we’re literally opening an entire new location on thursday and she’s out till Sunday, and I’m just stressed as crap 24 | Sag ☼ Leo↑ Cap☽ | Professional Starving Artist | BLACK LIVES MATTER | Any Pronouns | HTX Actor | I Cosplay now, I guess
aprilsopinions2 @here_for_bravo 100% not to mention between her name, their name, the show, and the location they were pretty much guaranteed a return on investment. 5% wouldve been more than double what they put in based on what she spent. If they just wanted to learn about the business they couldve done that here for nonsense only
DreamyB_tch Kingdom of Hawai’i location, a significant element was the contentious relationship between the organizations and the community. Hawai'i is fortunate that such a combative relationship does not exist between its residents and members of the police, fire, and EMS departments. Agender entity (they/them)✨🌌 TexMex born in TX grown on O’ahu ⚧🏳️‍🌈 Late 20s queer! ♒️☀️♐️🌙&🌅 MUTUAL AID ~ ABOLITION ~ LANDBACK✊🏽
storagetogoia Davenport, IA Our #portable #luxury #restroom #trailers are delivered, setup and serviced by our trained professionals at your exact location for all of your venues in Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities.​​ #cedarrapids #ia Temporary portable offices trailers and portable storage trailer containers for construction, job sites, schools, disasters. 563.381.1643 or 800.810.1643
SKEEBOE_ United States Hopefully an a.I. see this and the crazy thing as I write this, twitter just asked me for my location, ai’s are pushing p DIRECTOR OF NTRO4K TRADER / INVESTOR #METAVERSE #ALTCOINS
JoelBlock Los Angeles Seal The Deal. Syndication and Hedge Fund Symposium (our 27th National Program) Live & in-person, location TBD - Spring 2023, 9 #Capital #Syndication Hedge Fund Mgr, Cage-Rattling Keynote Speaker, Futurist, High-Impact Corp Advisor, Podcast Host, CSP, Venture Capitalist, Expert Witness, Author, Dodger Fan
1962GT_Hawk From a rundown suburb of Hell @RADMiami @ReallyAmerican1 There's no evidence she gave tours, just vague accusations from a couple of democrats. There was no insurrection according to the actual definition of the word, and the protesters weren't armed. And she didn't tweet Pelosi's location. Literally all of your meme is lies. Grandfather of four awesome kids, biker, hardcore metalhead, pro wrestling fan, horror movie freak, Mensa member, and lover of hilarious memes.
WatleyLeonard Yakima Washington SH&S system network: The SH&S system network will consist... chips that will... Each chip will be located at... within the network. Each chip will have..., such as,... code, code, ID code, and chip code CC. Each chip’s location... All... chips will have... encoded... The answers to life.
coalburns1 @neileen0203 @Darthshadowxx1 @WyoBronco @CalltoActivism You all keep moving the forking goal posts don't you. First you say prove they are performative and when it's proven you are like "deh deh deh well eh it wasn't at this location".
Scribbles646 @LofaroSebastian @RandPaul @Twitter @Whataburger It turns out there is in fact one Whataburger location in Kentucky. For real though, the first time I went to one, ordered a burger and then they asked me if I wanted "mustard or mayo" on it, it confused the hell out of me. Technical writer, heterodox Economist, NDA work. Analysis and Fact Checking, Space, Technology, Mars, Science, Energy. Non-partisan, but critical.
46_imal @autogynephilic @TheOfficiaIGaml Looking for lsd? kindly reach out jamywil_store on Instagram and he deliver safely to your location
QB_StreetTeam Mafia Land, ATL/CT/NYC @RealTalkReport1 👏🏾 My Favs aside from the singles are Tight Feels so Good Secert Location and Crazy. That's a Gemini Anthem 🤭 Followed by Lil Kim | Daily Updates on the Fashion Icon, Rap Gangstress MC Goodfella kinda Lady @LilKim QB | The Queen Bee: Life Story | Coming Soon...
Ruddetverse *Now with her eyes glowing a very vibrant red, Natasha extended her arm out and slowly turned her wrist, which slowly opened a red portal in front of her that led to Ruddet's approximate location* Ruddet: *Runs out of the portal while drenched in ink and carrying an axe* 2/3 (,) = A character's thoughts • Parody/RP • crapposts sometimes because it's fun • Art isn't mine • Not affiliated with anything • Vent account: @Ruddetvent
Walgreens Chicago, IL @Steph4Democracy We are sorry to hear of this situation and your expereince. Please provide us with the store location information. We will report the system issues, right away, ensuring the appropriate teams are aware and are working to address this ASAP. We champion the health and well-being of every community in America.
KayaBotman And Forgot To Obfuscate Your Location: A Guide it is possible to capital 1017 CE: we made along the gf we must consult the twitter bot and bad imitator
MarcRiou @plaza_network Really terrible experience at new Orlando Terminal C location. Came in at 7:30pm for our 9:15pm flight, and staff was tossing out full trays of hot food right in front of us telling us we can’t have any, closed up the beverage fountain and bar. What a waste. Seek. Dream. Create.
richardthenry Kentucky @WokePreacherTV I don't care if you think I am overreaching or this is a 'slippery slope' I don't care. This type of behavior is EXACTLY what big tech and the leftists want. I mean banning people from staying in a 3rd party rented location? WOW. It will not end well Follower of Jesus. Husband to one wife. Father of four children. Pastor. YouTuber. History nerd. Designer. Lover of fine things
XenCzar Mount XEN-on @REO_James @mrJackLevin Supply and demand. Like real estate, its location location location. Ethereum is where the liquidity is at and where most innovation happens. So we pay more for block space. I am no maxi, I like several cryptos. I am a connoisseur of memes. I type fast and break English. No financial advice, just crapposts. NFA
Cheycartoongirl @Imtoffe This is so Gonzo. And poor Kermit. He's going to have a heartattack trying to find his location. Hello everyone! I am Cheycartoongirl8! Goes by she/her pronouns Fanfic Writer on and AO3 Author of Growing Up Impish Also does Fanart I'm 27
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jsnpritchett Eagle Rock, CA @GaliSH_ @IndieWire But for $25/month in LA/NY (and cheaper elsewhere), you get to see up to 3 movies per week in any format and any seat location without extra charges. So as long as you go to 2 movies per month, you come out ahead, given the average price of a ticket. No, I am not the guy who was on America's Got Talent.
thesilverdory Corunna, NSW | SE AUS Large tongue orchids (Cryptostylis subulata ) in grassland near Monga, NSW. This sp. has a long flowering period for a terrestrial orchid - plants can flower for 2+ months. At this location flowering started late Nov and could continue until March. #Orchids #OzPlants #InTheField Glen Ryan | Silver Dory Productions | commercial imaging (stills + motion), landscape art, horticultural services, Australian flora + orchids
STEFANI_PERCE @ColeHenton2 I’ll suggest you reach out to george_myco on IG for quality stuff and at affordable prices. Dude got a really sick page and delivery is asap to any location, my orders for chocolate bars and golden teachers just arrived from him. Go check him out yourself. Always do you❤️✌️
VerizonSupport @Cat5ax Reliable service is a must, and we are here to help with any service concerns. Please elaborate more, what is the ZIP Code to the affected area? Does the signal come back if you are at another location? ~Vic The 24/7 Team, here when you need support for mobile devices, home internet, TV, and phone. Verizon is #TheNetworkAmericaReliesOn
TomHar3 Florida, USA I just found out that our seat location for the Super Bowl is exactly where my eagles season ticket seats are. Litterally the same yard line, row and seat location. It is the universe putting us right where we are supposed to be. Eagles W, no doubt. Huge Philly Eagles fan. Finalist in the 2020 ACI on Sirius. Football card collector. #1 Brandon Sanderson fan.
pastelcharcoal Slidell, LA @onyxusone @afitnessmodel @ru_resist Yes, because it shows a precise location, and the Russians are going to send an Iskander for a Twitter account😂. Decadent Gay Western Satatanist. Turn ons: Shiba Inus, nonsense.